Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Traffic .. Lesson Learned from our Trip to Ocean City

We went to Ocean City, the day after the  4th of July .  We did not anticipate the big crowd that is going to Ocean City on that weekend.   Oh it was a pain because we were just inching along and it did not help that I had to go to the bathroom so bad.  The kids were  getting agitated as we were stuff in a heavy traffic for  over two hours.
I told my husband, never again we will come here  the day after the 4th of July or weekend for that matter.   We finally  broke through the traffic and saw the welcome sign.
 Even in the city, the  traffic was  so congested.  I betcha if it wasn't for the kids in the van, my husband would have said  sweet words already  because of frustration lol.
 After reaching the hotel we  stayed at, our children could not wait to go in the beach and enjoy the sand.
My husband was ten years old when he first saw Ocean City and he was in his teens  during his last visit.  He said that 30 years later did a lot of change to this place.  Smelling the ocean air reminds me of my hometown in the Philippines, it made me miss my family but glad to see the smiles in our children's faces.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Mounting Kits For Boat Lifts

People who want to put boat lifts in their boathouses need to make sure that they click here for more information. The boat lift itself is a singular unit, but there must be a mounting kit that helps to put the boat lift in any place in the boathouse. The boat lift helps to get boats out of the water safely, and the boat lift allows people to gingerly take their boats out of the water with relative ease.

The Kit

The mounting kits are meant to give the user an easy way to set up the boat lift. The mounting kit can be put in by someone who has no experience, but they need to make sure that they have the right tools for the job. Most people who are trying to take care of the boats need to put in the boat lift before they even conceive of putting their boat in the water.

The Usage

When people are trying to put these boat lifts into use, they need to be sure that they are working with the boat lift as softly as possible. Most people are going to use the boat lift harshly because they believe that the boat lift can stand up to the punishment. However, these boat lifts are meant to be used lightly to make sure that the boat is lifted from the water softly. Also, the boat must be lowered into the water with great care. The boat will last longer in this way, and the boat will not be damaged by accident.

The prongs on the boat lift can cause damage to the boat when it is being used harshly. The boathouse owner must understand how to use the lift, and they must have practiced to make sure they know what they are doing.

The best way to get boats in and out of the water is to make sure that the lift has been installed properly. Buying all the right tools and parts will allow people to get the most out of boats they own, and they will be able to offer this service to their neighbors.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Beautiful Houses

Going back from our Kennywood trip, we saw these beautiful houses on top of the hill.  I think some of these  are upscale rental houses but they are beautiful  to look  at from the road.  
I even captured their  email and contact number weee.  I like their company name, Summerset.    Pennsylvania is a high taxing state but you can see it from their infrastructure, they are well maintained and better than the state  that taxes their residents less.

NOT sponsored.  Just sharing.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mona Lisa

One of the  rising star that I recently started to like as a singer is Kawehi.  She is very talented and she actually has her own maschine studio at her garage.  As talented as she is though, I am surprise that she is not very popular.  One of her songs that I really like is the Mona Lisa, she did a great job singing it.  Here is the video of it.

Celebrating Birthday in Ocean City

We celebrated her 9th birthday in Ocean City a couple of months ago. She was pretty stoked and literally grinning from ear to ear. We seldom go to the ocean so this was a real treat to our children.  Last year, we went to  Lake Eerie and  celebrated her birthday there but  she love Ocean City more.
We don't travel a lot  due to finances constraints but we make sure to  do it on special occasions such as birthdays and  anniversaries when our budget permits.  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Celebrate Your Wedding in the Woods

When people think of "destination weddings," they often think of beaches. While an oceanfront ceremony can be a beautiful thing, for some couples, an even more fitting choice may be a rustic outdoor setting near a lake or woods. One often thinks of cabins in the woods for vacation retreats or family gatherings, so why not a wedding?

A wedding in the woods, especially in the bright green beauties of spring or the golden colors of autumn, can be a memorable event, especially for a couple that loves the outdoors. A quick look online confirms just how many creative ideas are out there for outdoor "woodsy" wedding planning, from the clothes you choose to blend in with your surroundings to the kind of invitations you send. Perhaps one of the best parts of a wedding in the woods is that you don't have to invest much thought or expenditure in flowers or other decorative touches, since you have the advantage of the natural beauty of your surroundings.

All you'll really need are a few simple touches such as some rustic tables and chairs, hanging lanterns and perhaps a wooden trellis or other kind of canopy to create a lovely space for the vow recitation. Similarly, you don't have to think about going somewhere "picturesque" when the ceremony is over. Chances are, you'll have trees, rocks or a lake for lovely backdrops that are sure to give your photographer plenty of great ideas for post-wedding photo shoots.

When you visit BrokenBowLakeCabins.com and other sites like it, you'll find creative possibilities for wedding ceremonies, receptions and unique overnight accommodations for your guests. Broken Bow is located in Beavers Bend State Park, which puts it relatively close to both Dallas/Fort Worth and Oklahoma City. Like many other similar cabin sites, Broken Bow is located close enough to larger metropolitan areas to make it a reasonable driving distance for your guests and yet still feel like a wilderness getaway. Its decks, community center and comfortable cabins make it a great location to plan a unique and special wedding, especially for a couple that loves the outdoors.

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