Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Personalized Lunchbox

I had my volunteer duty to school today so I told my kids that I will just bring their lunches and they were very happy because the soup was still hot when I served it to them.  The kids take pride of their personalized lunchboxes.  They love to bring it when they have cold lunch.  They only  paid for three days of lunch each week at school so for the two days, I prepare  it for them.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Popular Christening Decorations: Favors for Guests

If you’re celebrating a christening ceremony, then you will probably want the guests to get back home with some remarkable baptism favors. There are few ideas that will do as great christening decorations prepared specifically for guests. 

You can buy these online or make them on your own – it is up to you to decide:

1. Original candy bar wrappers

Make your own or buy a design pattern online. All you need to do is print the chosen design. Purchase a box of candy bars and then wrap them to the silver wrapping. Replace the factory wrapping with your custom candy bar wrappers to give it a personal touch. Such original favors can be also used as unique christening decorations. They may also have a symbolic religious design – an angel, cross, dove, rosary or the baby’s name/photo.

2. Footprint postcards to make your guests remember this christening party

Cover your baby’s foot (sole) with ink and then stamp a paper piece. Add this unique print to postcards prepared for guests. Optionally include some information about the party like the child’s name and date of christening. Don’t forget to thank your guests for celebrating such important event in the life of an infant. Also you may magnetize the postcard’s back or put it in a small frame for the party’s guests so they could use such unusual christening favors at home after the celebration.

3. Coasters as authentic christening decorations

Two coasters can become a great christening decoration or baptism favor! Purchase glass at online craft store to decorate the coasters in a personalized way for your christening party. For example, you can include words like “Happy Baptism!” or some images (praying hands, angel, cross, etc.). Don’t forget to match the colors to the major color palette of other christening decorations. After that place the coasters all over the room and tell the guests that they can take these coasters home after the party.

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