Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boo! Happy Halloween!

We went to the haunted house here inside the base. It is located on top of a hill and goes into a bunker so it is a little bit spooky. Last year, we did not get to see what was inside because my son freaked out. But this time he was brave enough. Here's the first one we see, it's a dummy so Rylie was okay.
When this one screamed, Rylie said "I want to go home now, I wanna go!" Even if we told her that those are just in costumes, she was firmed to her decision that we should go home lol.
So they did not see this but I went and took a photo of the scene real quick.

When Rylie started freaking out, EJ got scared too lol. Here they are getting ready to get out hahaha..

Speaking of spookiness, look at the moon on a Halooween hehehe.
Some of the props outside! A witch hanging on a tree.
I don't know what this suppose to be. A white lady or.. am not sure.
Here's Rylie going down the hill. The way going to the bunker is a little spooky too since it was dark, there's only one big light on top. They put green lighting on the way up. Here's my daughter going down the trail.
We are going for a trick or treat tonight. A colleague told me that they are expecting 250 Korean trick or treater kids so it would be fun to watch. They are more excited to this occasion than the American's because they don't celebrate Halloween in their culture.

Rylie will be wearing a butterfly costume but we are not sure about EJ. I tried to make him try the Indian costume on him the other day but he did not want it. Our son is not very fond of wearing out of ordinary clothes so he might just wear a shirt or something tonight.

Maybe next year, we can let him wear the elves Presley that my sister-in-law had made him. Or we can find some Prison con Halloween costumes in the store next time. So let us see. Have a horrorific Halloween everyone..Be safe!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Above the Clouds

The photos taken when we went to Jeju Island last May (2009).

During our flight going to the beautiful island of Jeju, my daughter saw these array of clouds and she asked me if we could take some photos of it. We were flying above the clouds and we felt like we are seeing an ocean but instead of water we were seeing clouds instead. Isn't it beautiful, it looks so comfy and soft... Do you see the cross on the first picture? It is at the center of the sun... It looks like God is watching over His beautiful creation.
This one here was taken during our first night at the hotel. The sunset was beautiful and it blended so well with the plam trees. Thanks for visiting guys, hope you all had a beautiful Halloween celebration. BOO!

Oppps before you leave, could you please spare a moment to cast your vote for my daughter?The contest will end tomorrow, we hope that you could help her win with your votes. To cast your vote, please go to this link and look for this sweet smile.

Thank you all so much!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Family Bonding at the Lake

Oh my, time is flying so fast. We are now down to 35 days till our next big trip going back to the mainland. Can't wait for that time, although I am going to miss the beautiful places that we are enjoying here in Korea.

My husband took these photos when we went to the lake and fed the fish last Saturday. We always brings the end pieces of the bread and feed it to the fishes here.
We love to go here every weekend to have our walk to this relaxing place.

We are trying to find a frog on these lilies here..
But we did not have such luck!
I took this one with a Korean lady enjoying the view.

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cagsawa Ruins

My friend Jane and her family gave us a tour in some of the tourist spots in Albay province last March 22. Our first stop was in Cagsawa Ruins. Passing by the road to Cagsawa, I can't believe how much damage the typhoon Reming did to the place. It was so developed when I left and now the road look like this. Some of the houses were washed away by flood that came from heavy rain and the lava from Mayon Volcano. Here are some snapshots we took during our stay there. Here's Jane family with me and the kids, EJ was sleeping.
They still have the swimming pool, my daughter freaked out because we didn't bring her bathing suit and she really wanted to plunge in the water.

Do you like those orchids for sale? hehehe

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Baldon and Siapno family for spending quality time with us while were there. Thanks also to Haidz and Mike for your wonderful friendship. We're gonna miss you guys for sure..

Monday, October 26, 2009

When we tied the knot

The theme for this week's Photo Hunt is tied. I thought I am not going to find any tied picture because I was imagining some boat or ship tied into a rope hehehe but here is the closest I could find.
Our wedding memorabilia. And because we tied the knot....

We got the most precious gift from God....
Our daughter, she was 8 months old when we took this photo with a pigtail and shoes tied.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The water lilies and the frog

I been meaning to join this interesting meme but I always forgot to do it, so now even if I am a bit late, I am sharing these water lilies taken in JEJU Island, Korea.

We went to Sam Nam Jung during our island trip and we saw this pond full of water lilies blooming with pretty flowers.. There's two frogs in the first pic but they're so small.

Here's Mr. Frog sitting on a lily pod. There's actually three of them there but the two jumped in the water when they heard us. But this one is brave and wanted to share his masculinity, so here he is ... The Prince turned into a frog... Abrakadabra lol!
Have a blessed day everyone!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Handling Tantrums

When you have kids, tantrums is unavoidable. Especially if you have two different genders. Oh my, sometimes when their differences collide, it's a big battle and a great challenge for parents. This week's theme for the Mommy Moment is about Tantrums.
I took these photos when EJ was throwing a fit because his sister did not want to give him the stick that he wants to play with.

Our little princess is very sweet but sometimes she has mood swings hehehe.

One of those moments when she does not want to play with him but EJ is very makulit.

EJ always say "Come on Ate, I wanna play"
Sometimes he does not want to play but the little girl is the makulit one.
EJ doesn't like it when he is sound asleep and you wake him up. He would really give it to you hehehe.
Sometimes the best way to handle tantrum is to just be silent, don't say anything but give them hugs and kisses.

Mommies and friends please help our daughter win, don't forget to vote (if you haven't voted yet) and please invite your friends to vote if you could. Maraming Salamat!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


But anyhow, this is my first entry. (1 of 52) Taken just before we go out today. We went to an office where we submitted something for our next travel.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jejudo - Korea

I came across this interesting meme called Outdoor Wednesday from Miranda's page so I decided to join.
This photo was taken when we had our island hopping in Jeju Island last may. The Korean built this depicting a volcano where the dragon was hiding (Do you see the head of the dragon in front of the cave?). We've watched a show about it on our second night of stay there and it was beautiful. You can see the lava flowing and rolling down and the dragon came out which scared our son lol..

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