Friday, April 29, 2016

Weekend Music Lesson

Thank God , it's Friday (TGIF).  The kids are happy  and I am happy.  The kids look forward to their piano lessons every Friday which is good.  Music and  just a couple of sports are what they are doing now  and I am okay with that.  I don't want them to be  involved with all kind of sports because it  can affect to their academic  performance if  they have so many activities.  I m3an, don't get me wrong, sports is great but you don't want  to overwhelm your  children  with so many  especially  during the school year.   Anyway, my daughter's wish for her birthday this year is to have her own violin, she wants to start learning how to play it.  If budget permits, we will buy her one for her birthday.  An accessory like the bon musica shoulder rest  will be great  with it too.  I hope I could   save up for it so we can buy her one and let her start playing violin.  

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Coastal Homes

Having a house near a coastal area  is nice but there are downside to it as well.  I was born and raised in  a coastal area  and we lost  our  home to a super typhoon with a giant tidal wave that wiped away all the homes  near the shore.    We lost everything  in one night's  disaster, it was horrible.  
 However, on the lighter  note, having a home near the  ocean is great because  you can always go out and swim or if you own a boat, you can go for a  relaxing sailboat ride.
 These photos were taken when we had our  road trip and little summer getaway to Ocean City  two years ago.
I can still remember the excitement that my kids were feeling upon seeing the ocean.  Even though we were still far from our destination, the sight of the ocean makes  relieved the  tiring long trip.
It must be nice to own  a business like this  near the ocean because you will always have  clients.
We live very far from the ocean so  seeing  it once in a while brings  me back good memories of my childhood.  I wish my kids can experience that for a long time and not just when we go on vacation.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Decorating Plans

My daughter is so excited to move to our new home.  She has so many plans  on how to design her bedroom and she also asked me if she can decorate the music room.  She saw this led piano lamp and  said that it would look great in the music room.   We have so many things to do on that house.  It hasn't been updated in 15 years so  almost everything is outdated.  We have to  play the lottery and win it lol.