Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Real Estate License

Key Realty School is the right place to go for anyone desiring a Nevada Real Estate License   There are three types of licenses available including Salesperson, Salesperson Broker and Broker. These licenses can be achieved through the courses at the Key Realty School. A Salesperson has a license and works as an employee of a Nevada Broker. A Salesperson Broker has a broker’s license and is a qualified salesperson. They may or may not work under a Broker depending on the type of job they want, and if they don’t have the two years minimum experience with a license. A Broker has met all the requirements and can employee Salespersons and Broker Salespersons. 

Key Realty School has been training people for real estate licenses and giving post license courses, broker licensing and preparation for the state tests for over 20 years. They give courses in: 
• Appraisal 
• Property management 
• Mortgage lending 
• Inspections 
• Broker management 
• Finance 
• Investment 
• Escrow 
• Home owner management 
• Business law 
• Real estate economics 

Some courses are offered by home study, so the student can work at their own pace. Tests are given through the school website or in person, and students must score 75 percent or higher on the completion test to get certification for the course. Key Realty School offers dynamic instructors and course material as well as counselors who create a learning environment that supports and encourages students in the profession of Nevada real estate. They have a close relationship with Nevada real estate companies and help find employment for their students.

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