Friday, May 3, 2013

Online Collectibles Auction

Finding antiques and collectibles is not  a hard thing to do these days because Internet.  Say for instance if you are looking or a Victorian Casino Antique ,  all you have to do is search for it via internet and  I am sure that one of the search result will be from the iCollector.  iCollector is a Victorian Casino Antique Auction site where you can find collectibles.

Speaking of collectibles, this reminds me of the TV show that I like watching, the hoarder.  Most of them are just pure hoarders  but  there are some who  really collects   valuable things.  Just like in one of the episodes,  this guys collects beautiful arcade stuff  but it was too much that  he almost spent his retirement fund buying  stuff even though he had so many already.  I think that collecting valuable  things is  good as long as you won't overdo it.  

My husband has a few collection of old coins and old bills but he stopped doing it.   We looked at the value of his collection online and some of them are priced high while others are just okay.   Collecting things   is not bad at all  but you have to make sure that what you are collecting is worth the time and money.

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