Saturday, June 2, 2018

Point State Park, Pittsburgh PA

This week feels so long but  then it feels like it flew by (if that makes sense lol).  I can't believe May  has gone by so fast, where did it go?  Anyway, last Saturday, we went to Point State Park in Pittsburgh.  We always go to Pittsburgh for some Asian  goodies  but we've never ventured into the park within the city.  We sometimes see the big display of water fountain when we drive by we didn't know about this park until we watched the movie, Jack Reacher.  
 Some of the scenes of Jack Reacher movie was shot in Point State Park.   So we said,  we should check it out and finally last weekend, that's what we did as part of our memorial  adventures.
 We went  at the back  so we can  park our car at  the commercial  parking lot. We walked under a bridge.
 There's also a  short tunnel to get to the park.  We should have went to the  entrance of the park, It would have been beautiful lol.
 It was nice  to see the  not so glamorous  part to get to  the park though.
I am not sure if the  building you see on the picture was the location of the shooter on the movie  but it looks like, just not sure.
The  bridges in Pittsburgh is what always fascinates me.  It's a pain trying to find a parking space  in this busy city but there are so many  beautiful things to explore, do and see.
There were so many joggers and some just   sit in the  shade and read a book.  It was noon time when we got there so it was  a little hot  to be walking around but we did it anyway to  see all the parts of the park.
Although it was hot, it was still relaxing to walk by the river.
We have seen  parts of the city that we have never been before.  We were wondering about this place when we went to the museum few years ago  so I am glad  we finally go to see it.
I would love to do the  river tour  sometime, it might be a good experience and a different way of seeing the city.

We always see the Gateway Clipper Fleet going and I am always curious.  My husband said that he went on one of these tours when he was a kid.  
It said that the Pittsburgh Riverboat Tours, cruise with Gateway Clipper Fleet  has been operating for over 50 years now which  says a lot  of how people enjoy it.  I think they offer dining too when you do the  cruise.
Our neighbor's daughter's wedding was held in one of this  river boat tours. The picturesque city skyline as the backdrop is just beautiful, perfect for any  special occassion or event.

I even saw  like a nipa hut type of  boat in there.  That would be relaxing too.
According to the  information I read, Point State Park is a Pennsylvania state park on 36 acres in Downtown Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, forming the Ohio River.  So if you have a boat, you can  travel by the river to go to Ohio.  My husband said that when his late brother owned a boat, they  usually go on a ride during summer time.

The Science museum is on the other side, we went there  a few years ago.

Pittsburgh is definitely a great city to explore.  We are lucky to live  an hour from it so we can  just drive there anytime we want.  We usually just go when we have  to  buy Asian products from the Chinese store since we don't have one in our  small city  of Weirton.  I will post the  huge water fountain next time.

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