Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Strange Concept

The electronic cigarettes at LeCig.com are part of a growing trend of electronically-powered cigarettes. This seems like a strange concept to most people because they do not really know how to react when they hear the phrase e-cigarette. These cigarettes are a bit healthier than the normal options because they do not come with all of the additives that cigarettes have been known to contain over the past few decades. You are basically just getting a nicotine fix when you use an electronic cigarette, and this is probably much better than what you are getting in a normal tobacco cigarette. Many people recommend the nicotine patch when you want to quit smoking, and there are actually a few similarities between these e-cigs and the patch. 

As long as you are getting most of those other additives out of your system, you are probably making a move in the right direction. The only real problem with these kinds of cigarettes is that it is hard to tell if they are actually going to turn out to be healthier over the long term. More studies still need to be conducted when it comes to these new types of cigarettes, but many people seem to like them right now. Another perk of the e-cigs is that they release vapor instead of smoke. This means that you can actually smoke indoors without anyone else getting offended. This also means that smokers and non-smokers can finally hangout together again.

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