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5 Of The Longest Roads In The World

Five Of The Longest Roads In The World A road is defined as a path that is intended for the passage of animals, people or luxurious cars. It can also be defined as a way that leads from one place to another. The lengths of roads can vary greatly. Have you ever wondered where the longest roads in the world are located? Below are five of the longest roads in the world:

Trans-Canada Highway

This highway is located in Canada, and it is 4,860 miles long. It starts on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and it goes through 10 provinces, the continental divide and five time zones. The Trans-Canada Highway ends in St. John’s Newfoundland. Construction on it started on 1962 and was completed in 1970.

The Trans-Siberian Highway

This road extends from Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok and construction of it began in 1949. It is 11,000 kilometres in length. The Trans-Siberian Highway also includes some highway that extends from Russia to the Atlantic Ocean. There are a lot of urban legends surrounding this highway. One of the urban legends states that there is a short curved section in the middle part of this highway. Rumor has it that Joseph Stalin marked the Trans-Siberian Highway, but that legend has been proven false.

Route Six

This road extends from Province Town, Massachussetts to Brewster, New York. It was first founded in 1925. In 1931, the road was extended to Greeley, Colorado. Today, the road is 3,940 kilometres long. Route Six was originally known as Roosevelt Highway.

MacDonald Cartier Freeway

"An aerial photo of a wide 18-lane highway."
Photo from wikipedia
This road starts at the Detroit-Ambassador Bridge, and it ends at the Quebec Border. It is 507 miles long. The MacDonald Cartier Freeway is also known as the 401. When this road first opened, it was one of the busiest highways in North America. It is also one of the widest roads in the world.

Interstate 90

Interstate 90 runs from the end of Boston to the west of Seattle. It is nearly 3,100 miles long. It crosses the Continental Divide, which is located east of Butte, Montana. This highway first opened in 1956. Another interesting fact about Interstate 90 is that it has a snowshed, which is designed to maintain passage in areas that have been affected by snow. There are only a few interstates in the interstate.
Trans-Canada Highway, Trans-Siberian Highway, Route Six, MacDonald Cartier Freeway and Interstate 90 are five of the longest roads in the world. If you travel on these roads, then you will have the opportunity to see a number of interesting sites.
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