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International Friendship Park in Cincinnati Ohio

During our summer vacation last year, we decided to split our destination in four different states.  We went to Tennessee first then we explored North Carolina a little bit, then we spent two days in Kentucky and Ohio.  That's one great part of doing road trips because you can basically change your itinerary.  On our first day in Kentucky, we did not have much time left so we search for some relaxing place to explore.  The nearest park was the  Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park in Cincinnati Ohio.

I was amazed how  excellent park this park is.  It really exceeded my expectation of a park.  It's a perfect place to run or family walk. It was  hot when we visited, the temperature was unbearable but the decent amount of shade from all the trees and plants that surrounds it, makes the hot temperature  more bearable.  I like it that  it offers free parking but it made me weary to see the caution signs of not leaving  valuables in the car which indicates that there are incidents of theft or something like that.  The parking area is connected to Sawyer Point, Yeatman's Cove, Smale Riverfront Park, The Banks, the bridges, and the steps up to Mount Adams which is excellent.  You can basically go to these places by exploring the park first.  
Although this park is not very large and it’s hidden away on the banks of the Ohio River on Riverside Drive in Cincinnati, we've seen  many people  biking, walking,  jogging, and walking their dogs. I  didn't know this but there is  path to  the playground under the bridge called Every Child’s Playground at Sawyer Point. Again, we didn't have much time to fully research the place so miss that part but overall, we had so much fun exploring this park.
According to the information I read online, the park was made “as a lasting tribute to world unity and global understanding”.  The love of gardening in me  was ecstatic to find that the gardens are full of plants representing various continents. I was like a child exploring the beautiful  flowers in each of the gardens.  We were all in awe of all the very cool sculptures throughout the park .  I will be featuring each of the features one by one in my next posts.
For now I will leave you with some of the fun shots we took during our  short but fun journey at the International Friendship Park.

Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park is located at 1135 Eastern Avenue.  So if you are Florence Kentucky or Cincinnati area, make sure to check this out.  Kids will have fun exploring and of course adults too.

6 Unique Ideas for When Your Children Have Time Off from School!

Modern kids get a lot of vacation time. Summer break, winter break, spring break, etc. Hanging around the house is fun but there’s a good chance that your kids want to do something more with their time off.

So, what should you do? We have some ideas.

Send Them Off to See Extended Family
This plan won’t work for everyone. But if you have a large, accommodating family, you should use your child’s vacation time as a visiting opportunity. Your little one can grow close to the people that helped raise you.

You don’t have to go on the trip on yourself. Ask your relative if you can send your kids on their own. That way your children learn how to be independent and you don’t have to worry about missing too much work.

Go to Camp
Attending a summer camp in your youth can be a life-changing experience. Your child is thrust into a situation where they have to fend for themselves. They can grow into a different being.

You might think that kid camps are only fit for youngsters who like the outdoors. While it’s true that a lot of camps are focused on the outdoor experience, you can easily find a program tailored to your child’s interests. There are sports camps, technology camps, science camps. Project Fashion summer camps  are camps geared toward kids who are interested in fashion.
There’s no reason your kids need to spend the summer cooped up in their bedrooms. If springing for camp fees is unfeasible, there are often free or low-cost programs run by the local government.

Learn a Skill
Maybe your child is a skilled woodworker. Maybe they would make a handy sailor. There’s a lot of value to learning a skill. It can help boost your child’s self-confidence in a huge way. Everyone loves feeling that they’re good at something.
The great thing about a long vacation is it gives your child time to focus on something. If they want to take piano lessons they can practice for four hours a day without interfering with their schoolwork.

Start Cooking
Who doesn’t want to know how to cook? Once your kids are old enough to handle themselves in the kitchen, you should try teaching them how to cook. Maybe Jr. can take care of the family dinner once or twice a week.
Start with easy recipes. Trying out a complicated recipe before you’ve fallen in love with cooking is tedious.

Start Camping
We’ve already talked about sending your kids off to camp on their own. Another option is to plan a camping trip for the family. Pick a spot, pack up the car, and go. You don’t need a lot of supplies. You can even skip buying a tent if you decide to sleep in your car.

Camping can be a ton of fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a typical outdoorsy person. Just make sure to pack enough creature comforts to keep yourself happy.

Meet People
Prioritize your child’s social life. It may seem odd but your child’s fickle relationships are actually really important. They’re setting your child up for the rest of their life. A poorly socialized person is going to have trouble getting through life.

Don’t allow your kids to become hermits during their breaks. Encourage them to meet with their friends. If they don’t have any friends, help them make some. Kids are often willing to leap into new friendships without a second thought.

Figuring out what to do with your kids during their school breaks can seem like a challenge. After all, you’re trying to strike the perfect blend between fun and usefulness. You want your kids to enjoy their time off but you also want them to use the opportunity to grow.

Work with your family to determine the best option. Listen to your children’s needs. You don’t have to be their activity manager once they reach a certain age. They can start making decisions about how to entertain themselves.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

How Quitting Smoking Can Improve Your Looks Dramatically

By quitting smoking, a smoker can undo much of the damage done by tobacco smoking. Within a few hours of giving up smoking permanently, they drastically decrease the chances for a smoking related illnesses. It can even make the smoker look healthier. As a smoker considering quitting, you probably know that quitting will improve your respiration and heart health. However, it can do much more than helping you maintain ahealthy lifestyle. Read on to learn how quitting smoking can improve your looks too.

He quit smoking 20 years ago, I'm glad..

Open Brighter Eyes

After quitting, your eyes will look brighter and less tired. Every time you smoke, the smoke fills your eyes with irritants. Repeated exposure to these irritants makes your eyes look red and dried out. They will be itchy and uncomfortable. Additionally, it leaves your eyes dangerously dry, which can cause permanent damage. After you stop, your eyes will remoisturize and repair themselves. Once repaired, your eyes will regain their previous brilliance and make you look more alert and interested.

Show Off Healthier Skin

If you stop smoking, you can expect to see your skin look healthier. Using the best e liquid brands, you can control your nicotine levels to gradually stop smoking. Since nicotine constricts your blood vessels, it makes it harder to get oxygen to your extremities. Without a lot of oxygen, your skin will not get enough nutrients. As a result, your skin will look dull and dry, giving you an uneven complexion. Within a few hours of not smoking cigarettes, your blood vessels will begin to return to normal. As the oxygen level returns to normal, your skin will take on a healthy, smooth complexion. This will make you look younger with a more natural complexion.

Accelerate Your Body’s Healing

Cuts and bruises will heal faster after you quit. Smoking limits the amount of oxygen your blood can carry. Lower oxygen levels and constricted blood vessels limit the hemoglobin in your blood. Hemoglobin are the cells in the blood that merge together to heal damaged tissues. As a result, smokers take much longer to heal than non-smokers. Once you quit smoking, your blood will return to normal as it filters out the remaining toxins. In fact, there are several ways the body heals itself as you stop smoking. By the 48 hour mark, you could have all nicotine completely out of the body. Once this happens, you will heal much faster, making small injuries like cuts less of a problem to your skin’s appearance.

Take On Less Wrinkles

Smoking causes you to prematurely age. If you are planning to livea long life, you should take steps to restrict smoking. There are around 7,000 different toxins in every cigarette. These chemicals in your blood along with the cigarette fumes can destroy the collagen and elastin in your skin. Once they are destroyed, your skin begins to bag and wrinkle from the stretching. This will make you look older then you are. While your skin can never be fully restored, quitting will give your skin a chance to replace some of these lost chemicals. That will make you look younger, relieving some wrinkles and bags.

Restore Your White Teeth

After you quit smoking, your teeth will look better. Tobacco and tar particulate in cigarette smoke stain your teeth. As you might notice, smokers tend to have yellow or brown colored teeth. These stains can be eliminated with proper oral hygiene. However, as long as you smoke, they will always continue to deteriorate your oral health and appearance. As you smoke, you increased build up ofplaque and tartar on teeth. After quitting, you can gradually brush your teeth back to their original, lustrous white. Additionally, this particulate gives your breath a foul smell that can last for hours and days. After you quit, you can greatly improve your oral hygiene, in appearance and smell.

When you quit smoking, your appearance improves in many ways. If you care about your appearance and health, use these improvements as motivators to get through cravings. Your eyes look brighter as they repair damage from irritants. More oxygen makes your skin look smoother and healthier. As your blood starts to carry more hemoglobin, cuts and bruises heal quicker. As the toxins pass out of your system, your skin will look younger and less wrinkled. On top of that, you can remove tar stains on your teeth permanently. Quitting smoking will not just make you healthier, it will improve your looks too.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Commercial Slip - Buffalo New York

Before going into the  Naval and Military Park in Buffalo, the  Commercial Slips is the first  attraction that you will see.  According to the information I read, this area in Buffalo, New York is the original Commercial Slip, the entrance to the original Erie Canal. It was built in 1825 for the purpose of a hub of commercial  that connects  the Great Lakes to the Hudson River in Albany.
The Canal went out of use in the early 1900s unfortunately.   The restoration of this canal began in the early 2000s.  The canals and Steamboat Hotel ruins are now being preserved for us to enjoy and appreciate.  My kids was really fascinated by it.
I love it that they put bench  along side it.  You can sit and relax while listening to the running water.
I wish we have a place like this here in Weirton.  I would frequent the place and enjoy each time.
This part of Buffalo, New York is a great place to  explore especially if you have kids.  Lots of things to see and enjoy.

Water and children, always a great  combination right.  No matter what the child's age, water attraction is always a winner.
Look at these two, too  eager to run and discover the place.  We were there for a short period of time so they want to  enjoy each minute by not missing anything.
I am most fascinated  by this part and I appreciated them restoring  the place.  By looking at the ruins, you can tell that this used to be a very important part  of the businesses around here.
Even my husband can't  just look, he went out around looking at the place as well.
I love taking photos of my 3 kids ha ha ha.
This looks like a good place for a picnic.
If we would have enough time, I would have love to take the river tour.  It would have been nice to see it from a different view.

So if you guys are visiting Buffalo or on your way home from Niagara Falls, this place is worth checking out.  I love historical places like this because you learn a lot from what it is used to be.  I admired them for preserving this place.  I wish the steel mill here in our place was kept instead of tearing it down.  It was a sad day seeing the mill going down, it could have been restored and use as a historical place.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

How to Nail the Off-Duty Model Look With Fashion Basics You Already Have in Your Wardrobe

Models don’t just gave us #fashiongoals moments in magazines and on runways, their casual style is also so good we’re constantly liking and saving their photos on Instagram. The great thing about the off-duty look is that it’s something than easily rub off on our own style. We all have days off or weekend mornings where we just want to get our errands done and wear easy and effortlessly put together outfits. Now of course that doesn’t mean letting go of fashion completely, and this is where our favorite model street style outfits come in.
The question is how do you put such a look together without feeling like you need to put days of thought into it or find a stylist? And how can you make a stylish outfit with stuff you already own so that you don’t have to spend more cash. Here are some great basic ideas for building your own on-the-move, off-duty looks that would make Gigi, Kendall and Bella proud.

Many Ways to Style a Hoodie

Like puffer jackets, hoodies have been given a bad name. But they can actually be very fashionable, and not just the outfit choice of teenagers or hackers. We’ve seen stars like Kendall Jenner rock a hoodie topped with a leather jacket, and we’ve seen hoodies worn with dresses and skirts, and even oversized hoodies worn with thigh high boots. There are so many ways to style them. Hoodies may seem to be quite the opposite of trendy, but they are fashion staples in their own right. So don’t be afraid to dig one up from your college days, throw one on and style it up.
The Basic Tee

T-shirts are the unsung hero of many Instagram-worth fashion moments, they can be just the right balance of casual and dressy if you wear them right. And the good news is, we all have access to one. T-shirts can be rocked a multitude of ways, with jeans, with skirts, with overalls, as dresses and with shorts, and you can also tie up the bottom of the shirt to give it some sex appeal. Also there’s a t-shirt to suit everyone’s taste. From rock band t-shirts to ironic t-shirts and even basic plain ones, nothing says off-duty glam like a greatly styled t-shirt. All your favorite stores will stock great t-shirts with fun styles, and if you’re looking for some good quality basics, Gildan shirts are perfect. You can also get nice hoodies there. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a piece that will always look good with different things and even look good when it’s looking a little worn and faded, t-shirts are it.
Oversized Sweaters

Everyone likes fall and winter because it’s perfect #sweaterweather. Models love them too and we see so many great looks with sweaters and jumpers on them. Oversized sweater have become very sought-after fashion items. Far from making you look frumpy, they look good with skinny pants, skirts and even tucked into jeans. And you can go for a classic turtleneck or do a crewneck, or even a cardigan. A lot of the times, the chunkier the better, so don’t be afraid to haul out some old school sweaters.


Jeans will always be the top casual fashion item for any off-duty look. What’s not to love? They are comfortable, versatile and eternally trendy. They are great with a formal shirt, a cami, a t-shirt, a coat and even a big jacket. And there are so many styles too - you can go skinny, ripped or boyfriend style and dress it up almost every way imaginable. Remember a piece of denim can last you for years, and you can even accessorize or customize a pair.


A big question people ask in fashion circles is if gym-wear can be fashionable and we believe it’s a huge yes when it’s done right. Nowadays we see people running errands in active wear, and we’re not talking about boring tracksuits. We’re talking printed legging and crop top sets, jumpsuits and yoga pants. This is another great option for when you’re just trying to make a quick trip to the mall, corner store or a casual coffee with friends.
Off-duty model fashion is actually very easy to imitate if you know the right pieces to put together. It’s all about looking at the boring stuff in your closet with a new perspective, and seeing all the possibilities. You too can have an outfit worthy of a few snaps!

Thursday, November 22, 2018

10 Defensive Driving Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe

When driving, it’s important to be on top of your game so that you can avoid any mishaps between you and other drivers. Read these 10 defensive driving tips, so that you can be prepared on the go.

1. Avoid Getting Distracted

You might have found yourself engaging in distracted driving, especially if you have children. But you need to make it a rule that you won’t look away from the road so you can keep your family safe. When your children ask you to look at them or something they are holding, tell them that you can’t look while you are driving. Avoid looking through your purse or using your phone while driving as well. Any action that takes your eyes off of the road — even for a second — can cause a car accident.

2. Pay Attention to Other Drivers

You might have heard the expression, “You not only need to drive for yourself, you need to drive for everyone else, too.” If you haven’t, what it means is that although you might be one of the best and safest drivers on the road, that doesn’t mean that you can control how other people drive. Be alert and aware of what other drivers are doing on the road. For example, check your rearview mirror to monitor how drivers approaching your vehicle are driving. Take note if they are weaving or speeding excessively.

3. Look Ahead

Not only do you need to pay attention to the drivers behind you, but you also need to look ahead in the distance to spot potential problems. Sometimes, you might need to change lanes to avoid a stranded car or a police officer making a traffic stop. Other times, you might notice brake lights flashing on cars up ahead, which signals that you will need to slow down.

4. Follow the Speed Limit

Speed limits are posted for a reason — so that drivers can proceed safely. When you exceed the speed limit, you are posing a danger for you, your passengers and every else on the road you meet. Plus, speeding can equal reckless driving, depending on how fast you’re traveling, which can equal huge fines. For example, in Henrico County VA reckless driving is defined as driving at 20 miles or above the posted speed limit.

5. Be Willing to Yield

Not all drivers operate the vehicle they are driving with confidence, and drivers who are unfamiliar with the traffic laws in a specific area might make errors. Always be on the lookout for confused drivers who might not do what they are supposed to do, such as yield to drivers coming off the interstate. Be willing to yield if you can do so safely, so that you and the other driver can avoid a car accident. Even if the collision isn’t serious, you’ll still have to deal with everything that happens after a car accident.

6. Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Stop

Sure you can slam on your brakes and make your car stop, but at some point, you’ll likely have an accident. Get to know the feel of your vehicle’s brakes, so that you will know when to start applying them as you approach a traffic light or stop sign. That way, you’ll be able to give yourself ample time to stop without slamming on the brakes — and your brakes will last longer as well.

7. Use Your Blinkers

Drivers aren’t mind readers, so you need to be as helpful as possible when out on the road. When you plan to turn or change lanes, always use your blinker. Also, don’t wait until the last second to turn your blinker on. This can catch other drivers unaware and cause them to make a mistake.

8. Avoid Tailgating

If you’re in the habit of following too closely behind other drivers or tailgating, you need to stop. Not only is driving too closely annoying to the driver you’re following, it also can end up badly for you. If the driver ahead unexpectedly slams on his brakes, you just might plow right into the back of his car.

9. Keep a Safe Distance from Large Trucks and Precarious Loads

If you’ve ever been driving and heard a loud popping noise, followed by a mark or crack in your windshield, you might have been driving too closely to a large truck. Unfortunately, some trucks will throw up rocks and gravel from the roadway, which can strike the windshields of other drivers, so keep a safe distance. Also, if you see a vehicle or trailer with a load that seems unstable, keep a safe distance behind it to avoid having your car struck by flying objects.

10. Avoid Blindspot Errors

If you’ve ever tried to change lanes while driving only to see a car in the land you’re trying to move to at the last second, you know a blind spot can be dangerous. Just as other drivers should stay out of your blindspot, you should learn how to avoid blindspots as well. Make it a habit to pass other drivers in a timely manner and not hang out in an area where they can’t easily see you. And, when you decide to change lanes, ask someone else in the vehicle to double-check that there’s not another car where you’re planning to move. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How To Prevent and Handle Your Child Getting Injured At School

When it comes to accidents and injuries, we have to think clearly so we take the right steps, and one of the best things we can do is educate ourselves to protect our family. For any parent with kids who play a lot of school sports, it’s natural to worry about them sustaining an injury playing sports in school. It’s scary because we don’t actually know who will be held accountable if that happens and it’s not our child’s fault. We want our children to enjoy their favorite sports and fun activities, but we want to make sure they’re safe too.

According to the CDC, more than almost 3 million children are brought into the ER because of sports and recreation-related injuries. As kids get older, they engage in a lot more team sports, and unfortunately injuries are part of that deal. For the most part, these injuries are light scratches or bruises, but the greater concern for parents is breaks, sprains and other injuries that are more serious. A vast majority of these injuries take place on school grounds, but the waters are often murky on who should be held responsible when this happens during a basketball game or while they are cheerleading, for example. 

Ways to Prevent Injuries

One of the things we have in our power as parents is doing our part in preventing injury. Here are some of the ways we can help our kids stay safe on the field or court.

Warm-ups and Cool downs Before and After Sports 

For grown-ups and kids alike, many injuries are caused by a lack of warm-ups, proper stretching and cooling down. This is completely avoidable if we teach our children the importance of getting in and out of a workout the right way.

Wearing Protective Gear

Whenever your kids are going to engage in any sporting activity, it’s critical that they have the correct protective gear on. From knee pads to helmets and gloves; protective gear is the first line of defense against injuries. Many injuries have been caused by playing without the right gear, and this something we can control before they even start playing. It’s not just about the right equipment. We have to be sure it fits correctly, is in great condition, and that they’re wearing it properly. 

Sunscreen & Hydration

Drinking water regularly is a great habit to instill in children as young as possible. When it comes to sports, not drinking enough water won’t just cause discomfort and dehydration, it can actually lead to injuries too.  Before our kids hit the fields, make sure they are drinking enough water and replenishing after working up a sweat.

Follow the Rules of Game

A lot of the rules that exist in sport aren’t put in place to make the game less fun, they keep us safe from injury. Our kids need to follow the best and safest sporting practices. If they’re reckless in any way, this significantly increases the risk of injury.

What To Do When an Injury Occurs
In the event that our child gets injured in a school game for example, is it appropriate to investigate who is responsible and hold them liable? Is the school to blame or is it another student? In this case, do you need to contact a personal injury lawyer, like Schwartzapel Attorneys or just handle the claim yourself? It can all be very overwhelming when you’re scared and worried about your child. On top of that, dealing with school staff can turn this into a delicate and uncomfortable matter for everyone involved. If the injury was due to the school’s negligence, and it’s a more serious injury than a scratch or a bruise, it would be worth sitting with a personal injury lawyer who can help you lodge the claim.
In order to have a claim, evidence will be necessary to prove your case meets the requirements of a lawsuit. You need to have photographs of the injuries, and independent notarized witness statements. You have to prove damages in the form of medical expenses, bills related to the injury, or pain and suffering experienced by your child. When you have this information, you can move forward.

Put Your Child First
We do our very best to watch over our children when they are around us, but what about when they aren’t in our presence? Schools are meant to protect our kids when we’re not there, and for the most part, this goes right. In the event that it goes wrong, and the school has been negligent in any way, we can make a claim to hold the school responsible for it. Most importantly, as we get ready to make a case against the learning institution, we have to put the physical, mental and emotional healing of our children first.

International Friendship Park in Cincinnati Ohio

During our summer vacation last year, we decided to split our destination in four different states.  We went to Tennessee first then we e...

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