Friday, May 31, 2013

Splash of Color

Adding a little splash of color in your workplace helps  lift your mood when working.  It doesn't have to be a fancy  display, even  crayons will do.  Underneath the crocheted/covered container is an empty bottled of water cut in half and made it into a crayon holder.  A little creativity and you have something colorful  and useful  in your work space.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Power and Style

Are you a ski fanatic?  If you are, I am sure that you are familiar with the power and style that bogner clothing has to offer.  I have never experienced  skiing but it would be nice to try although I don't think I would be able to  hold up long enough in the cold.  Judging by the look of this ski jacket and the price that it has, Bogner must have a very high quality products.

Vietnam Veteran

The photo below was taken  last year in one of our family walks around the neighborhood..  We got to meet the  owner of the house at the corner of our street.  They  always have this pile of wood  outside which I am a assuming that  they uses it  in a fireplace inside their home.  The   man was a Vietnam veteran so him and my husband and the our other neighbor, Don, had something in common.  They let us  picked their apples in the yard as well.

Earlier this year, he passed away.  It saddened us  to see that this pile of wood is no longer  there, a reminder that a Veteran who live  in that house  has to another destination.  It was an honor  meeting another  hero who fought for this country.  The lady  has given those woods and we heard that she is moving into a home.  I hope that our next neighbor will be as nice as them.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Strange Concept

The electronic cigarettes at are part of a growing trend of electronically-powered cigarettes. This seems like a strange concept to most people because they do not really know how to react when they hear the phrase e-cigarette. These cigarettes are a bit healthier than the normal options because they do not come with all of the additives that cigarettes have been known to contain over the past few decades. You are basically just getting a nicotine fix when you use an electronic cigarette, and this is probably much better than what you are getting in a normal tobacco cigarette. Many people recommend the nicotine patch when you want to quit smoking, and there are actually a few similarities between these e-cigs and the patch. 

As long as you are getting most of those other additives out of your system, you are probably making a move in the right direction. The only real problem with these kinds of cigarettes is that it is hard to tell if they are actually going to turn out to be healthier over the long term. More studies still need to be conducted when it comes to these new types of cigarettes, but many people seem to like them right now. Another perk of the e-cigs is that they release vapor instead of smoke. This means that you can actually smoke indoors without anyone else getting offended. This also means that smokers and non-smokers can finally hangout together again.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tug of War at School Olympics

The second graders won the tug of war game  against 1st and 3rd graders  during their school Olympics.  They came second place as the 4th graders beat them during the final round.  I almost lost my voice  cheering for them lol.  Most of the parents of the second graders were there supporting  them, it was so much fun!

I personally think that ending a school year with  this kind of event is great for  students, parents, and teachers as they show sportsmanship, camaraderie, and togetherness.
ABC Wednesday

Friday, May 24, 2013

SG Captivate

It has been two years since my husband gave me this Samsung Galaxy Captivate  for my birthday.  I know that there has been   upgrades already on this kind of phone but  I still love this one.   It may not  have the full  features that  Samsung Galaxy S4 has but the features that I need for my online work is present and I a contented with that.  I don't even want a phone before   because of monthly dues but with my kids in school, I have to have something to  be used to contact other parents and it works really great for my the type of work that I do online.  And oh, I  just changed my screen saver into something that would make smile every time  I look at my phone.  Do you like it?

I found an easy way to sell your old phone online at  It is really nice that there is an outlet like that where you can sell your mobile phone if you feel like  upgrading to a newer  one.   I know some people who are very tech savvy and they want to have the newest  in the market for their  gadgets.  This  website is a perfect  place for them to get rid of their    old one.  

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Flying a Kite

Last weekend, we tried to fly a kite at our backyard but the wind  won't go in one direction.  The kids got frustrated and abort the idea of seeing the kite fly up high lol.

5 Of The Longest Roads In The World

Five Of The Longest Roads In The World A road is defined as a path that is intended for the passage of animals, people or luxurious cars. It can also be defined as a way that leads from one place to another. The lengths of roads can vary greatly. Have you ever wondered where the longest roads in the world are located? Below are five of the longest roads in the world:

Trans-Canada Highway

This highway is located in Canada, and it is 4,860 miles long. It starts on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and it goes through 10 provinces, the continental divide and five time zones. The Trans-Canada Highway ends in St. John’s Newfoundland. Construction on it started on 1962 and was completed in 1970.

The Trans-Siberian Highway

This road extends from Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok and construction of it began in 1949. It is 11,000 kilometres in length. The Trans-Siberian Highway also includes some highway that extends from Russia to the Atlantic Ocean. There are a lot of urban legends surrounding this highway. One of the urban legends states that there is a short curved section in the middle part of this highway. Rumor has it that Joseph Stalin marked the Trans-Siberian Highway, but that legend has been proven false.

Route Six

This road extends from Province Town, Massachussetts to Brewster, New York. It was first founded in 1925. In 1931, the road was extended to Greeley, Colorado. Today, the road is 3,940 kilometres long. Route Six was originally known as Roosevelt Highway.

MacDonald Cartier Freeway

"An aerial photo of a wide 18-lane highway."
Photo from wikipedia
This road starts at the Detroit-Ambassador Bridge, and it ends at the Quebec Border. It is 507 miles long. The MacDonald Cartier Freeway is also known as the 401. When this road first opened, it was one of the busiest highways in North America. It is also one of the widest roads in the world.

Interstate 90

Interstate 90 runs from the end of Boston to the west of Seattle. It is nearly 3,100 miles long. It crosses the Continental Divide, which is located east of Butte, Montana. This highway first opened in 1956. Another interesting fact about Interstate 90 is that it has a snowshed, which is designed to maintain passage in areas that have been affected by snow. There are only a few interstates in the interstate.
Trans-Canada Highway, Trans-Siberian Highway, Route Six, MacDonald Cartier Freeway and Interstate 90 are five of the longest roads in the world. If you travel on these roads, then you will have the opportunity to see a number of interesting sites.
Author Bio: Stacy is currently studying biology in Brisbane. Her hobbies include cars, travelling and sports. She writes blogs out of interest and hopes others find her blogs fun and interesting.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tools for crafty moms

Getting crafty is a great way to save money and have a creative outlet. We all have a creative being within us. The following article lists some great tools for crafty mums on a budget.


If you’re a shutterbug you should embrace your passion. Be studio ready with a portable photo studio. These kits include backdrops, stands, AC sockets, LED bulbs and a case. You can find yourself a real bargain; these kits are cheaper than you think. You’ll also need a camera flash; this will take your hobby to the next level. Professional photos always look so good because of the lighting used. If you have an SLR camera a flash is a must have. The final must have item is forgotten about the majority of the time. You’ll want a portable tripod, one that can be folded up and put in a compact case. All your shots will be steady and be able to snap a perfect family portrait yourself!

Paper craft master

Paper craft is heavily under rated. Show your friends just what you can achieve with the right tools. Firstly you will need a punch kit and self-inking stamps. This will make scrapbooking all your fond family memories so much easier. You can go a step further from manual to automatic with electronic cutters and cartridges. If you are just getting started try a card creation kit. These packs will include everything you need to create your very own gift cards, nothing says more than a hand crafted card from the heart.


If you have just discovered a passion for art and have decided to experiment with creating your very own art you’ll need an art set. This is the best value way for you try your hand at painting, if you find you don’t have flare for it you won’t be upset with the amount of money you spent. Money is never wasted with art. If you decide you have a love for painting you will need an easel and frames, you can decorate the frames too.


If you are thinking about picking up knitting you are going to need some knitting needles. You can find some great kits these days. Most of them include interchangeable, cables and stitch holders. If you find that kitting you not your expertise, why not give sewing a go? You can pick a sewing machine up for cheaper than you think; you just have to search a little. Sewing machines go a long way so it’s a worthwhile investment. If you are more of a sewing machine expert then you need a finishing iron. They are designed especially for sewing and give your projects an expert finish.

Fun Garden Projects

This post brought to you by Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine.

Three more days to go and school days are over for this school year.  I have some fun garden projects lined up for me and the kids to do.  The photo below is  the bottom part of our Crabapple Tree.  I  used those moldings around my  lilies but the kids wanted to put it there so we will see what we end up with as we are not done yet.

Another project that we  going to do is painting  the  inside part of our fence and repaint  the bird houses at our backyard, now that the baby sparrows  have flown already.  The sparrows use these bird houses every year.  My kids are very happy that they get to see the birds grow.  
To do our upcoming project, we will need to buy:
  1. paint,
  2. paint brushes,
  3. paint trays
Few steps that we need to do to  paint the fence and the bird houses.

1.  Wash it with water and let them dry.
2.  Prime it with primer paint.
3.  Paint it  when the weather is   warm and dry.

The Gro Project  is the place to   browse if you are looking for some fresh gardening ideas to do in your own backyard or garden.  Also, if you  love gardening  like me, you  might want to follow Miracle-Gro in Pinterest.  You will be able to browse their  expansive library  of articles and  videos that are full of expert gardening tips for beginners and professionals alike.  And if you are looking for some  ideas for feeding your plants, Shake’n Feed All Purpose Plant Food might be the one for you.  Watch the video below for some tips and ideas.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Buying your Dream Home with Help from a Financial Planner

Buying a house is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your life. Most people feel like their dream house is unachievable, however you shouldn’t settle for second best! With some professional assistance, you can work towards affording the home of your dreams without having to buy something that doesn’t really meet your expectations based purely on price. Here are some of the reasons why talking to a financial planner will help you to buy your dream house.

Create a Clear Financial Plan

As the name suggests, a financial planner is given the task of working with you to create a clear financial plan that will help you to achieve your goals. Saving a home loan deposit isn't easy, and most people struggle to find the best ways to maximize their money. A financial planner will assess your situation and individual goals, then give you a range of strategies to ensure that you can achieve the goals set out in your plan. The benefit of hiring a professional is that you know your finances are in the best hands, and you can focus on your savings without worrying about whether or not you’re on the right track.

Maximise Your Money

With the assistance of a financial planner, you can be confident in the knowledge that your money is being used as efficiently and effectively as possible. Saving is never an easy task, but with some advice from your planner, you will soon see the results of your hard work and dedication. The trick to being able to afford your dream home is to act quickly, so start looking for a quality financial planner today. For all kinds of financial assistance, consider a consultation with Fox Symes. Whether it’s budgeting advice or help to consolidate your debts so that you can focus on savings, Fox Symes has an expert solution for your situation.

The Benefit of Experience

With great contacts and insider knowledge of the industry, a financial planner is perfectly positioned to provide you with the very best strategies to help you realize the dream of owning your dream home. Their experience in the financial field will allow them to create a tailored solution to suit your needs and aspirations.

Extra Motivation to Succeed

Sometimes it can be beneficial to have just that extra little push to help you achieve your goals, and this is certainly the case when it comes to saving for your dream home. With a financial planner, you have concrete goals and expectations to meet, and it’s easier to stick to your savings when you have the input of a professional.
With these great reasons and more, it’s easy to see why so many people consult a financial planner to help them buy the house of their dreams. For a top quality team that can help you with all aspects of your financial situation, contact Fox Symes. With their years of experience and expert knowledge, you’ll be well on track to owning your dream house sooner than you might think!

About the Author

Karen is a mother of 2 young children who recently decided to enlist the services of a financial planner in order to help her and her husband purchase their dream home. She intends to blog about her experience as it unfolds.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tepee Villages

One of the many Tepee models that St. Joseph Students made.  I took  pictures of all of them last year but forgot to blog about it.  I will upload more of this  later.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Traveling Virtually

During our recent getaway, I experienced riding a ferryboat for the first time. We took a ride in it twice instead of taking the monorail transit. Both the kids and adults had so much fun!  I grew up in a coastal area and I rode on a boat   most of the  times but I never tried to ride on a ferry boat, that's why I was so happy to experienced it with my family and friends.
It is nice to have a getaway once in a while but for  an average family like us, we could only do so when  we have  an extra savings for it.  I don't how many years before my family could go for a big  getaway again  but I hope that it could still happen.    For now, I would just be contented in traveling virtually with  all the  travel site available online.

Web Time Clock sells employee time clock software that can help save businesses thousands of dollars each year by providing accurate timekeeping for employees. Business owners need to keep up with how many actual minutes are spent working in the company's best interests, and to be aware of those employees are taking advantage of their positions within the company. 

Good time keeping is a part of responsible business record keeping. It can help solve discrepancies, and also help the company with certain time-related legal issues. Many jobs depend on complete accuracy in timekeeping. Having up-to-date time clock software can assure that all employees are at their posts at a designated time, and that they are doing their jobs within the actual time periods in which they are supposed to be done. Good timekeeping software can make employers aware of the potential for problems and help them solve the associated issues before real problems actually arise. 

It is no secret that having information provides a certain degree of power and better control in the business arena. Employee time clock software can provide crucial information to any professional business owner and help a company run more smoothly. The software can also help human resources professionals do their jobs better and more efficiently. Good time care software, such as that found at, can also help protect the worker who can better control his or her own attendance records, right from his or her own work computer. Having this type of software can be a real asset to both employer and employee.

Travel Lite from La Fresh

La FreshAs I have mentioned h in my previous post here before, we are scheduled to have our summer vacation next month. This means that we have to pack the things that we need anytime soon this month.  I am  very thankful to La Fresh for sending me a bunch of product samples that we could use for our travel next month.

I received the following:

  1. 2 package of Oil-Free Face Cleanser - This is a 100% biodegradable wet wipes that is  fragrance and paraben free.
  2. I package of  Make Up Remover wipes - I don't really use make up but this can still be use to wipe off your face when traveling.
  3. 1 package of anti-bacterial wipes - This is great to keep my kids  hands clean and healthy.  Kids touches  everything that they see so it is nice to have  these wipes.
  4. 1 package  of Facial Cleansing wipes - this can be used  for all types of skin.  It conditions while it cleanses.
  5. 1 package of Male Hygiene Wipes -  it whisks away dirt, sweat and odor.  this keeps you fresh and confident.  This is a flushable wipe.
  6. 1 package  of Female Hygiene Wipes - has PH balanced  which is perfect for feminine use, flushable and discreet.
  7. 1 package Antiperspirant Wipe for Women -It has powerful  wetness and odor protection and it's freshly scented.
  8. 1 package Antiperspirant Wipes for Men - perfect for your  husband or son. 
  9. 1 package Insect Repellent Wipes - My daughter  is allergic to mosquito bites so this is a perfect one for her.
  10. 1 package Shoe Shine Wipes - Shines up shoe in an instant.  This comes in handy  for businessmen who wants to look as polished  as they can when dealing with business while traveling.
  11. 1 package of  lens and screen cleaning wipes -This is great to use for  my camera and iPad.
The 12 packages has 5 individual  pack in each bag.  A perfect size for our up coming travel so thank you very much LA Fresh.  If you are planning to   have your summer  trips, check out  these wipes that would be useful during your travel at La Fresh, just visit the link provided above.

Disclaimer:  Products mentioned above was received for  FREE in exchange of  a fair review.  NO monetary compensation was  received in facilitating this review.  

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Piano Recital Schedule

My daughter's piano recital will be in two weeks.  I can't believe how much improvement she has made since she started   attending  lessons in January.  I remember when she was taking ballet lessons, for  5 or 6 months, she could hardly  do the routine.  Dancing is not really her calling but playing piano is.  I wonder if my son would be interested in playing a  guitar or he would  revive his  interest in piano as well.  For now, he just wants to sing and dance.  

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chasing a Dream

"It's better to die chasing a dream never caught, than to die never having  chased the dream." - Joyce Fields of Good, Short Books

It's a rainy weekend at our end, how about you?  Wishing you all a happy and safe  weekend!
Shadow Shots

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Basic Guide to Transportation in Germany

Germany is one of the biggest countries in Europe and offers a wide variety of transport for you to use to explore its attractions and cities. Below is a basic guide to transportation in the country, giving you some of the best ideas of which modes are right for you.

Generally used by people travelling long distances, trains are a great way for you to get from one place to the next while enjoying the views of the cities and landscape you pass by. Travelling by train also offers some a chance to catch up on sleep without worrying about arriving at their destination behind schedule. If you travel on trains in Germany with children who are under 15 years old, then they will be allowed to travel for free.

German rail passes also allow passengers to ravel on all DB Bahn trains and ultimately could secure you discounted or free fare on the High Speed ICE trains.

Carpools are generally used by backpackers and tourists who are looking to save money while moving to their next destination, meeting new people as they go along. This system is also good at saving time and hassle over using a rental car.

Travelling by bus can be an effective way of getting around the cities in Germany, but if you’re looking to travel across the entire country on one, they can be quite slow. Prices and regulations vary from one city to another, but all buses allow passengers to buy their tickets from the drivers should you wish to just jump on one. Tickets can occasionally be checked by plain clothes police officers and should you not have a ticket or have lost it, can face a 40 euro fine.

Driving and Renting a Car
Renting a car in Germany is extremely simple for those with a driving license from a country in Europe. For those who visit Germany from a country outside of the Europe Union, the only license accepted is an international driver’s license.

While renting a car may be slightly more expensive than taking the public transport that Germany offers, it offers those who use it freedom to come and go as they please while using the Autobahns. The motorways in Germany have no speed limit, meaning you can get to your destination a lot faster than public transport. There are plenty of cheap Germany car rentals around the cities and at the airports which offer good deals on rentals.

Trams and Subways
Most of the bigger cities in Germany have their own tram and subway systems such as Munich and Berlin, making it easy to get from one sight to another. Prices are very reasonable and there are plenty of stations near the big attractions, meaning getting around the city to see as much as possible can be very easy. The trams and subways both have their own vending machines which sell tickets instantly to those who use them and as with the buses; not having a ticket can incur a fine.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Animal Shelter

I am not sure what occupies this hole but it  looks quite big.  We saw this by the   creek  at Tomlinson Run State Park during our last visit.  Do you think this is made by a snake, rats, or...??

Blind Zone

Vehicle mirrors help us see behind and on the sides of us when we drive, but there is always a section somewhere that we cannot see. This section is often referred to as the "blind zone" or a "blind spot." Car accidents often occur because of these blind zones, especially when drivers are reversing. What can a driver do to avoid accidents like this? A safety precaution that is becoming quite a trend is the use of backup cameras for trucks  These cameras attach to the back of the truck and transmit video to a receiver visible by the driver. It allows you to see the entire area behind your vehicle, allowing you to reverse confidently and with full knowledge of what is behind you. 
Photo isn't mine
Vehicles that use backup cameras have fewer accidents because they can not be tricked by the blind zone. There is a much smaller chance that they will accidentally hit something on the way out. If you are looking for a good website to buy a backup camera for your own vehicle, has a wide variety at reasonable prices. They have been selling electronic safety devices online, such as these cameras, for twenty years. Their ordering process is simple, and you can find plenty of useful information about any of the devices you may want to order. It is the best place online to purchase backup cameras, so if you want one, head on over to their website and browse what they have in stock. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Tree Carvings

We saw this  carvings on the tree when we went for  our three mile walk a couple of weeks ago.  IT was one of the highlights of our walk as my husband and daughter imitate this face on the tree.  I will post the picture next time.

My son said it looks like a MooMoo hehehe.

Busy Beaver Builder

Browsing the houses for sale in the area is what my husband usually do   when he is at the computer  He is determined to really find a home that would fully accommodate our growing family.  I would like a bigger house too but I have loved this first home that we bought since we did  a lot of  stuff to improve this house already.  It  weld be like throwing  our memories away if we leave this house.    I don't know, I am just very sentimental when it comes to things. Aside from that, I also love the fact that our home is in the middle of almost everything.  I can go  to the post office, church, doctor's   office,  school,, or anywhere without driving.  The convenience that this home gives  is very  hard to ignore.   Another big reason is the  kind neighbors that we have.  You will seldom find that.  All our neighbors here are so nice.  I know that I can't afford to hire   renovation hamilton to  fully renovate our home but I believe that we can do something to  give this home a lift.  Below is a photo  of the  projects  done by Busy Beaver Builder.  It  must be nice to have  your kitchen renovated by this company, look how sleek it look.  My kitchen is totally outdated and it's one of the many reasons why my husband dislikes our home.  

Online Collectibles Auction

Finding antiques and collectibles is not  a hard thing to do these days because Internet.  Say for instance if you are looking or a Victorian Casino Antique ,  all you have to do is search for it via internet and  I am sure that one of the search result will be from the iCollector.  iCollector is a Victorian Casino Antique Auction site where you can find collectibles.

Speaking of collectibles, this reminds me of the TV show that I like watching, the hoarder.  Most of them are just pure hoarders  but  there are some who  really collects   valuable things.  Just like in one of the episodes,  this guys collects beautiful arcade stuff  but it was too much that  he almost spent his retirement fund buying  stuff even though he had so many already.  I think that collecting valuable  things is  good as long as you won't overdo it.  

My husband has a few collection of old coins and old bills but he stopped doing it.   We looked at the value of his collection online and some of them are priced high while others are just okay.   Collecting things   is not bad at all  but you have to make sure that what you are collecting is worth the time and money.

Summer Getaway is Booked!

Clarion Hotel Meadowlands Hotel, Secaucus NJ Hotels
Photo isn't mine
My husband booked our flights, hotel accommodation, and other arrangement for our up-coming summer  getaway this year.  I will be celebrating my 40th birthday in other state  next month, I can't wait!  The kids are so excited as well because they will get to see their friend whom we last bonded with  a couple of years ago.  As we were browsing for some great deals on flights and accommodation  we  came across Hotels in Secaucus New jersey, they have  great amenities   I hope that someday, my family would be able to  visit New Jersey and enjoy a week or two exploring the beautiful places there.    For this year, we are visiting a state which four of us have never been to including my husband so this would be a great adventure for the family.  We did not go outside our state last year due to some  personal reasons but this time, we are giving our kids some  break for their hard work in school. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Facebook Header

I use these charcoal  sketch of my son's eyes  to be my  Facebook header.  Reminds me all the time  to watch what I post and   say.  If not for  my tasks online, I would probably choose not to have a Facebook account but since I need it for my job, I have to have one.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Real Estate License

Key Realty School is the right place to go for anyone desiring a Nevada Real Estate License   There are three types of licenses available including Salesperson, Salesperson Broker and Broker. These licenses can be achieved through the courses at the Key Realty School. A Salesperson has a license and works as an employee of a Nevada Broker. A Salesperson Broker has a broker’s license and is a qualified salesperson. They may or may not work under a Broker depending on the type of job they want, and if they don’t have the two years minimum experience with a license. A Broker has met all the requirements and can employee Salespersons and Broker Salespersons. 

Key Realty School has been training people for real estate licenses and giving post license courses, broker licensing and preparation for the state tests for over 20 years. They give courses in: 
• Appraisal 
• Property management 
• Mortgage lending 
• Inspections 
• Broker management 
• Finance 
• Investment 
• Escrow 
• Home owner management 
• Business law 
• Real estate economics 

Some courses are offered by home study, so the student can work at their own pace. Tests are given through the school website or in person, and students must score 75 percent or higher on the completion test to get certification for the course. Key Realty School offers dynamic instructors and course material as well as counselors who create a learning environment that supports and encourages students in the profession of Nevada real estate. They have a close relationship with Nevada real estate companies and help find employment for their students.

AC Repair

We have  such a beautiful  day today.  We stayed in the school field  right after the kids got out from school.  They played with the other kids  whom we are friends with while  their Mom and I talked  for a bit.  Our air conditioning ran on and off today which reminds me that we are due to clean all our vents again  to make sure that there are no  trapped  dust build up  inside it.  I hope that our  air conditioning unit won't give us any  problem this year.  It gave up on us last year and it was horrible.    

It's  really nice to  know though that there is an air conditioning repair west chester pa that  would  be of service when your  air conditioning unit  stop working.  It is important to   get an honest company that would work on your AC unit to make sure that they know what they are doing and that they would tell you what you really need.  So if you need  someone to repair your unit, you should check out air conditioner west chester pa and see if they are the right one  for you.  Just click any of the links to  visit the site.

Sugarcreek Roadtrips

It's been a while since we last visited Sugarcreek.  We used to go there almost every weekend just so we can drive around and see other ...

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