Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kennywood 2014

I can't believe, it's been a year already since we last visited Kenywood in PA.  I haven't even  done posting the photos I took last year lol.  Oh well, I will post this  for now.  We went there four days before my birthday.  It was my pre-celebration.  Going through a tunnel always reminds us of Korea.  THe kids always talked about KOrea when we go through this tunnel in Pittsburgh.
 I would like to  experience  riding on this tourist boats one day.  They go through Pittsburgh river.  It must be fun to see Pittsburgh by the river.
 People who live in Pittsburgh are lucky because they have so many fun and entertainment that they can explore.  Over here in our small city, we have to  go  somewhere to actually do something different.  Luckily, we live near PA and Ohio.
 I love seeing the industrial buildings and other  interesting sights in Pittsburgh.
 Kennywood is one place that my kids really enjoy. Last year, they  enjoyed the  Kiddieland but this year, they wanted to try the  big kids rides but unfortunately, they could not ride most of it because of height requirement.  The curse of being small and short lol.
Nevertheless, they had fun with the  rides that they could go into with their Dad.  I am excluded with the rides as speed and heights are not my thing.  I served as their official photographer  instead of ride-buddy.
Summer fun has just began.  Next month, we will be going to  Ocean City which me and the kids have never been to yet.  It would be fun for sure.

Memorial Day 2014

Having a vehicle is great as it gives you the freedom to roam around and go places. Being a vehicle owner comes with responsibility such as maintenance and responsible driving.  Our kids is so involve in maintaining the cleanliness of our vehicle, they always volunteer to help their Dad when cleaning.  The photos below were taken during the Memorial Day this year.  We did not have  a planned activity so they cleaned out our family van then we went for a drive.
My husband wanted to see this property for sale  that he saw online but the GPS could not find the address  so we went without knowing where exactly the location was.  We drove to this place we have never been before so that was quite exciting for me and the kids.
We have never driven on this part of Follansbee then we saw one of the major high school where our niece went.  Driving around gives us time to see Mother's nature's beauty.  
As our luck has it, we did not find the property we wanted to see but we get to joy ride and we had fun looking at the scenery which  mattered most!  It was quite a retreat away from the city.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Common Mistakes at Forex Trading

Risks are very common to business industries. How every businessman manages to work with it is by dealing at those risks effectively.

Forex is among the businesses that are exposed to too many risks. With just wrong move, things could go differently. Thus, it’s really necessary to know what the different effective ways to use in dealing with these. But of course, it’s also important to know the reasons why you fail too.

Reasons why you fail

Common mistakes that people usually do and end up failing include the following:
  •  Always open to risks
- Risking is healthy but not all the time. People generally think of risking can lead them to the brighter side. Yes it can but it could also put you to a wrong path. Risking has its own timing. If you think it’s not good to pursue, stay away then.
  • Not taking it seriously
- When it comes to trading, always keep in mind that whenever you trade, your money and effort and everything are in danger. Not taking trading seriously leads to failure. Thus, whenever you do trading, be practical.
  •  Over Confidence
- Winning can happen simultaneously. But lo, there are times that forex can be tricky! Don’t be too over confident especially when you trade. No matter what happen, always consider of losing instead of just winning. This will lessen your expectation too.

  • No fix trading plan
- Trading without planning is one of the reasons why people fail. Random trading doesn’t give good results. Same goes to what you are thinking the moment you do the trading. If your goal is to earn, winning is definitely the best thing to do. In order to achieve it, you must have a constant plan for it.
  • · Poor Money Management
- How good online broker you have, if you don’t have a good money management, things will definitely turn out a fail. It’s very much important to have a good money management in terms of running a business may it be forex or not. If you are seeking for real success, you must have it as well.

Mistakes teach us a good lesson. But of course, one must learn from it. Same goes to failing at forex trading. Misuse of its features and doing trading in wrong way should be learnt as a lesson.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Sheraton Hotel in Palo Alto, California

Google put us at Sheraton Hotel for our two nights of stay at Shweraton Hotel in Palo Alto California. The location of our hotel was very close to the huge Stanford University.  Too bad we were not able to visit the SU campus as  our time was very limited.  
After getting our room key at  the Google reception area (Crash Pad), we checked in.
There are different amenities  such as swimming pool, gym, business area, and more at the hotel.
This marble sculpture is called Fannie, I don't know the history of it though but it's pretty.
Our little man exploring  things inside our room.
We have two big beds and a big bathroom.
I love the addition of water features in their landscape.  IT's very relaxing to walk around or sit in the benches.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Create Your State #Doodle4Google

Most of the Doodler finalists from different states are really good artists.  Google prepared carved  wood for  each states and  participants can   paint on it.  Here are some of the Ones I like.  My favorite one is the  Texas and of course, the West Virginia hehehe.
 Most of the  ones above were done  by 6-8 graders.  Below is what  our daughter  have made.
Doodle4Google event rocks!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

San Francisco, the Crookedest Street in the World

Our trip to California was fun although it has a timeline set up by Google. We didn't get to see landmarks such as the crookedest street but hopefully next time, we will.
This is  a postcard that we bought at the airport to remind us that we should see this next time hehehe.

The Only Way to Explore Berlin

Berlin is a massive city, with a variety of world famous sites for travellers to explore. You have sights such as Reichstag, Charlottenburg Palace, Brandenburg Gate, and loads more. You can have an amazing time here, going on bus rides, cruises, and guided tours to get an idea of what Berlin is all about. Read on to learn more: 
Many people will tell you that Berlin is one of the coolest and most intriguing cities in the whole world. There are many places to be discovered in the capital of Germany, but you must travel all over the huge city to see them all. Once you’ve booked your Berlin accommodation here, you might consider buying a Berlin welcome card, which will give you free access to public transport in Berlin, making your journey less stressful and much cheaper. You may even find yourself getting a reduced entrance fee to more than 150 of the attractions (yes, you read that right); city tours, museums, cruises, and loads more. It’s definitely worth the price for the amount of money you’ll save! 

On your first trip in this wonderful place, I recommend taking a bus trip through the city. It’s simple, yet effective! You’re able to sit down and look at interesting places like Museums Island, the Friedrichstrasse, the Kurfurstendamm, and Potsdamer Platz. If you purchase a ticket that allows you to hop on and off the bus, you can stop anywhere you like on the trip! 

If you think even further ahead, and book your tickets online, you can see places like Charlottenburg Palace without waiting in the long, boring line. I highly recommend you visit this place; it was a present from Friedrich III for his wife Charlotte, built in 1699. The palace is filled with huge rooms, and even bigger art collections. You’ll love viewing the baroque garden - It’s spectacular! 

Something else you might quite enjoy, is the GDR Museum. This is Berlin’s most interactive museum, so definitely worth a look.

Once you’ve done that, why not take a cruise on the Spree to see even more amazing sights? Seeing Berlin from the water feels awfully relaxing and serene, but you’ll get to see the Nikolai quarter, the Berliner Dom, and the Museums Island whilst aboard. 

A walk through the government district shouldn’t be missed either. A helpful tour guide will give you information on everything you could possibly want to know, including the history and function of the district. Once you’ve finished enjoying the most important place of German politics, you could visit Madame Tussaud’s - a chance to look at waxworks of famous celebs from the past and present. 

These are just some of the best things I think are in Berlin - you might find your own favourite sites and activities. Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to save money by buying a Berlin Welcome Card, and take the Spree Cruise if nothing else. I promise you’ll have a fantastic time! 

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