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10 Defensive Driving Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe

When driving, it’s important to be on top of your game so that you can avoid any mishaps between you and other drivers. Read these 10 defensive driving tips, so that you can be prepared on the go.

1. Avoid Getting Distracted

You might have found yourself engaging in distracted driving, especially if you have children. But you need to make it a rule that you won’t look away from the road so you can keep your family safe. When your children ask you to look at them or something they are holding, tell them that you can’t look while you are driving. Avoid looking through your purse or using your phone while driving as well. Any action that takes your eyes off of the road — even for a second — can cause a car accident.

2. Pay Attention to Other Drivers

You might have heard the expression, “You not only need to drive for yourself, you need to drive for everyone else, too.” If you haven’t, what it means is that although you might be one of the best and safest drivers on the road, that doesn’t mean that you can control how other people drive. Be alert and aware of what other drivers are doing on the road. For example, check your rearview mirror to monitor how drivers approaching your vehicle are driving. Take note if they are weaving or speeding excessively.

3. Look Ahead

Not only do you need to pay attention to the drivers behind you, but you also need to look ahead in the distance to spot potential problems. Sometimes, you might need to change lanes to avoid a stranded car or a police officer making a traffic stop. Other times, you might notice brake lights flashing on cars up ahead, which signals that you will need to slow down.

4. Follow the Speed Limit

Speed limits are posted for a reason — so that drivers can proceed safely. When you exceed the speed limit, you are posing a danger for you, your passengers and every else on the road you meet. Plus, speeding can equal reckless driving, depending on how fast you’re traveling, which can equal huge fines. For example, in Henrico County VA reckless driving is defined as driving at 20 miles or above the posted speed limit.

5. Be Willing to Yield

Not all drivers operate the vehicle they are driving with confidence, and drivers who are unfamiliar with the traffic laws in a specific area might make errors. Always be on the lookout for confused drivers who might not do what they are supposed to do, such as yield to drivers coming off the interstate. Be willing to yield if you can do so safely, so that you and the other driver can avoid a car accident. Even if the collision isn’t serious, you’ll still have to deal with everything that happens after a car accident.

6. Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Stop

Sure you can slam on your brakes and make your car stop, but at some point, you’ll likely have an accident. Get to know the feel of your vehicle’s brakes, so that you will know when to start applying them as you approach a traffic light or stop sign. That way, you’ll be able to give yourself ample time to stop without slamming on the brakes — and your brakes will last longer as well.

7. Use Your Blinkers

Drivers aren’t mind readers, so you need to be as helpful as possible when out on the road. When you plan to turn or change lanes, always use your blinker. Also, don’t wait until the last second to turn your blinker on. This can catch other drivers unaware and cause them to make a mistake.

8. Avoid Tailgating

If you’re in the habit of following too closely behind other drivers or tailgating, you need to stop. Not only is driving too closely annoying to the driver you’re following, it also can end up badly for you. If the driver ahead unexpectedly slams on his brakes, you just might plow right into the back of his car.

9. Keep a Safe Distance from Large Trucks and Precarious Loads

If you’ve ever been driving and heard a loud popping noise, followed by a mark or crack in your windshield, you might have been driving too closely to a large truck. Unfortunately, some trucks will throw up rocks and gravel from the roadway, which can strike the windshields of other drivers, so keep a safe distance. Also, if you see a vehicle or trailer with a load that seems unstable, keep a safe distance behind it to avoid having your car struck by flying objects.

10. Avoid Blindspot Errors

If you’ve ever tried to change lanes while driving only to see a car in the land you’re trying to move to at the last second, you know a blind spot can be dangerous. Just as other drivers should stay out of your blindspot, you should learn how to avoid blindspots as well. Make it a habit to pass other drivers in a timely manner and not hang out in an area where they can’t easily see you. And, when you decide to change lanes, ask someone else in the vehicle to double-check that there’s not another car where you’re planning to move. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How To Prevent and Handle Your Child Getting Injured At School

When it comes to accidents and injuries, we have to think clearly so we take the right steps, and one of the best things we can do is educate ourselves to protect our family. For any parent with kids who play a lot of school sports, it’s natural to worry about them sustaining an injury playing sports in school. It’s scary because we don’t actually know who will be held accountable if that happens and it’s not our child’s fault. We want our children to enjoy their favorite sports and fun activities, but we want to make sure they’re safe too.

According to the CDC, more than almost 3 million children are brought into the ER because of sports and recreation-related injuries. As kids get older, they engage in a lot more team sports, and unfortunately injuries are part of that deal. For the most part, these injuries are light scratches or bruises, but the greater concern for parents is breaks, sprains and other injuries that are more serious. A vast majority of these injuries take place on school grounds, but the waters are often murky on who should be held responsible when this happens during a basketball game or while they are cheerleading, for example. 

Ways to Prevent Injuries

One of the things we have in our power as parents is doing our part in preventing injury. Here are some of the ways we can help our kids stay safe on the field or court.

Warm-ups and Cool downs Before and After Sports 

For grown-ups and kids alike, many injuries are caused by a lack of warm-ups, proper stretching and cooling down. This is completely avoidable if we teach our children the importance of getting in and out of a workout the right way.

Wearing Protective Gear

Whenever your kids are going to engage in any sporting activity, it’s critical that they have the correct protective gear on. From knee pads to helmets and gloves; protective gear is the first line of defense against injuries. Many injuries have been caused by playing without the right gear, and this something we can control before they even start playing. It’s not just about the right equipment. We have to be sure it fits correctly, is in great condition, and that they’re wearing it properly. 

Sunscreen & Hydration

Drinking water regularly is a great habit to instill in children as young as possible. When it comes to sports, not drinking enough water won’t just cause discomfort and dehydration, it can actually lead to injuries too.  Before our kids hit the fields, make sure they are drinking enough water and replenishing after working up a sweat.

Follow the Rules of Game

A lot of the rules that exist in sport aren’t put in place to make the game less fun, they keep us safe from injury. Our kids need to follow the best and safest sporting practices. If they’re reckless in any way, this significantly increases the risk of injury.

What To Do When an Injury Occurs
In the event that our child gets injured in a school game for example, is it appropriate to investigate who is responsible and hold them liable? Is the school to blame or is it another student? In this case, do you need to contact a personal injury lawyer, like Schwartzapel Attorneys or just handle the claim yourself? It can all be very overwhelming when you’re scared and worried about your child. On top of that, dealing with school staff can turn this into a delicate and uncomfortable matter for everyone involved. If the injury was due to the school’s negligence, and it’s a more serious injury than a scratch or a bruise, it would be worth sitting with a personal injury lawyer who can help you lodge the claim.
In order to have a claim, evidence will be necessary to prove your case meets the requirements of a lawsuit. You need to have photographs of the injuries, and independent notarized witness statements. You have to prove damages in the form of medical expenses, bills related to the injury, or pain and suffering experienced by your child. When you have this information, you can move forward.

Put Your Child First
We do our very best to watch over our children when they are around us, but what about when they aren’t in our presence? Schools are meant to protect our kids when we’re not there, and for the most part, this goes right. In the event that it goes wrong, and the school has been negligent in any way, we can make a claim to hold the school responsible for it. Most importantly, as we get ready to make a case against the learning institution, we have to put the physical, mental and emotional healing of our children first.

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Las Vegas Desert BigHorn and Rattlesnakes

While driving around Las Vegas last year, we've seen a lot of this  big horn statues along the road. I am so intrigued about it so I did a little digging online when we came back home.  I've learned that   these Desert Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis) are large sheep of desert mountains with a tan coat and white rump.  Below are its characteristics:
  •  Adult males are recognized by their large, curled horns. 
  • Females and young males have smaller, straighter horns. 
  • Adult males weigh about 140–180 pounds, while females are somewhat smaller, weighing about 90–150 pounds. 
  • They stand about 2-½ to 3-¼ feet at shoulder.

Males and females gather to breed in the fall so it's about time for them to breed this year. It's interesting to know that the males leave the females and young to form separate bachelor herds during the summer.
 We did not see any live one in Vegas but we did see some when we had our road trip from Vegas to Grand Canyon.  It was so nice seeing them.
 Aside from big horns, rattle snakes are also very common in Vegas so you will see these displays along the road walls.
 It was the hottest when we visited last year so I would love to go back there during the cooler months to fully enjoy the view. 
I think the best view we've seen in Vegas was in Boulder City.  I would have loved to walk around  the city and explore their music and food.  Maybe next time when we are given a chance to visit again.  I would love to  walk around there, it was a more relaxing atmosphere in Boulder City than downtown Vegas.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

What Do You Do After a Car Accident?

There is a sense of guilt and disgrace associated with car accidents that can often prevent you from thinking clearly and taking the proper steps after you’ve been involved in a car wreck.  The feeling of shame that you are not a very good driver can creep into your consciousness and distract you from some of the important tasks you must complete after the accident. 

And do not let guilt, that you are somehow an incomplete and irresponsible person, cloud your judgment at this crucial time.  Even if the accident was your fault, remember this – accidents happen to everyone, even the best among us.  So gather your wits about you and concentrate on the following tasks and you should end up coming through this unfortunate mishap in pretty good shape.

Exchange Information with the Other Drivers

The first thing you need to do after the accident, once you make sure that not you, nor anyone else, are seriously hurt, is for all of the participants to share their pertinent information with each other.  This includes all of your names, addresses, contact phone numbers, insurance companies, policy numbers, driver license numbers and license plate numbers for everyone involved in the accident.

There is absolutely no need to argue with each other about whose fault the accident was at this point.  That will all be determined much later.  And discussions of accountability right after an accident can easily turn into shouting matches, which could be dangerous, and libelous, for you.  If other participants start doing this – whatever you do, stay out of it.

Once you gathered the information, and especially if you have input it into your smartphone, create a specific folder for this information, name it ‘Car accident’ and affix the date to that folder title. 

Then take a few pictures of the scene – anything that can help you remember details, which you may need to recall many months later.  Make sure all of these pictures go into the accident folder as well.

If any of the other drivers are reluctant to share their contact information, and especially if they don’t want to share the name of their insurance company and their policy number, you need to call the police. 

This will be a hassle and will delay moving on with the rest of your day, but you have no other choice.  Often if you explain to the emergency dispatcher that an accident participant is refusing to share insurance information, this may speed up the police response.  The main thing you want is a police report stating that this other participant in the accident refused to offer insurance information.  Your insurance company will require that police report later in the settlement process.

Hire a Lawyer

Unless your car accident is very minor, you should hire a car accident lawyer, one particularly experienced in auto accidents and the injuries that can result from these types of accidents.  There are lots of different ways to find a good attorney.  Probably the most reliable method is to benefit from the experience of friends or family members who have recently hired an attorney.  If they had a good experience, chances are, so will you.

If you can’t get a personal endorsement, try the online referral sites, such as Angie’s List and Yelp.  Be mindful when you are reading the reviews of the attorneys in your district that some of these reviewers may have a personal stake in their praise – these reviewers could be family members or close friends of the attorney, or even individuals acting as agents for the attorney who are paid to write positive reviews.  Make sure you check the history of the reviewer and inspect their other reviews to determine the validity of their praise.

Also, be wary of extremely negative reviews on these websites.  They often come from trolls, lonely people who are angry and have nothing better to do than disparage specialists and services for their own amusement.  A quick check of the other reviews by critics like these will reveal whether they are trolls or not.

Get Well

Your attorney and insurance company will make sure your car is returned to the condition it was in before the accident – or may even replace it.  That won’t be much of a problem. 

But, more importantly, your lawyer will probably ask you to be examined by a doctor to make sure there aren’t any soft tissue injuries that may not be apparent right after the accident, but can intensify after a while and even become debilitating much later in your life.

Make sure you follow the instructions of your lawyer and doctor and adhere to their recommendations for physical rehabilitation carefully.  Down the line, your life could depend upon it.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms

Although it’s only October, it’s never too early to start looking for Christmas gifts for your mom—especially if you’re on a tight budget and will need to save up. If you start thinking about what to buy early enough, you might even catch a good Black Friday deal that helps you save some serious cash.
Even though chances are no one knows your mom as well as you, that doesn’t make shopping for the perfect gift any easier. Sometimes, after years of Christmases, your ideas can start to run dry. However, with the right preparation and research, you can succeed with a great gift. Here are a few ideas for awesome Christmas gifts your mom will appreciate:

Skin Care Products
Skin care products are always a great idea when it comes to getting moms gifts. After all, there’s a reason why the skin care industry is booming, particularly among mature adults. If possible, try to stick to natural skin care products, as they’re much better in terms of health and longevity. For example, Egyptian Magic is just one product on the market that will make all the difference.
The company behind the all-purpose skin cream uses a proprietary blending process to create a moisturizing cream with nourishing properties, inspired by the ancient skin care regimens of the Egyptian pharaohs. It doesn’t use any added parabens, preservatives, additives, or GMO ingredients. Always look at the ingredients list when purchasing products for your friends and family. Believe it or not, there’s a long list of ingredients that aren’t good for you and are used in beauty products.

Hair Styling Tools
Hair styling tools are often used for many years until they’re replaced. Great tools are little more expensive, which is why it’s hard for a parent to feel the necessity to invest in them—especially if their old tools aren’t broken. However, these tend to make for a great gift because they stand the test of time.

Take a look at the hairstyling your mom is currently using, and use that as a springboard to replace it with a brand new and upgraded version. Pay special attention to the brands they tend to use as well. Flat irons/hair straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers are sound investments. Take a look at this article on best hair styling tools, which offers a roundup of ideas that suit a range of budgets.

Jewelry Organizers
Over the years, a mom accumulates plenty of jewelry pieces. And while jewelry is a popular gift for mothers, jewelry organizers aren’t gifted nearly as often as they should be. With a jewelry organizer, your gift recipient can keep all their jewelry in tact. And fortunately, there are jewelry organizers to suit all types of styles and tastes.

You can go for a simple fancy hanging jewelry stand that holds just necklaces or you can get a full organizer that holds a plethora of different types of jewelry. Here’s a roundup of jewelry organizers to choose from. You should also look into Etsy for a wide range of custom made organizers created by artists from all around the world. Here’s a list of what’s available on Etsy.

Cozy Home Items
There’s nothing like a gift that brings a little luxury into the house. Try putting together a basket of several cozy home items that will make your mom feel like she’s in a hotel in her own home. This might include a great bathroom, some slippers, and a fuzzy throw blanket that compliments her style. Add other nice additions to the basket like scented candles, a cashmere hat or sweater, comfy socks, fleece-lined leggings, or face cloths. There are plenty of cozy basket ideas you can come up with, and your mom will certainly appreciate the effort.

Tech Accessories
Moms enjoy catching up with the latest technology, even if they are a bit behind. And for that reason, throwing in some tech accessories to jazz up their current products is a great way to go. These help them take their devices to the next level. Here are a few tech accessory ideas:

  • A photo printer that’s attached to a smartphone
  • A Google Home or Amazon Echo
  • Phone selfie sticks
  • Car chargers
  • Phone and tablet cases (especially those that double as small wallets and wristlets)
  • A Popsocket to keep their phone balanced while they use it
  • Portable travel charger
  • Bluetooth headphones

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Things to Do in Florence, Kentucky

Our second destination for our summer road trip this year was Kentucky.  We were going to spend the whole time in Tennessee but we had to  meet our family friends who were  vacationing as well in Cincinnati.  Since  Cinci is  close to Florence, Kentucky, that's where we stayed at so we could easily meet and do things together for a couple of days.
I find Florence a very neat  city.  It doesn't look like there's so much  things to do there but as I have mentioned, it is close to Cinci so you can just cross the bridge and voila, there's plenty of things to see and do.  We didn't get to do much in Kentucky due to lack of time but this music loving state filled with incredible countryside has so many fun and diverse things to do with kids, that the biggest problem will be working out how long to stay fo (which we did not have).  I did not know this but did you know that this great state has the longest cave system in the world? It sure does, with Mammoth Cave, too bad we didn't get to see but there is always next time.
Here are some fun family things to do in Florence:
  • Kids can go back in time to the Old West at Guntown Mountain;
  • Enjoy the outdoors with 52 state parks like the 10,000 acre Green River Lake State Park;
  • The Bluegrass State is a great place to learn about the incredible history of the state, such as Kentucky Museum and Louisville Slugger Museum
  • Horse Farm Tours and Kentucky Horsepark.
 We've planned on joining our friends  to go to the Ark Encounter but we did not get there in time so we just scraped the idea and had plenty of rest after we arrived in Florence.  We went to a  nearby park in Cinci thought later that day.  Here's a sneak peak of a high rise and busy Cincinnati.  The big stadium and tall buildings  pretty much greet you as you crossed the bridge from Kentucky to Ohio side.

I always find it great when you can visit a city where it borders another state.  We were able to  visit  4 states on our road trip this year.  We drove around a small city in North Carolina when we were in Tennessee and then explored Ohio and Kentucky as well before we finally hit the road to home.  

Wonderful Florida Beaches That Only Locals Know

Whenever thinking about Florida beaches we automatically get flashbacks of spring break, with Panama City Beach being the number one destination for people from all over the country. Those that want to play go to South Beach and Key West has always been recommended by influencers from all around the world.
Everyone knows about the beaches and the beautiful holiday villas in Florida but do you know that there are actually 663 miles of wonderful beaches you can experience in the state of Florida? Travelers that want to go off-the-beaten track and experience something that is more unique can always find some incredible destinations that will make their desires come through. This does include the following stunning Florida beaches that locals would like you do not know about.

Crandon Park
The tourists often go to South Beach, a truly majestic destination that is surely wonderful. However, locals normally go to Crandon Park, which is located in Key Biscayne. This is a 2 mile long beach that is family friendly. The Atlantic waves are gentle and there is an outdoor rink for rollerskating that is a huge hit among visitors.

Bahia Honda State Park
While Key West always gets the full glory in the region, we should know that this is not the only island tourists can visit in Lower Florida Keys. You actually want to visit many that are better than expected. If you are a traveler that is looking for a romantic or family-friendly destination, with really good vies of the ocean, right as you travel through Overseas Highway, just consider Bahia Honda State Park. Snorkeling is wonderful here and is preferred right before an excursion to watch the sunset.

Caladesi Island State Park
In the year 2008, Stephen Leatherman (also known as Doctor Beach), declared that Caladesi is the best beach in the US. Even so, it is not crowded. This is due to the fact that you would need to start in Dunedin and take a ferry to reach the park. However, the trip is surely worth it. This is a getaway in the Gulf of Mexico that features white, soft sand put together with wildlife. We can say that nature meets modern amenities, including gift shops and snack bars.

Don Pedro Island State Park
This wonderful Florida destination for tourists and locals is around 1 hour away from Sarasota, towards south by car. Don Pedro Island features a 7 mile long beach in the Gulf of Mexico. You can only access it through public ferry or a private boat. The car can be brought with you, although the golf cart is normally the preferred transportation method on the island.

Amelia Island
Amelia Island is definitely not a secret. It is well-known by many but it is a barrier island that is often ignored, usually because of the fact that Jacksonville Beach is close. What you may want to do is take a kayak or go paddle boarding along the lovely Atlantic coastline of Amelia Island, which covers 13 miles. What is interesting is that you might even see dolphins and wild horses around you. The sunset cruise is preferred from Cumberland Island, Georgia, but you can also visit alone.

Delray Beach
If locals want to visit a vibrant beach town that is not overrun, they consider Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Delray Beach can be accessed from the East Atlantic Avenue. You will really like the ice cream parlors, sidewalk cafes and boutiques there. They perfectly complement the Atlantic Ocean’s natural lure.

St. George Island
St. George Island can be visited in the panhandle of Florida. It is a barrier island that is surrounded by Apalachicola Bay and the stunning Gulf of Mexico. During the day visitors normally climb to the 72 foot high lighthouse top. This offers the panoramic view that makes you want to take your camera out of the pocket to show people at home what they missed. During the night you will enjoy the vibrant restaurant scene. It features live music and tasty seafood.

Tips For When Visiting Unknown Parts Of Florida
The fact that you would be visiting some parts of Florida that are not well-known means that your internet research might not give you what you are looking for. The information that is available for the locations mentioned above and many others that are wonderful will be limited. Because of this, what you want to do is to consider some alternative information sources.

It is always a great idea to give yourself freedom as you travel. If this is possible in Florida, simply make friends with the locals. They are going to tell you about many different beaches and other travel destinations that are basically fantastic. Also, you can talk about hidden gems with the staff at the resort you stay at. There are many destinations they know about and that are often not included in travel packages.

Another thing you should be aware of is that you do want to be safe. Traveling alone to a remote destination is dangerous everywhere. This is why it is always good to let people know where you are going and traveling alone to the hidden parts of Florida, especially when you come from another country is not recommended.

Try to plan as much as possible and continue planning once you reached Florida. You will find many great destinations by simply keeping an open mind.

Birthday Roadtrip

On my 45th birthday, we went for a short  road trip to another  Amish Community in Ohio.  All of these photos are taken while our vehicle is  on the road so they are not the best.  I am not great in taking drive by shots but that's alright.  These are enough to remember our journey getting to our destination.
What I love  about  going on a road trip in Ohio is the view.  The farming and the  lakes  are just so relaxing to see.  My kids always love seeing farm animals like horses, sheep,  cows, and goats along the  farms we pass by.  

I was telling my husband that if I have a property near a lake, I would definitely invest in a boat and put like a docking  place so I could come and go anytime I  want.  Must be nice during summertime when your family come to visit, you can take them for a boat ride and swim and fish.

5 Simple Interior Design Upgrades To Create A New Home

Need to spruce up your home's design, but not sure how to go about it? Upgrading your home's interior can provide a much-needed change in scenery and energy. After getting your home in order, homeowners can take a few easy steps to incorporate updates into their home. Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a professional, you have many options to upgrade your home. Here are some interior design tips and tricks to get you started on creating the house you always wanted. 

Let Light In

One of the most coveted interior design secrets involves lighting. Bright spaces tend to feel open and airy, immediately shifting the energy in the house. Large windows and sunrooms are popular nowadays. If you can't afford to remodel your home, try rearranging. Move furniture so that it doesn't block windows or install new curtains that enhance natural lighting. If your house is lacking wide windows, artificial lighting can create a similar effect. Chandeliers, tables and standing lamps are good natural lighting alternatives. Lighting is a homeowner's best friend. It works with every other interior design aspect to create a spectacular space.   
Play With Color

Like lighting, color can shift the feeling of a room. It's smart to hire a professional painter if you are tackling a big job. As noted by Tea Berry, “Anyone can paint, but few achieve the same quality that a painting company can.” If you decide to hire a professional, they can take care of the details to deliver a fresh look. However, choosing a color can be tricky; using complimentary colors (like green and red) is suggested. Neutral colors are safe, but experimenting is fun. Shades of red and yellow are energetic and strong, but muted greens and blues can be calming. The key to playing with color is to determine what feel you want the room to have before picking up a paintbrush. 
Renovate Your Bathroom Functionality

The bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in your house, so it deserves some special attention in remodeling. An easy and functional way to re-design is to add extra storage cabinets. You can also simply replace the towels or faucets to design a new color scheme. Homeowners often install a shower door instead of a basic curtain to change the look of their bathroom. If you've got the resources, tiling the walls or adding a shower bench takes your bathroom to the next (spa-like) level. Your family and your guests will thank you for updating this space.

Put Your Best Bowl Forward

Yes, you read that right. Bowls are a major interior design upgrade. When realtors show houses, they often place a crystal bowl with oranges or lemons in it on the counter. The idea is that the fruit provides a pop of color, and makes the home seem more inviting. You can easily do this (candy works too!) on an empty end table or counter. This is one of the simple ways to spice up your living space. The trick is to get a stylish, funky bowl, so the table doesn't just appear cluttered. This purposeful move makes your house look and feel sharp. 

Incorporate Your Unique Personality

The best part about your home: it's yours to design. When designing, it's important to pay attention to what grabs your attention and what you turn away from. Try to stay away from the words "I'm not sure if it's my style". If you like a piece of art or type of wallpaper, try it out even if it's not conventional or something you usually go for. Try putting outdoor pillows inside or buying an abstract piece of kitchen art. Whatever speaks to you, make it work in your home. Not only will it add a unique element, it will become a conversation piece for guests who come over. Ultimately, your interior design upgrades should be representative of your unique tastes. 
Making changes to your home's design can make it more inviting and comfortable. Whether you decide to add a lamp or paint a wall, every change can change the feeling of your home. Furthermore, you can tile your bathroom or adorn the kitchen with candy dishes. Or, you can add a unique piece that speaks to who you are. Whatever simple changes you decide to do, make sure your upgrades reflect what you want your home to feel like. Creating your dream house is simple with these interior design upgrades.

10 Defensive Driving Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe

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