Thursday, May 9, 2013

Basic Guide to Transportation in Germany

Germany is one of the biggest countries in Europe and offers a wide variety of transport for you to use to explore its attractions and cities. Below is a basic guide to transportation in the country, giving you some of the best ideas of which modes are right for you.

Generally used by people travelling long distances, trains are a great way for you to get from one place to the next while enjoying the views of the cities and landscape you pass by. Travelling by train also offers some a chance to catch up on sleep without worrying about arriving at their destination behind schedule. If you travel on trains in Germany with children who are under 15 years old, then they will be allowed to travel for free.

German rail passes also allow passengers to ravel on all DB Bahn trains and ultimately could secure you discounted or free fare on the High Speed ICE trains.

Carpools are generally used by backpackers and tourists who are looking to save money while moving to their next destination, meeting new people as they go along. This system is also good at saving time and hassle over using a rental car.

Travelling by bus can be an effective way of getting around the cities in Germany, but if you’re looking to travel across the entire country on one, they can be quite slow. Prices and regulations vary from one city to another, but all buses allow passengers to buy their tickets from the drivers should you wish to just jump on one. Tickets can occasionally be checked by plain clothes police officers and should you not have a ticket or have lost it, can face a 40 euro fine.

Driving and Renting a Car
Renting a car in Germany is extremely simple for those with a driving license from a country in Europe. For those who visit Germany from a country outside of the Europe Union, the only license accepted is an international driver’s license.

While renting a car may be slightly more expensive than taking the public transport that Germany offers, it offers those who use it freedom to come and go as they please while using the Autobahns. The motorways in Germany have no speed limit, meaning you can get to your destination a lot faster than public transport. There are plenty of cheap Germany car rentals around the cities and at the airports which offer good deals on rentals.

Trams and Subways
Most of the bigger cities in Germany have their own tram and subway systems such as Munich and Berlin, making it easy to get from one sight to another. Prices are very reasonable and there are plenty of stations near the big attractions, meaning getting around the city to see as much as possible can be very easy. The trams and subways both have their own vending machines which sell tickets instantly to those who use them and as with the buses; not having a ticket can incur a fine.

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