Saturday, July 31, 2010

Let us Read.

I took these shots when we went to the library last weekend. This is placed in front of the library. I believe this is made of steel and I find it very pretty. Library is one fun place to go if you have small tots like me. There is just magic in the books that attracts kids.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Password Recovery

Having to forget our password sometime is horrible and frustrating. sometimes it would lock us out from our account whenever we enter an incorrect password several times. On instances like this, Advanced Office Password Recovery can help you solve the problem. It would allow us to reset our password without a hassle and without having to reinstall the whole system.


Whenever our little prince is in ornery mode, we ride along.
We asked one day if we can put a headband on his head and he agreed. So while he was sipping his cold tea, we were having fun looking at him with the head band on.
"So how do I look now?" lol.

Back pain

Me and my girlfriends chatted online until almost three last night and I am so sleep right now lol. To top that my back hurst too huhuhu. How about you ladies, were you able to sleep last night after our chitchat? I am planning to give my husband a massage tonight because he was also complaining of a back pain. I think it's because he worked so hard yesterday cleaning our front porch walkway and walls using the pressure washer. Now he said that his back is killing him.

Good thing that our pains are just normal, I mean nothing really serious. I feel bad for those who are seriously in pain because they have to go to a facility like Austin Physical Therapy just to make themselves better. Have you ever gone or experience having a physical therapy for something? I always pray that none of my kids or my husband will ever go through therapy sessions due to some serious illnesses. I can't imagine how hard it would be.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Giveaways and Prize

The generous author of My Life's Perception & Inspiration is hosting her second giveaway. This time the prizes do not only consist of souvenirs from Las Vegas but she is also giving our cash prize. How cool is that?
But anyhow, before I give you the mechanics, I would like to show you the prize (photo above) I got for her first giveaway she hosted, as I am one of the lucky winners.
The mechanics are simple:
1. Subscribe, follow, and add her three blogs: Dias Spot, Life's Perception, & Great Finds & Stuff
2. Blog about the giveaway contest
3. Place the badge anywhere in your sidebar
4. And Add your link entry here.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

From Rhubarb Leaf

I took these shots when we visited my sister-in-law a couple of days ago. This particular water bowl r whatever you call it, caught my attention. She said that she made it out of a rhubarb leaf. Hmmmmmm, pretty cool isn't it? She put it in her little pond at the backyard.
Outdoor Wednesday: Click on the picture below to learn more...

Like Mother, Like Daughter .. Poses

One of the many things that my daughter and I have in common is having our photos taken (I think that's a Asian thing lol). These were taken when we went to Raccoon Creek and explore the trail. Hubby and EJ went down first but Rylie and I continue walking up the trail while taking pictures. Watch how she imitates my poses lol.
Have a great Monday everyone!
Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

Monday, July 26, 2010


I love petunias because it comes in different colors when they bloom. You can also gather the seeds when they get old and plant them the next year. Aren't hose pretty? Petunias makes pretty hanging plants in your patio.
Tuesday Tag-Along

Spider Man Fishing Pole

We bought this fishing pole for our son to practice. Both of our kids love to go fishing but we still have get our license to do so. For the meantime, they are practicing at our backyard hehehe. My son used this when we had her sister's birthday at Raccoon Creek.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Here's one reason to smile on Sunday, seeing your child's happy face.
Just chill-axing at my FIL's patio. Our kids want to visit Pap everyday so we visit him all the time. It also make Dad happy as he has company. I guess when you reach that age, having someone to talk to everyday is very important especially if you are living alone in your home. Join us in spreading the smile on Sunday by clicking the badge below.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bark Off

When we adopted Chesea, her bark always gave me a migraine. she just can't quit barking. We mentioned it to my sister-in-law and she gave us this barking collar, it fixed the barking problem I feel bad though when Champ (our other dog) is barking because the bark collar juices her.
Somebody told my husband to just get a bark off. Bark off is a small device that you can use inside or outside of your home. This device is believe to work effectively as the dogs can hear the ultrasonic signal emitted from the device.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sparkle Blush

My sparkle blush are blooming now. Thanks to the seeds that I kept from the previous years before we went to Korea. I grew them this year and I am glad that they are doing pretty well.
I have to save the seeds again this year so I can plant them next year.
PS.. Thanks to Organic Girl for letting me know about the name of this flower. When bought the seeds, the package say Sparkle Blush so I thought that was the name of it lol. The name of the flower is Cleome.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

EJ's Obsession

My little man's new obsession ever time we hang out at our front porch is to pick the petals of the roses and spread them in the walkway or in the flower bed.
He said that it's for the bunny to eat. We have a baby bunny frequent visitor who constantly eat my flowers in front of our house (pic above, please click to enlarge).
That's how he looks when explaining something hehehe.
Good job EJ, even if the bunny is eating Mommy's flowers, it's okay as long as you are happy.

Hard Drive

The hard drive of the computer I am using right now is getting full of documents so when I turn it on, it is making a loud noise and it is loading so slow. My husband bought us an external hard drive to transfer some of the important document in both of our PCs so that we could delete them in our hard drive. I browsed on hard drives at and found this Iomega Prestige Desktop Hard Drive for a very low price. This will be a good back up drive just in case mine break down. I bookmark the page and hopefully the price won't go up when I am ready to buy it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

White Mustache

Don't be fooled with his innocent lOOk..
As he is full of surprises.. tadahhhh.
"Mommy, do you like my white mustache?"
"Yup, I love it!"
I love you Mr. Ornery!

Hot Peppers

I took this shot when we visited Jen's place last weekend. I am not sure what kind of pepper is this but she said it's HOT! I love her big vegetable garden. They have corn, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, onions, and many more..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Supaswap: The innovative way of Shopping

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of SupaSwap Corporation. All opinions are 100% mine.

The other day, I talked about one way of making money in getting rid some of the shoe that doesn't fit or shoes that you don't want anymore at my other blog. Today, I have found another resourceful site for parents like me who have children. If you want to save money with your shopping spree, Supaswap is a great site for you and your kids.

If you are an eBayer, you would love Supaswap too because it is similar to it but with a twist. You and your children would be able to greatly benefit on this site because it is the first online shopping community for the whole family. You can buy items that you like from other families, sell your stuff, bid on items that you like, or swap the items that you want to get rid of into something that you need.

There are four zones that the whole family can enjoy. The parents zone is where us parents can register, join and do out stuff. Children that fall at the age of 12-18 years old can register at Teen Zone. Junior Zone is for children with ages 8-12, and the last is the Game Zone where kids can enter and play games. But you know, even if kids are allowed, still your parental control is necessary. So check out Supaswap Mom and Dad, just click the link above or the logo below.


Visit my sponsor: Swapping is the New Form of Shopping

EJ and his Bean Stalk

When my son found a piece of bean seed in our kitchen, he asked his Dad what it was. Hubby told him that it is a bean see and that if he would put it in a soil, it might grow and might give him some bean stalks. So my two men planted it at my FIL's planter and it really grew, now it has flowers already.

Church in Downtown

The town where we live has three common things, churches, cafe's, and bar. Above is a photo of one of the churches in downtown, I am not exactly sure what kind of church or sect is this one belong to. I love looking at its roof whenever the sun is out as it shines tremendously hehehe.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pretty Yellow Flower

I had few of this yellow flowering plants at the left side of our house. I don't know the name of this flower but I love it because it is a very low maintenance plant and it comes back every year.
The yellow popped out when combined with green and white doesn't it?
Before going to Korea, I planted some of the plant above with green and white as a border but when I came back it took over most of the plants I planted in the flower bed. I decided to take it all our yesterday because the leaves turned brown and it did not look good anymore.
Thanks for following, I'll follow you back tomorrow.

Sugarcreek Roadtrips

It's been a while since we last visited Sugarcreek.  We used to go there almost every weekend just so we can drive around and see other ...

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