Friday, May 3, 2013

Busy Beaver Builder

Browsing the houses for sale in the area is what my husband usually do   when he is at the computer  He is determined to really find a home that would fully accommodate our growing family.  I would like a bigger house too but I have loved this first home that we bought since we did  a lot of  stuff to improve this house already.  It  weld be like throwing  our memories away if we leave this house.    I don't know, I am just very sentimental when it comes to things. Aside from that, I also love the fact that our home is in the middle of almost everything.  I can go  to the post office, church, doctor's   office,  school,, or anywhere without driving.  The convenience that this home gives  is very  hard to ignore.   Another big reason is the  kind neighbors that we have.  You will seldom find that.  All our neighbors here are so nice.  I know that I can't afford to hire   renovation hamilton to  fully renovate our home but I believe that we can do something to  give this home a lift.  Below is a photo  of the  projects  done by Busy Beaver Builder.  It  must be nice to have  your kitchen renovated by this company, look how sleek it look.  My kitchen is totally outdated and it's one of the many reasons why my husband dislikes our home.  


  1. Amazing design, how I wish to have this type in our home.

  2. A little bit small area but you designed it that its look spacious.

  3. aawwww! it must be hard to leave the house where pretty much holds a lot of memories to you.

  4. We're going to have our home renovated hopefully soon!Will check out the website to see if they have nice house designs.


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