Monday, August 31, 2009

I am Ready!

I was teaching my daughter basic math in our front yard last Thursday and we had so much fun. My son is not very interested in learning things yet so he was just running around playing. I asked Rylie if she is ready to go to school and she was so confident when she told me " I am ready."
It's funny when we are doing math because she is using all her fingers and toes as a calculator lol. I would love for you to see the video I recorded but for some reason it would not upload here and I am very disappointed. It is very hard for me to upload a video that is why I seldom post an article with video.

Since the video of our math lecture wouldn't ulpoad, I will just share this music video of Marian Rivera that my daughter love to dance. She also starting to memorize the lyrics. Again, I have recorded a video while she was dancing but it would not..... grrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Friday, August 28, 2009

the story behind their names..

Yippppeeee, TGIF once again folks. A time for another exciting episode of Mommy Moment. The theme for this week is "Name Game" which calls for the recent photographs of your kids and the story of their names.Our daughter's first name is Jillian (a latin origin which means youthful) and Rylie (Celtic origin which means valient. It is also a unisex name) is her middle name. We were suppose to name her Juliana Elizabeth but my husband got a bad dream about it so we changed it. J & R are our initials. We got her middle name on the Internet.
Ours son EJ's full name is Eldon (an English name which means of old age) Jennings. I got his first name online and we took his middle name from my father-in-law's first name.

Happy Mommy Moments to all of the participants and thank you so much for visiting and commenting.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's in a Bubble...

that makes children want to play with it over and over again? I don't think there are kids out there who did not want blowing bubbles in their childhood. My daughter can play with it the whole day. When we were in West Virginia, her Aunt Chris always bring her different kinds of scented bubbles. We bought each of them a bottle when we went to the mall the other week. EJ dumped his on the ground lol but Rylie was in her glory blowing it.

I would not want to be a bubble because your life span is just a matter of seconds hehehe..

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why Daydreaming is Good For You

Do you have a day dreaming moment? I do that sometimes hehehe. The new edition issue of the Healthy Living newsletter from talks about day dreaming and what good it can do for you.

Good news for daydreamers everywhere. Recent research suggests that not only is daydreaming extremely common (experts say we spend one third of our lives doing it) it's actually good for us, too.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Read on the Wild Side

The Library inside the base sponsors program every year for kids. This year's reading program was dubbed as "Read on the Wild Side." Whoever reads a great number of books has prizes. Me and Rylie read her books at home but I always forgot to log it in the paper so we did not get any prize hehehe. But as a participant, both of them got each a shirt and pencils.. Rylie got a certificate.
Herre's the certificate and other blahs..
Last year's reading program was dubbed as... That's Rylie's certificate for last year.
Here she is modeling the shirt lol.. Good job reading Rye. Speaking of reading, I was teaching her to read three letter words yesterday but after a while she got tired and said "I am not ready for a lot of stuff Mom." I felt guilty that I was pushing her too much into learning.
Today is suppose to be a family weekend day but hubby is in training so me and the kids just went outside and play a little bit, taught Rylie some basic Math and then we came in, it sooooo hot outside! Happy weekend everyone!

Friday, August 21, 2009

When it's Raining...

TGIF! Friday to me is an exciting day. Why? Because, it is the last workday of the week for hubby and its Mommy Moments! This week's theme is "Rain, Rain, Go Away". Since we do not take pictures outside on rainy days, I will just post some activities that we do on rainy days.My husband and our kids are always playing outside when the weather permits, but when it's raining.. we either play dress-up, play in the box, or bake something. The first set of photos were taken last year when we had a pretty hard rain in here. We always have a stock of cake box mix in our pantry so hubby and daughter baked it.
I am not very fond of baking... but hubby and Rylie are..proud of her creation....
she usually puts the icing.
It's not the most fancy cake you would ever see but for me its the most perfect, because it was made with love!
Since they are bored to death and can not go outside because of the rain, they got a little bit creative of what to play. They love playing inside this empty balikbayan box.
They make it their bedroom, living room, or play area.
and dining room or kitchen...
See they even have an improvised door lol..
Welcome to our HOME!
Thanks for dropping by everyone! Your comments are greatly appreciated. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bonding with the nature...Again!

We head out to the our favorite hide out lake last Sunday. My daughter brought some slices of bread to feed to the fish. I think the fishes there loved us already lol. They were jumping for joy while Rylie was throwing the small pieces of bread to them. It is so much fun watching them eat. John and EJ went for a walk already and me and Rylie were still enjoying the fishes' company and of course we took some pics lol.
Here we go fish, ready, get set, catch!
no more bread, so its time to click!
Mommy's share lol.
And EJ.. with Mommy's sunglasses.
After the fish adventure is the walkathon for our exercise.

Korean's never wast a piece of land without a plant. Here are some pepper..
water theraphy and FUN! Leaping like a frog, ribbit, ribbit, ribbit.
My son wanted to submerge into the water lol.
Resting a little bit, our armpits are sweaty from all that walking hahaha.
Before going to our favorite resto, my daughter used this cute but very clean restroom at the park. This is one of the many things that I like in Korea. They do take care of their people. It is a shame but whenever we go to the Phils, even in big malls, there are no tissues available and sometimes the restrooms are filthy.Call me weird but I love the formation of this tree. This tells us something, never give up!
Nothing special, i just love the pattern of the water going down hehehe.
Have a fruitful day everyone!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Family Shopping

An old enlisted man told us before "Enjoy the company of your kids now that they want you because later on, you will end like my wife and I, back to being just us after our kids settle down have their own family lives. I am happy to see you guys always do things together because it reminds me of what we always did before." The four of us always go and do things together.. even on shopping. We really don't want leaving our kids to a day care or someone.

The photos were taken last Saturday when we did our grocery shopping at the commissary.
We will be leaving this base in three months so as much as we could, we want to have memories for it. So we are taking pictures wherever and whatever we do.

Here's my ornery burrito, very busy digging up the batteries lol..

Have a great day friends!

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