Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fun Garden Projects

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Three more days to go and school days are over for this school year.  I have some fun garden projects lined up for me and the kids to do.  The photo below is  the bottom part of our Crabapple Tree.  I  used those moldings around my  lilies but the kids wanted to put it there so we will see what we end up with as we are not done yet.

Another project that we  going to do is painting  the  inside part of our fence and repaint  the bird houses at our backyard, now that the baby sparrows  have flown already.  The sparrows use these bird houses every year.  My kids are very happy that they get to see the birds grow.  
To do our upcoming project, we will need to buy:
  1. paint,
  2. paint brushes,
  3. paint trays
Few steps that we need to do to  paint the fence and the bird houses.

1.  Wash it with water and let them dry.
2.  Prime it with primer paint.
3.  Paint it  when the weather is   warm and dry.

The Gro Project  is the place to   browse if you are looking for some fresh gardening ideas to do in your own backyard or garden.  Also, if you  love gardening  like me, you  might want to follow Miracle-Gro in Pinterest.  You will be able to browse their  expansive library  of articles and  videos that are full of expert gardening tips for beginners and professionals alike.  And if you are looking for some  ideas for feeding your plants, Shake’n Feed All Purpose Plant Food might be the one for you.  Watch the video below for some tips and ideas.

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  1. and one week more to go, school time na..hehe... buti ka pa Rose..laging may SS..hehe


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