Friday, July 31, 2009

It's been six years

It's been six years since you left, but still fresh in my mind
It's been six years and yet I still miss you
It's been six years and the pain still lingers
It's been six years, how I wish you're still here!

But I know that you are now in peace
With no worries to think about
I know that you are with God now
We will see you in time!

Abstract Art

Our princess ran out of paint and colored pens so she asked me if she could draw or paint something on the computer. So I let her do some painting and here is what she has done, an abstract art.

She also used all her Dad's sticky notes writing her name and other stuff and stuck it on the wall.
Thanks for the visit and comment folks.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Saturday at Lotte

Despite of the rain last Saturday, we went to one of the biggest mall in town, Lotte Mart.

We grabbed some dunkin donuts to satisfy their sweet tooth..

We also watched some of the pets in the store. I took a pic of this porcupine.
The play area was very big, we had to pay 10,000 won for it. It's kinda expensive but hey, our kids enjoyed it so much.They had a blast in this million little balls.
Rylie played with the korean kids.
EJ just explore everything inside it..

Having fun with daddy!

So here you go guys, our Saturday activity. How about you?

Saturday, July 25, 2009


When we came back from the Philippines, gifts are waiting for us. We received two boxes of chocolates from Germany, thanks Mads Fe. A religious book from a very good friend Ate Chay from the Philippines, and our Princess got a Princess movie from an online source. Thank you Lord for all these gifts!

To those who know my very good friend Fe, please help us pray for her safety in delivering her twins. Her husband Mike informed me through friendster that she has been hospitalized for over two weeks now for observation. Be strong and have faith Madas, we are praying for you, may you have a safe delivery!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The bent Coconut and the Nipa Hut

We were doing our beach walk when I saw this coconut inside the backyard of one of the houses there and I asked my husband to take a picture of it.... with me lol..
If you think that no one lives in this little shanty, think again coz there is.. a Family..

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Eagerness to help with chores

My daughter shows her eagerness to help me with the household chores every time I do something. I was cleaning the dishes the yesterday and and she asked me if she can help me. I let her so it and she was very happy because usually i will tell her that she can't because she is going to get wet.
Then the other day, she woke me up and say that she is making breakfast, so I hurried up and look of she is doing. I got scared that she might get burned or something, but she made us a waffle. It is a frozen one and she prepared it through the oven toaster

She even fed her bother, thanks Anak, that was delicious!
She was crying with this picture because her dad gave her a bath while I was folding our cleaned laundry and she got mad that I was done when she got through taking a bath. So what I did was unfold some of the clothes and let her do it. Whew!

In a way, I am grateful that in her early age, she knows how to help. Does your kids do this too? Its better if you let your children help you because they feel proud when they accomplish something. For them it is a great deal! Have a great day everyone!

Friday, July 17, 2009

The beauty of clouds

One of the many advantages of flying is that you will get to your destination quickly. You will also have a chance to enjoy the beauty of the cloud formation and looking down the view from below. Looking at the cloud make me reminisce my childhood experience of tasting a cotton candy for the first time hehehe.

This picture was taken by my daughter during our flight going to Legazpi..
I took this one when we were riding a boat going to our place. You can see the Mayon Volcano as well.
Does the cloud make you feel like you are in heaven? I feel that sometimes when I am enjoying my flight.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In our Garden

My husband took these photographs at my mother's garden. He tried our new digital camera and see how it captures photos. I think the photos looks good but it take so long to upload it in a post.
I don't know the names of these plants hehehe but they are gorgeous!

love this orchid!

Have a nice Monday everyone and thank you for dropping by!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A note of thanks from an angel!

I gave all the donations I received to my sister-in-law before we left and she is very thankful because they did not have any money before my brother passed away. My niece Bhim wrote this letter of thanks to all of you who shared blessings and prayers to the family. Your continued support will help my sister in law and her kids face the new challenges without my late brother.
Bhim (in green) and Yami (in brown) with Rylie..

Especial thanks to Ate Cecil of Quezon City, Philippines, Ate Lelet of Chinhae Korea, and all the compassionate people in the blogland.

Thanks also to all of you who conveyed strong support through prayers and encouraging words to our family. May God bless you all for your kindness!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Princess turned 4 Today

Our daughter turned 4 today. We did not celebrate here because we have pre-celebrated her birthday in the Philippines. We hesitated to answer her when she asked us if she can celebrate her birthday there with her cousins because it was a day after my brother was buried. But we thought that it was also a perfect time to cheer up my brother's daughters so we threw a small party for her. Not so much food, just sphagetti, bihon, sandwich, bbq and a cake.

My husband could not believe how much kids showed up although we did not invite any (grins). I told him that it is different in our place. People will invite themselves if there are free food. But it was fun although crowded. The only bad part was we had brown out so with a lot of kids coming in the house, it was so hot.

I went to Legazpi the morning of July second to pick up the cake that our good friend Ate Chay had ordered. I bought some gifts too so that our Princes won't get bummed out. One good thing in the Philippines that I like is that we never waste food, when we have a party all the foods will be consumed/eaten.

Happy Birthday Anak, we love you so much... May God bless you with good health and long life!

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