Thursday, May 2, 2013

Facebook Header

I use these charcoal  sketch of my son's eyes  to be my  Facebook header.  Reminds me all the time  to watch what I post and   say.  If not for  my tasks online, I would probably choose not to have a Facebook account but since I need it for my job, I have to have one.


  1. This are amazing eyes!
    What a great way to enjoy your day and motivate yourself

  2. Great way to motivate yourself--and remind yourself just why you are spending all your free(?) time on the computer!

  3. I love the look in his eyes, This is so beautiful.

  4. he's a handsome lil guy. love those eyes.

  5. Beautiful sketch, I also would not bother with Facebook if not for business.

  6. Those eyes are so beautiful! In our job, we gotta have our FB account.

  7. nice header ... that is the reason I have two accounts ... one personal and the other for business.

  8. What a beautiful and unique FB header! nice!

  9. so pretty header. I would have done the same way if I only have one kid, bust since I have so much, I put them all, hahaha!


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