Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Commercial Slip - Buffalo New York

Before going into the  Naval and Military Park in Buffalo, the  Commercial Slips is the first  attraction that you will see.  According to the information I read, this area in Buffalo, New York is the original Commercial Slip, the entrance to the original Erie Canal. It was built in 1825 for the purpose of a hub of commercial  that connects  the Great Lakes to the Hudson River in Albany.
The Canal went out of use in the early 1900s unfortunately.   The restoration of this canal began in the early 2000s.  The canals and Steamboat Hotel ruins are now being preserved for us to enjoy and appreciate.  My kids was really fascinated by it.
I love it that they put bench  along side it.  You can sit and relax while listening to the running water.
I wish we have a place like this here in Weirton.  I would frequent the place and enjoy each time.
This part of Buffalo, New York is a great place to  explore especially if you have kids.  Lots of things to see and enjoy.

Water and children, always a great  combination right.  No matter what the child's age, water attraction is always a winner.
Look at these two, too  eager to run and discover the place.  We were there for a short period of time so they want to  enjoy each minute by not missing anything.
I am most fascinated  by this part and I appreciated them restoring  the place.  By looking at the ruins, you can tell that this used to be a very important part  of the businesses around here.
Even my husband can't  just look, he went out around looking at the place as well.
I love taking photos of my 3 kids ha ha ha.
This looks like a good place for a picnic.
If we would have enough time, I would have love to take the river tour.  It would have been nice to see it from a different view.

So if you guys are visiting Buffalo or on your way home from Niagara Falls, this place is worth checking out.  I love historical places like this because you learn a lot from what it is used to be.  I admired them for preserving this place.  I wish the steel mill here in our place was kept instead of tearing it down.  It was a sad day seeing the mill going down, it could have been restored and use as a historical place.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

How to Nail the Off-Duty Model Look With Fashion Basics You Already Have in Your Wardrobe

Models don’t just gave us #fashiongoals moments in magazines and on runways, their casual style is also so good we’re constantly liking and saving their photos on Instagram. The great thing about the off-duty look is that it’s something than easily rub off on our own style. We all have days off or weekend mornings where we just want to get our errands done and wear easy and effortlessly put together outfits. Now of course that doesn’t mean letting go of fashion completely, and this is where our favorite model street style outfits come in.
The question is how do you put such a look together without feeling like you need to put days of thought into it or find a stylist? And how can you make a stylish outfit with stuff you already own so that you don’t have to spend more cash. Here are some great basic ideas for building your own on-the-move, off-duty looks that would make Gigi, Kendall and Bella proud.

Many Ways to Style a Hoodie

Like puffer jackets, hoodies have been given a bad name. But they can actually be very fashionable, and not just the outfit choice of teenagers or hackers. We’ve seen stars like Kendall Jenner rock a hoodie topped with a leather jacket, and we’ve seen hoodies worn with dresses and skirts, and even oversized hoodies worn with thigh high boots. There are so many ways to style them. Hoodies may seem to be quite the opposite of trendy, but they are fashion staples in their own right. So don’t be afraid to dig one up from your college days, throw one on and style it up.
The Basic Tee

T-shirts are the unsung hero of many Instagram-worth fashion moments, they can be just the right balance of casual and dressy if you wear them right. And the good news is, we all have access to one. T-shirts can be rocked a multitude of ways, with jeans, with skirts, with overalls, as dresses and with shorts, and you can also tie up the bottom of the shirt to give it some sex appeal. Also there’s a t-shirt to suit everyone’s taste. From rock band t-shirts to ironic t-shirts and even basic plain ones, nothing says off-duty glam like a greatly styled t-shirt. All your favorite stores will stock great t-shirts with fun styles, and if you’re looking for some good quality basics, Gildan shirts are perfect. You can also get nice hoodies there. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a piece that will always look good with different things and even look good when it’s looking a little worn and faded, t-shirts are it.
Oversized Sweaters

Everyone likes fall and winter because it’s perfect #sweaterweather. Models love them too and we see so many great looks with sweaters and jumpers on them. Oversized sweater have become very sought-after fashion items. Far from making you look frumpy, they look good with skinny pants, skirts and even tucked into jeans. And you can go for a classic turtleneck or do a crewneck, or even a cardigan. A lot of the times, the chunkier the better, so don’t be afraid to haul out some old school sweaters.


Jeans will always be the top casual fashion item for any off-duty look. What’s not to love? They are comfortable, versatile and eternally trendy. They are great with a formal shirt, a cami, a t-shirt, a coat and even a big jacket. And there are so many styles too - you can go skinny, ripped or boyfriend style and dress it up almost every way imaginable. Remember a piece of denim can last you for years, and you can even accessorize or customize a pair.


A big question people ask in fashion circles is if gym-wear can be fashionable and we believe it’s a huge yes when it’s done right. Nowadays we see people running errands in active wear, and we’re not talking about boring tracksuits. We’re talking printed legging and crop top sets, jumpsuits and yoga pants. This is another great option for when you’re just trying to make a quick trip to the mall, corner store or a casual coffee with friends.
Off-duty model fashion is actually very easy to imitate if you know the right pieces to put together. It’s all about looking at the boring stuff in your closet with a new perspective, and seeing all the possibilities. You too can have an outfit worthy of a few snaps!

Commercial Slip - Buffalo New York

Before going into the  Naval and Military Park in Buffalo, the  Commercial Slips is the first  attraction that you will see.  According to...

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