Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Traveling Virtually

During our recent getaway, I experienced riding a ferryboat for the first time. We took a ride in it twice instead of taking the monorail transit. Both the kids and adults had so much fun!  I grew up in a coastal area and I rode on a boat   most of the  times but I never tried to ride on a ferry boat, that's why I was so happy to experienced it with my family and friends.
It is nice to have a getaway once in a while but for  an average family like us, we could only do so when  we have  an extra savings for it.  I don't how many years before my family could go for a big  getaway again  but I hope that it could still happen.    For now, I would just be contented in traveling virtually with  all the  travel site available online.


  1. What a pretty blue water .. Couple of months ago i enjoyed my first experienced riding a ferryboat too ;)

  2. Good shot during what must have been a great outing!

  3. What a perfect time to ride the ferry, the water so calm. Hindi tayo nahihilo!

  4. The red rooves look great against the blue sea and sky. I love ferries too. We have regular services on Sydney Harbour- we are very lucky. Manly, one of my favourite places (which I often feature in my blog - thanks for visiting chubskulit) can easily be reached by ferry from the city. I hope you can visit one day.

  5. Great water shot! I rode a ferryboat over the summer and I loved it!

  6. the water looks so deep, so blue.. mine is up

  7. I agree parang refresh pag magka-getaway pa minsan-minsan. Hubby and I agreed maglocal- tourist daw muna kami kasi medyo mahal din pag sa malayo ang get-away lalo na pag Philippines na gusto ko hahaha. ^_^ Thanks for the visit Mommy Rose nag snow ba dyan?


  8. I understand why you love to ride on a ferry boat. You have been used to live near the sea and you were also used to ride in boats at the sea. There will be other occasions where you can have another family getaway in the future. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  9. water looks inviting, mommy rose !

    thanks for the WW visit :)

  10. ang ganda nang kuha mo sis...I like it!

  11. What a beautiful view this is Sis Rose :-) I love going to the boat but not the ferry boat :-) We have a small boat that we can use around our pond :-)


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