Friday, August 30, 2013

Steubenville Ohio - Shopping Arena

This is the part two of our adventure in Steubenville Ohio.  We walked around the big parking area of the business establishments and took some photos of course.  What is there to tell f there's n photos right?

I like how this  part of the building  shows a bit of history  of Steubenville through the carvings on the wall.
The photos shows that it's "ladies moments", the boys were not in the mood for photos so me and Ms. Burrito just enjoyed   our time.

We also went to Joanne Fabric and bought some art supplies and  travel albums which were on sale  that time.  Then to kill the remaining time, we  got some treats  at Dairy Queen.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Steubenville Ohio - Chrysler

A couple of weeks ago, we went to the Chrysler Service Department to have our van checked.  It kept giving us a warning sign that the sliding door was not all the way closed.  So hubby scheduled an appointment for it to get checked.  
As it turned out, the chips of our car needs to be  updated  which  we need to do every so often in order to   continue using the cool features of the van.  The former owner of the van did not  do that that's why it was giving us the warning,  Anyway, I am glad that there  was nothing major  wrong about the car.  I was bumming out about that.  Gladly, the car was still under the warranty so we did not pay anything for the upgrade.

While we were there, we checked out some cars for sale, not that we plan to buy but just admire the ones that we like hehehe.

Even in the  city, these two couldn't pass an opportunity to investigate a bug they saw at the drainage.  It was a long wait so we decided to explore the parts that we only see when we drive by.  I will post more photos next time.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Piano Lesson over Ballet Dancing

My daughter  stopped attending the ballet  class after she received the costume that they are going to  wear during the recital.  I think she was expecting that they would be wearing  pretty ballet costume but  their  production number  is about the  Pirates of the Caribbean so their  costumes was  for little pirates.

She is however anticipating for a piano lesson.  We are saving  money to buy her a piano that she can use at home.     We ask our son if he would want to enroll in a piano lesson but he  said no.  I think he would be inclined into  playing guitar when he grow up.  It's been seven months since she started attending piano lessons and I can see a tremendous progress on her.
Taken during her first recital

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sing for Hope

Being artistic is more than just a gift, it is a talent that needs to be shared with the world. Talented musicians have the power to change people's moods by brightening their day or teach others how to use their natural gifts. Sing for Hope is a charity organization that helps reach out to areas that may not have access to the resources they need to support the creative arts.

Street pianos New York at is just one of the exciting demonstrations performed by the talented artists. Other programs include dynamic arts curricula, healing arts programs that perform in healthcare facilities and a community arts program. The diverse programs within the charity are all designed to promote a positive attitude towards creative arts and allow performers to explore their talents further.

By focusing on artistic talents, Sing for Hope is able to enhance the mood of many people who are limited. Volunteer artists can go in groups to visit people who need a smile on their face and could not go to a live show elsewhere. Music and art is important to the healing process, and by volunteering your artistic skills you can help make a difference in other people's lives.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Memorable Wedding

Wedding is one of the most precious moment in ones life. When getting married, a lot of factors needs to be considered, you have to plan a lot of things. Having a nice wedding includes nice wedding program and other stuff that associated with it. I am glad that one of my close friend did a great job when me and my husband got married for the second time at church. She outlined the program and everyone had a great time during the reception.

Wedding Cake Toppers

When making wedding arrangements, attention to detail is critical. This special moment only happens once and you want to ensure it is perfect. The little extra touches will improve the overall experience exponentially. The wedding cake, for example, is the centerpiece of the reception and always becomes one of the topics of discussion. Having the right wedding cake toppers with a perfectly designed cake adds a beautifully personalized touch to the grand occasion.

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Bass player in our family

We were looking through our family photo albums the other day and came across a few old photos of my husband's rock band back in the 80s.  They were your typical four member garage band with big hair.  My husband was a bass player for only a few years before he enlisted in the military.  While he encourages our kids to give music a try, he has no intention of ever playing again.  Too bad, I would have enjoyed seeing him play.  Below is an old photo of him and his band members with the name of their band.

A Guide to Traveling with Pets & Assistant Animals

Going somewhere, but hate being separated from your furry friend?   You can comfortably book flights on Monarch Airlines on for the best deals. 
The most common pets to travel with are cats, dogs, and rodents, however there aren't any restrictions on bringing other pets such as birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and rabbits into the UK from other EU countries. The Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency have all the details about rules for travelling with animals of these species.

The UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has set up a 'Pet Travel Scheme' allowing cats and dogs to travel between some countries and UK airports without requiring quarantine. Certain routes and transport companies have been authorized and approved, and have agreed to make sure the animal abides by the rules of the scheme. These checks can be done by a third party when travelling by air (Ex. Animal Reception Center in the Heathrow Airport). Each airline may have slightly different rules on the size and weight restrictions of pets that can ride in the cabin, and those that must go into the cargo hold. Airlines may also allow the transport of more than one pet, but have limited space, so it's important to call in advance and reserve your spot. These details are usually provided on the airline's website, or upon contacting an airline representative. Some airlines don't have heating in the cargo holds, so they may restrict the transportation of animals to the warmer summer months. Also, animals with snub-noses may incur breathing problems within the cabin, so their transportation is also often restricted.

As a general rule, cats, dogs or rodents travelling within the EU on approved routes with authorized carriers must have a microchip, a rabies vaccination, a pet passport or official third country veterinary certificate, and dogs must be treated for tapeworm. The rabies vaccination must be completed at least 21 days before travel, and the animal must already have been microchiped. There must also be a blood test proving the vaccination was successful. Animals traveling within the cabin must be able to stand up or lay down comfortably in their kennel. It's important to find out the departure and destination country's exact entry requirements as a failure to abide by these can result in the quarantine of your animal which can be expensive, as well as stressful for your pet.

Assistance animals have less restrictions that normal pets on areas within the plane that they are allowed to be, as well as routes that they may travel. There are usually extra fees associated with travelling with pets, but assistance animals are often able to travel in the cabin for free on flights within the UK, and most international flights departing from the UK. Assistance animals need to wear safety harnesses during take off and landing, a collar alone is not sufficient.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Museum of Arts in Cleveland

The Cleveland  Museum of Arts has a huge space where people can sit and relax, have some coffee or snack after  they enjoy exploring the  magnificent  display inside the museum.

I love every intricate details they put into this museum.  It's amazing how they can operate and not charge   the guest  a fee which is really good for a family like us who love to explore interesting things.

My kids  have learned so many things about arts   from a couple of hours that we roaround the vast  museum.  We would like to return there and explore some more.

Music as Form of Bonding in Siblings

If you  have read my previous post on my blog, you would know that both of my kids are music lovers.  They might  not be as talented as the other kids who are gifted with golden voice but   they certainly  has  love for music. My husband  was a former member of a band and he played a bass so we are wondering if our son would  have that interest too.  Maybe one day, he would be able to use a  a guitar  or incorporate akai professional mpk mini in his music.  It would be real nice to see him jam with music someday.  Music is one common thing that my kids has, it is a very good form of bonding for them.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Inside the Museum

This is one of the many shots I took when we were at the third floor of Cleveland Museum of Arts.  Below down there display of the passion of Christ.   A music was being played while you    walk around and see the magnificent  paintings.

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday or some other ‘just because’ present, half the joy of giving a present is the presentation. You might not be particularly good with your hands or simply may not have the time to create some beautifully-crafted wrapping, so we've come up with some beautiful solutions to suit your wrapping needs.

If you’re  sending a parcel internationally,   you will be placing your gift inside a sturdy cardboard box, so you will need to decide whether or not you will wrap the gift in the first place. If you decide not to, you could always decorate the cardboard box. Rather than using wrapping paper, which may be torn during the journey, use a stencil to spray on some attractive designs, or spray string gold or silver and then tie it around the box for a slightly more interesting way to reinforce the packaging.

For presents you will be giving in person, you can be a little more flexible. For those people who are truly terrible at arts and crafts, all is not lost! You can buy plain gift bags from any craft or card shop, and you can jazz this up using ribbon, glitter, sequins or even stickers. A single dried flower stuck on one side can also create a really elegant look without too much effort. Just scrunch up some tissue paper and place it on top of the present to make it more of a surprise.

Vintage Inspired Map Wrapping PaperIf you’re opting for the more traditional wrapping paper,   there are ways to put your own stamp on it. If they have a favorite magazine, you could take pages from it and use them as wrapping paper for a really unique looking gift. Or, for something really luxurious, a piece of beautiful fabric can be used to wrap a gift. Just remember to use a good fabric glue or strong tape to keep it together.

Sometimes it’s all about the finishing touches. A glamorous flourish can make all the difference and can transform your gift into something really special. A velvet ribbon tied into an elaborate bow, for example, can elevate your present to the next level, and shows that you’ve put some real thought into it. If you’ll be handing the gift over on the same day, a single cut flower tucked under the ribbon can also make for a pretty finishing touch.

Just remember that it’s the thought that counts! Even if you hand over an unwrapped present topped with a bow recycled from an old Christmas present, the recipient will appreciate the gesture, so don’t worry if you can’t get it spot on!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ohio Snap Shots

Some snapshots that I took when we went on a road trip  in Ohio.

I always love   short road trips as I get to see different views  other than the views here in  our area.  Bridges, tunnels,  corn field, and some interesting structures on the road  always  sparks my interest to take  some  photos.

Nurse Uniforms

There are many different types of iconic uniforms out there, and most people will be able to recognize  nurse uniforms when they see them for the first time. Whether you need a new uniform for yourself or for all of your new nurses, it always makes sense to buy more than one at a time. When you are purchasing nursing uniforms in bulk, it becomes easier to save money over the long term because you will usually be able to get a discount when you purchase more than one at a time. There are many different types of nursing uniforms that are put together these days, and you can even create custom uniforms for your own staff if you feel that you could create something much better than anyone else. 

There are a few features of the nursing uniform that are important to have at all times, and one of the main things that you will need to have is plenty of different pockets all over the uniform. Nurses need to be able to put things in their pockets at many different times during the day, and sometimes it is simply because they do not have a trashcan available to them in the immediate area. Whether they need to throw something away or simply store a tool for use at a later time, nurses definitely need to make sure that they have some open pockets for use at all times of the day.

Treatment for Wrinkles

When it comes to anti aging, there is no such thing as too much. The fact is that the younger and healthier that your skin looks, the easier it will be to advance in your career and in your social life. People look for signs of vigor and energy in the face, and if your skin is anything but youthful and energetic, people will color everything that you say and do after that with that negative first impression.

However, you can avoid putting across this negative impression with just a few changes in your daily habits!

First, make sure that you switch away from using soap on your face. Soap dries the skin, creating the need for moisture and drawing oil to the surface of the face. This is precisely the opposite effect of what you want. 

Second, make sure that you are using a skin moisturizer that actually penetrates the pores of your skin and just does not simply sit on the surface of the skin. You will be able to tell the difference in that the cheaper products that just sit on the surface will tend to make the skin feel rather greasy and oily rather than simply smooth to the touch. Jenu has many products that can help you in this endeavor such as the JeNu Ultrasound Treatment for Wrinkles.

Third, make sure that you are alleviating the stress that is in your life immediately through exercise and face cleaning. Stress that is held in the body comes out as oily pores, which attracts dirt!

Monday, August 5, 2013


A blurry   photo that my daughter took of me.  I call this one, dreaming, lol.

Yes, I am dreaming of visiting my family back home but it would  remain a wish and a dream for now.  We don't have the budget yet.  Flying alone would cost around ten grand for the four of us, whew!  My children  suggested that we should start a project "A Dime a Day" so we can save money for Philippine visit.  I told them that it would take forever to save that much but I admire them for thinking that way..

Why People Are So Passionate About Collecting Toys

Many people have certain items that they just cannot seem to get enough of. Although other people may not understand the passion, those that collect toys often make it a way of life. Yet, why are people so passionate about collecting toys?

Why People Collect Toys

Many people collect toys because they create positive experiences and memories. For example, if you enjoyed playing with G.I. Joe action figures as a child, you may be tempted to build a collection as an adult.

People especially like to collect toys that center around their favorite television shows or movies that they loved as children. For example, there seem to be an endless supply of Doctor Who collectibles for children and adult consumers alike.

When collecting toys, it is very important that you know why you are collecting the toys. As mentioned previously, many people collect toys because of the happy memories associated with them. However, it is also important to decide whether you want to build a collection for displaying or selling. While buying toys just for the sake of having them can be satisfying, it can also be very costly. Fortunately, to offset the costs, you can consider getting into trading and selling toys as well.

Selling toys can be an excellent way of generating additional income, and there are collectors that solely focus on such a goal. They often have more business-like mindsets than other collectors, and get the most satisfaction out of selling their toys and collections for profit.

Why Toy Manufacturers Target Adult Consumers

Although toys were originally made to attract children, manufacturers began to notice that adults enjoyed them as well. Yet, with adults, they tend to look more into:

· Quality
· Market value
· Articulation level
· Color standards
· Reprinted variants

The main reason why many manufacturers target adult consumers today as well is that they have the money to make purchases. Many children do not actually have their own money and instead rely on their parents to buy toys for them. However, as adults, more money can be spent with ease, and especially if they are truly passionate about owning certain toys or collections.

If you want to find companies that can help you find rare toys or collections, you can check online sources, such as Red Rum.  However, you must be prepared to pay market value for collectibles when buying them from companies as opposed to private collectors.

Tips for Responsibly Collecting Toys

· If you are on a budget, avoid browsing stores or communities where you may be tempted to make a purchase
· Ensure that you have enough space to properly store and display your collections
· Ensure that everyone else in the household is comfortable with your collections
· Do you research before making purchases to ensure that the toys are legitimate

Collecting toys is a passion for many people that want to relive happy memories or generate extra income. By identifying why you want to collect toys and learning how to collect responsibly, you can make the most of your hobby.

John McKenzie is an avid toy collector. He enjoys sharing his toy collection insights and research through blogging.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Curpus Christi, Texas

Some snapshots on the road while we were driving   towards Curpus Christi, Texas  to see the famous USS Lexington.  

As we were approaching the beach, 
the kids were  so excited.  
They couldn't wait to see the vast ocean,
 to feel the sand in their feet, 
and soak their body in the water.

Coming from a mountainous region of West Virginia,  seeing the ocean is one  unforgettable experience for my kids!
A trip isn't complete without a family  photo, so here we go.  Photo taken by our friend in front of the USS Lexington, thanks sis Dhemz!

Sugarcreek Roadtrips

It's been a while since we last visited Sugarcreek.  We used to go there almost every weekend just so we can drive around and see other ...

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