Thursday, May 14, 2015

Professional Care, Personal Touch

These photos were taken in December last year when the grand kids of our   neighbor came to visit.  
 Our bunny, Wubzy, was still alive then.  Looking at these photos makes me miss our  Wubbernut, he was fun to have as a pet.  He was very social and  playful.
In the photos, EJ doesn't have eyeglasses yet.  We didn't know that he is  nearsighted.  I kind of suspected it at first because he would  go in front of the TV and  would watch so closely but I shrug it off  and thought that  he just want to be near it.   My suspicion got validated when his teacher sent us a note on April  7th indicating  that  EJ is  having trouble seeing the words on the board that other kids can easily see.  She said that he would go near the black board just to be able to read it.
So we called an eye doctor   over in Steubenville and set up an appointment for  his examination.  On April the 13th, my husband brought EJ to Ft. Steuben Ophthalmologists, Inc where Dr. Ronald Agresta  examined and diagnosed EJ with nearsightedness or myopia.  Nearsightedness is a condition of the eye having difficulty seeing at distance.  It is the exact condition I have with my eyes.  I feel bad that  I passed that hereditary condition to him.
WWe went back on April 24 and got his glasses.  He was uncomfortable with it at first but now he loves it because he can see so much better.
We love the  professional care that  Ft. Steuben Opthalmologists delivers and give to their   clients.  They put personal touch and  make sure that  you understand everything.  The lady  even  made  some ways to give us some discount  when she found out that  we didn't have  insurance  for the kids.  For some reason, when we got our insurance for vision care, we opted out  our kids  because we thought they are too young to have  glasses.  Little we know, our son has  my eye condition already.  LESSON learned, never assumed anything!

So yeah, we paid  $150.64 for his  glasses and $105.66 for his eye exam.  It's expensive but it's worth it since he can see a lot better now.  He  can even read   my tiny personal Bible without sqinting his eye.  With the four of us, only  our daughter is the one that doesn't wear eye glasses.  My husband  wears an eyeglasses to read.
Since we are very satisfied of the services that Fort Stuben Opthalmologist have rendered, we are going back there again if  it's time to replace my glasses.  The one that we went to  near our place here in Weirton doesn't have  a good customer service so we are  not going back to them.  

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Music Memories

Seeing this vega banjoonline reminds me of my paternal grandfather who  played banjo and guitar when he was still alive.  He was a very good  at playing those instruments.  Two of my uncles inherit his talents and plays guitar  too, my  father was the only one who did not have  his  music talents. HGowever, my father  loved dancing and singing.  I can stil remember when he would dance and sing in front of my mother when he is a little drunk and Mama would be laughing so hard.  Music memories makes me smile.

Sugarcreek Roadtrips

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