Monday, April 23, 2018

Driving Around Vegas at Night

When we went to Vegas, we weren't aware of the Bellagio Water Fountain Show, thanks to a friend of mine who has been there  a few times, she told me about it.  So we decided to go and see it.  We made a mistake of driving because we couldn't find a parking area lol.  I think we spent more than half of time  driving than if we just walk from o9ur hotel to Bellagio.  We didn't even think about walking but since we were already out, we just  took  our time to find a parking space..
 Our hotel has a huge parking space so we thought we could easily find a  parking spot in any of the  hotel near the  Bellagio but we were dead wrong.  My husband was getting so frustrated already but I just  enjoy the view although the temperature was really hot.
 So for those of you  who are planning to visit Vegas, just walk during night time because it is easier to go to your destination by foot  rather than  on wheels.
 I think that  walking during night time  especially on Winter and Fall  weather is rather enjoyable.  During Summer time though, it is a different story although it is still  preferable to walk at night.
 See how many hotels we checked out trying to find a parking space?
 It also did not help that we  were new to Vegas so we found it really hard to  drive around.
 The good thing about it is, we had time to  see  the city.  I told my husband that if we would have known, we should have just  travel on foot even though we sweat lol.
 When you are in Vegas, you get to see  different famous  structures like the Eiffel Tower and many others. 
 Anyway, after  half an hour of driving around, we  took a chance of going to the Bellagio parking garage and  voila, we found a space to park!  You have to pay  if you are not a patron in the hotel but we said, it's okay, we just want to see the  water fountain show.
 I will  upload the video and  shared it here  soon, that's if Youtube does not censor it because while the show is going on, there is also music being played and usually, Yoputube does not   approve or publish your  video.  We will see what will happen.  

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