Friday, May 29, 2009

Mommy Moments - Haircut

I am always the one cutting our princess' hair but in these pics, Rylie did the job. I think she saw me cut the side of my hair so she did it on the side of her hair too. She came running to me one day and said "Do I look good with my new haircut Mom?" with a pile of hair on her hand. So Mommies, if you try to cut your own hair, don't show it to your kiddoes lol.

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The Bear Museum

We passed by this museum during our first night in Jeju island but we didn't get a chance to get inside. Isn't it an interesting structure?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

We will be out for the weekend guys to celebrate Memorial Day, enjoy yours! Meanwhile I will leave you this recipes for grilling that I received from Day weekend is here at last. Fire up the grill, and fill your picnic table with plates of Garlic Steak Kabobs and Pineapple and Honey Barbecue Chicken. Whip up some Peach Barbecue Sauce —it's a cinch to prepare, and will add great flavor to all your dishes.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rose of Steel

May is the celebration of Military Spouse Appreciation Month. My husband's boss took us out yesterday (Navy Wives from hubby's department) to Masan and had lunch to a Mexican Restaurant. We were given roses and certificates as a token. We had fun chit chatting to each other and we had a chance to talk to the wife of the new Lt. I wasn't able to take much picture because the battery of my camera got drained grrr...

We had a little ceremony hosted by Ms. Santana

This is what I ate, Alambre Con Rice (I have t have my rice hehehe). Most of them ate quesadilas, taco, salad, etc..

They all ate ice cream after lunch except me (not so fond of IC hehehe) at BR.
Love this basket of orchid flowers in front of Baskin Robbins.

We suppose to go to a little shopping spree but we enjoyed each other talking that we forgot the time... It's nice to go out sometimes. Thanks Mrs. Cole and Ms. Santana, I had a great time. To all the military spouses, cheers!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Moments with Daddy

This will be my entry number three for Mommy Moments. This them was used in the past weeks but since I am new to MM, I will post them as well hehehe. I have posted 2 alread from other blogs, so if you have time to visit, check them out too...please??? Kulit eh lol.. Anyhow, these are the momentous events of my children with their Dad!

Rylie love making home made pizza with Dad.
Playing dressed up time... rrrrrrrrr
bedtime buddies
This one of Rylie's favorite activity when she was a baby, riding on Dad's back.
I love this one where they were feeding the pigeons.
Daddy's boy..
Here's Rylie helping Dad clean the car.
EJ love Kaba Kabayuhan too but they call it carabao ride hehehe..
During Rye's 2nd bday.
Korean adventures..

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Friday, May 15, 2009

the Drummer

Isn't it amazing how kids can invent their own musical instruments? I was cooking yesterday and Rylie joined me in the kitchen and told me that she needs something that she can make music of. So I told her to just play with her musical toys but she did not like the idea. She took two wooden spoon and a canister instead and begun tapping it like she was using a drum. Hmmmmmnnn, I think she's gonna be like her Dad, a musician of some sort hehehe. Oh did I tell you that John was a member of a band during her teens? I'll make a post about that later when he permits me lol..
Have a great day everyone, take care!

After staying/living at my father-in-law's house for over a year, my husband and I decided to buy our own abode. It was financially tough for us because we did not have house furniture and stuff. What we did was acquired them through loans and charge them on credit cards which was a big mistake because of high interest rates. In short, we accumulated so much debts here and there. It was so stressful for me because I am not use to having a lot of debts. When I was still working in the Philippines, I pretty much managed my finances, tried my best to make ends meet without incurring credit. I did not have luxurious things but I am at peace because I don't have debts.
But we did what we have to do to start building our own family so I don't regret it. We are trying to pay off our debts which we really try hard this year by cutting some cost that we really don't need. So far, we have paid off our furniture loan,and two credit cards. One of the credit cards that we have has a 10.99% interest so that was the one we paid off yesterday. We used my blogging income to pay it off ($3,600)...Yohooooooo! My husband want me to buy something that I could use as a remembrance but I'd rather pay the debt first than having material thing that I don't really need. So that's one credit card down, 3 more to pay which will take us months before we can pay it off...... haiiizzz.. Life is good but tough...

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors who are giving stay at home Moms to earn a little income while taking care of the household stuff. Thanks also to PPP, Social Spark, Sponsored Reviews, Payu2blog and other paid sites that continuously give me an opportunity to make a review. Thank you also to Malou, my bicolan friend who taught and introduced me into blogging... Thanks a lot Bru, without you, I would have never known this. mwah!

So guys, if you have extra time, take some time blogging.. It can help you pay off debts, believe me! You can check out my former posts on how to get paid in blogging and check out the websites where I am a member and earn some bucks.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Unimportant things that brings happiness

A lof of blogger friends tagged me with this unimportnat things that you have that makes you happy. Please pardon me if this is long overdue but its better late than never, right? Thanks guys for sharing the fun! Here are my list.

1. Camera - we can live without a camera but I am happy to have it because I can document my family's activities and make memories.

2. Albums - my number one entry led to this number two. It makes me happy to arrange photos into an album because it makes it easier for us to look at the stack of photographs we took.

3. Picture Frames - we have a lot of these actually. It makes me happy to see the developmental growth of my kids and the progress we've made as husband and wife.
4. Pocket books - I love collecting pocketbooks and love reading 'em. Reading pocketbooks hones my imagination to be creative.5. Crystal figurines - this is actually my husband's collection but I like it too. It makes me happy that hubby and I share the same interests in collecting stuff.

6. Four Season - this don't really make me happy but I like having it as a remembrance of our stay here in Korea.

7. Geisha Collection - this reminds me of the movie that I like (Memoirs of a Geisha) So it falls into the unimportant things that make me happy (weird). I also like the Japanese traditional costume.
8. Knick Knacks - I love collecting different knick knacks for display.

So that's it! Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bed of Roses

The photos below were taken yesterday in front of our house where my daughter and I planted all the roses last year. We're happy to finally see that some of them are already blooming. Can't wait till all of them are in full bloom. Here's Rylie watering them.

Here's some dianthus and perrenials.

Sugarcreek Roadtrips

It's been a while since we last visited Sugarcreek.  We used to go there almost every weekend just so we can drive around and see other ...

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