Monday, January 31, 2011

Candle Lights

Special occasion? Nah, but I have to light up my candles in the kitchen because I fried some smoked fish hahaha.  One of my techniques in order for the fish odor not to   spread from  the whole house.  Putting diluted water and dish washing liquid near the frying pan also helps.
How about you, what do you do  to eliminate fish odor aside from  spraying  air freshener?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

When will it be Spring?

Can't wait to see some spring flowers bloom again.  This cold weather is getting old and starting to get to me hehehe.

Guide to Buying Kitchen Gadgets

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A friend of mine gave me a cookbook during my birthday and I love it.  She said she  bought it online and she actually  love the selection of the  cookbooks online.  Above photo is the one she gave me.  So if you are looking for any  gadget to add to your kitchen,, visit first as  you would be given so many  selections to choose from plus a guide to fine the best one.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Shadow Catcher

 Okay, I am an addict to  memes so I constantly ready to click whenever and wherever we go.
 I tried to capture the shadows of the trees on the side of the road while on the moving vehicle.  
I was taking my chances that I could capture some and I did although they are not very clear.  When I first have my camera I get frustrated when I want to capture a picture but I can't because it's always delayed.  Now I have learned how to  put timing on my clicks.
Oppps, maybe not quite, but  am getting there.  Practice makes it perfect right?


 I snapped these shots when we  went to Follansbee to visit  Jen a couple of weeks ago.
 That's the smoke rolling over from the coke plant  in Follansbee.
I think I am getting used to  taking pictures while  my husband is driving the car.  It's obvious, my photos are out of proportion lol.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Broken Plate - ABC Wednesday

B is for broken plate.  I feel bad that I broke this one accidentally.  I opened the door of our  kitchen cabinet and it came down flying.  The result is a "Awwwww Mom, that's my favorite plate" comment from my burrito.
We have two of these and the other one    got broken too last week.  Is it a coincidence that they broke almost at the same time, a bad omen, or it's their time to retire already?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Drifting Ice

 These were taken  few days ago when I fetched my daughter to school.
 I saw our neighbors pear tree with ice slowly melting.  So I immediately grabbed my camera and took some for my Watery Wednesday.
 I even asked Ms. Burrito to strike a pose for me.  Thanks anak!
Have a lovely day everyone!

Twistee Flowers

 We bought a pack of this twistee (sorry forgot the name of it) art stuff from the store for a dollar.  
 It's a must have if you want to entertain your kids during winter time as you can create  a lot of stuff out of it.  
My daughter had so much fun creating  different kinds of shape.  I saved half of them and made it into these twistee flowers and put it on top of Ms. Burrito's kitchen set.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  The sun is shining and the temperature is going up, it's 6 degrees now. It was 0degree when I woke up at  seven am.

Black Lady

This black lady cat always follow me and my daughter whenever I fetch Ms. Burrito from school. Our home is located 5 minutes away from school so I just walk whenever I am the one scheduled to pick her up.  
Last Wednesday, she followed us  home and invited herself in.  She stayed  for about 20 minutes so I started   telling her to leave.  But black lady did not want to leave.  She even hissed and  tried to scratch me when I tried to pick her up.  
I got scared as she never did that before.  She really did not want to leave but I have to let her go as our dog was outside and I need to let him in.
See how she makes herself comfortable.  She was  running around our house and refused to leave.
Finally, since I couldn't pick her up, I scared her with my wooden spoon and led  her to the door.
It took me 10 minutes to really let her out, whew.  So next time, no more  cat inside our home lol.  You are no longer  welcome to our home black lady as you  hissed and tried to scratch me.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Light and Snow

 We stop at a red light   one night  from  my FIL going home, so I decided to take a photo of the snow in our car's windshield.  I was surprised to see the outcome.  The combination of the snow and the  street light is gorgeous!
My Sony Zeiss cyber shot camera sometimes amaze me hehehe.  That's one reason why I always have my camera in my purse because  I take photos even with odd things.  You never know what good shots you could come up to. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Proud Mama

Ms. R, is  bicolana friend I've met over here in Weirton.  She is the proud mama of Bumble Bee.  Ms. R, is an LPN in one of the hospitals in our area that is why BB, stays with us whenever her mama is at work.

Angel - ABC Wednesday

This is late but I found out that  it's a new season for ABC Wednesday so I am joining weeee.. A is for  the new Angel in our family, Ms. Bumble Bee! 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Steeler Fan Day

Got this photo from Ms. Burrito's teacher's webpage.  Last Friday, they asked the students to wear something yellow and black as a support for the Steelers.  They had a Steeler Fand Day.  Congratulations to Steelers for winning the game!

Vacation in Spain

My husband has visited so many countries in the past twenty years, with many of them being repeat visits.  His career in the United States Navy provided him the opportunity to visit a multitude of destinations that would be the envy of even the most avid traveler.  As for myself, I've been less fortunate, and have only been able to accompany him to a couple of foreign destinations.  Even though the number has been few, I really had a great time abroad and enjoyed the cultural experiences.

He finds it odd that he has bounced all over the globe but has yet to visit Europe, which is the reason that we chose it for our next overseas adventure.  I'd love to travel across Europe, spending some quality time in each of the countries, with Spain being the starting point.  We've seen Spain on the travel channel and it looks absolutely amazing.  The history, the art, and the food all look incredibly appealing and it should make for a very memorable vacation.

Any time we take a trip, regardless of distance, we always make it a point to plan things well in advance to the best of our abilities. 

Sun Shine

 We drove around Follansbee during Martin Luther King's day.  We  visited Jen but no one was home so we proceeded to my FIL.
The sun shine during that day was beautiful!

Freezing Cold Out There

I went out to get our mails and It is freezing cold out there. It's snowing so fine but it feels like small bits of ice are falling from the sky.  Oh boy, I can't believe that yesterday the weather was fine  and they cancelled the classes but now they did not.  Oh well, I'll be outta here in 40 minutes to fetch my daughter in school.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thanks everyone!

In behalf of my family, I would like to thank the following families:

  1. The Worthington family for coming all the way here from Pittsburgh, PA.  Thanks for the nice gifts for both of my burritos, you guys are very sweet and thoughtful.  Mr. Burrito love the robe bading, he  uses it  all the time here lol.
  2. The Dias family for sending  Mr. Burrito an eGift card.  We bought  two books out of it sis.
  3. The Brady family, thanks for the gifts and help Manay.
  4. The Bolsee family for the gifts.
  5. The Gaston-Russo family for the gifts and for the help in the kitchen.
  6. The Fancher's
  7. A special thanks to my FIL who  came, we thought that he won't come due to the snow.
  8. Thank you also to those who left greetings  in our blogs.

Thanks everyone for making Mr. Burito really happy in celebrating another milestone of his life.

Greeting Cards 2010

 Here are the greeting cards we received last year from around the world.
Our special thanks to the following:

  • Sasaki family - Japan
  • Jentsch family - Kalkar, Germany
  • Dias family - Texas, USA
  • Jaucian family -  Philippines
  • Worthington family - Pittsburgh, USA
  • Post family - Alabama, USA
  • Sefcik family - Texas, USA
  • Kenyon family, Texas USA
  • Michale and Dave, WV, USA
  • Rick & Jil - WV, USA
  • Fancher family- WV, USA
  • Wesley family - Ohio, USA
  • Kinder family - WV, USA
  • Brady family - WV, USA
  • Martir family - PA, USA
  • Rea's Guns - WV, USA
  • SnapDollars - Canada
  • Aquino family-  Philippines
  • Cole family - PA, USA
Thanks a lot everyone for the  greeting cards you've sent and for remembering us on holidays.  Thanks also for the gifts we received guys!
Above is the greeting cards that we sent out to family and friends.  I ordered it online through Vista Print.  I got a free  wall calendar from  ordering greeting cards from them.  I also ordered desk calendars that  I gave to some  special friends.  I qualified for a free shipping  during the holidays but it would take  2 weeks before it's delivery so I emailed the  customer support at Vistaprint and  asked them if they could  bumped it up.  I was  amazed that they did finished my order and sent it before Christmas.  Thanks Vistaprint, you are awesome!  

Save up to 80% on custom printed products at Vistaprint. Order today!

Please note that this is NOT A SPONSORED post.  I just want to share my good experience with the website.  Try them out, they usually have free products every time.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wandering Jew's Journey

The stem of wandering jew that my sister in law gave me  has grown into a   big bushy hanging plant.  This plant is very easy to take care of  it grow so fast.
Another  photo of  the zygo cactus' flower.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


 We saw these piles of snow in front of the mall last weekend.  Look closely,  the snow and the clouds almost kissed!
This one was at the the back of Macy's building.  Our surroundings now is all-white due to snow storm.  Have a good night everyone, I am dead tired  so I am off to bed.  Thanks for leaving your thoughts.

Windy and Chilly

The weather yesterday was pretty cold because it was windy but today, it's tolerable.  Above is the shot I took when we  were going home from my FIL's.  Can you tell where I took it from?

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Joy of Giving

At the age of five, Ms. Burrito understand the joy of giving.  My FIL would sometime give the kids  a few dollars whenever they are  extra loving, or when they do something for him.  We always told  Dad not to give the kids money but he  gives it anyway.  Ms. Burrito always  put her money away and saves them but Mr. Burrito  spends it in buying toy cars lol.
Anyhow, last Christmas, Ms. Burrito insisted that she need to  buy us something out from her  savings.  So we told her what we want and she bought it at the mall when we went there few days before Christmas.  She bought me a pair of stockings and a pack of undies for Dad.  She personally wrap  the gifts too.
The funny thing is that she told us to forget what she bought so we would be surprised when we open it lol.

Here's the actual conversation:
Ms. Burrito: Please forget what I bought at the mall for you guys okay?
US: Okay princess.

A little bit later when she got done wrapping it and put it under the tree Daddy blurted 

Dad:  "I wonder  what my princess got me"
Ms. Burrito:  "it's a pair of underwear"..

Then she realized what she said and giggles

Ms. Burrito:  You're tricking me.  You're not suppose to know.
Dad:  Well, you suppose to say that  it's a secret lol.

I was LMAO with their conversation.  Kids are freaking awesome, aren't they?

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I finally see how the full bloom of the zygo cactus looks like.  Isn't that pretty!

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