Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tools for crafty moms

Getting crafty is a great way to save money and have a creative outlet. We all have a creative being within us. The following article lists some great tools for crafty mums on a budget.


If you’re a shutterbug you should embrace your passion. Be studio ready with a portable photo studio. These kits include backdrops, stands, AC sockets, LED bulbs and a case. You can find yourself a real bargain; these kits are cheaper than you think. You’ll also need a camera flash; this will take your hobby to the next level. Professional photos always look so good because of the lighting used. If you have an SLR camera a flash is a must have. The final must have item is forgotten about the majority of the time. You’ll want a portable tripod, one that can be folded up and put in a compact case. All your shots will be steady and be able to snap a perfect family portrait yourself!

Paper craft master

Paper craft is heavily under rated. Show your friends just what you can achieve with the right tools. Firstly you will need a punch kit and self-inking stamps. This will make scrapbooking all your fond family memories so much easier. You can go a step further from manual to automatic with electronic cutters and cartridges. If you are just getting started try a card creation kit. These packs will include everything you need to create your very own gift cards, nothing says more than a hand crafted card from the heart.


If you have just discovered a passion for art and have decided to experiment with creating your very own art you’ll need an art set. This is the best value way for you try your hand at painting, if you find you don’t have flare for it you won’t be upset with the amount of money you spent. Money is never wasted with art. If you decide you have a love for painting you will need an easel and frames, you can decorate the frames too.


If you are thinking about picking up knitting you are going to need some knitting needles. You can find some great kits these days. Most of them include interchangeable, cables and stitch holders. If you find that kitting you not your expertise, why not give sewing a go? You can pick a sewing machine up for cheaper than you think; you just have to search a little. Sewing machines go a long way so it’s a worthwhile investment. If you are more of a sewing machine expert then you need a finishing iron. They are designed especially for sewing and give your projects an expert finish.


  1. in my free time I have to make sure have enough time to create some ideas for doing something I remember my kid was little I start making personalize stuffs this year lately it getting bordome. maybe I try it again my crafty works

  2. You are such a handson mom :) you have lots of activities for your kids. These are good too keep them occupied.

  3. i want to be able to knit someday. this is a great list.

  4. I would probably be just baking and taking photos of food.


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