Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flurry of Snow

We have a little flurry of snow this morning but now it's snowing hard wahhhh.  Spring time isn't yet  for real, Mr. Winter just want to take his sweet time hehehe.  

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Carpet Installed

Carpet installation was one of the many improvements that we did before we moved in to this house that we bought  5 years ago.  We decided to ripped off the old carpet because it was filthy and we did not like the color anyway.  We hired a carpet company to do it s for us.

Fastest Acting Insulin Medication

If you are a type 1 and type 2 diabetic person, you are probably  aware of the insulin medication called Humalog. Humalog is believed to be one of the fastest acting insulin medication that will work in about 15 minutes after you  inject it.  You can  buy Humalog online but beware of those  online store that sells them as they may give you the fake ones.  Based from what I read on the website, there is no  generic Humalog available.  Elli Lilly and Company are the ones that  solely manufactures or produces  this insulin medication.

Some people  are looking for ways to buy cheap Humalog online and MedSaverCard or RxBattle are some of the options where there are cheap Humalog but as what I have said above, beware  of the fake ones that they might issue you.  It must be very hard to be a diabetic because you  have to maintain the medication and  watch your sugar intake to avoid complications.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

K is for Kangaroo

Kanga and Roo is my  contribution  for ABC Wednesday.  Photo was taken when we visited Pittsburgh Zoo last year.

Nurse Bling

I took this shot yesterday at my SIL's home.  That's a cute nurse bling isn't it?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Tory Burch Sandals

He'ya everyone, are you ready for some equestrian talking?  Well, let's start with the old gringo selection of boots at Infinity Shoes.  Those kind of shoes are great if you love to ride on a horse,  go on nature trekking, or even  going for a date with a cowboy.  Those are the scenes I have in my mind whenever I see those kinds of shoes.  

Tory Burch Sav Sandal Silver LeatherOn the other note, I found some  very cute and chick tory burch shoes and sandals at Jildor webpage.  These two are the ones  that I like among their selection.  Those would look good on skinny feet which I don't have unfortunately.  I have  a set of wide feet so basically  slip ons doesn't look good on my feet.  But I honestly love the style and designs.

Tory Burch Sparkle Jelly Thora Sandal Island PinkShoe Inn is sponsoring a $200 worth of gift card every month  for those lucky winners who would join their VIP Club.  Being a VIP club will give you  a lot of benefits like an exclusive  email   of their sale, a birthday discount, and an email of their special event.  So if you are feeling lucky and you love shoes so much, this is your chance to grab this  rare opportunity.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Snap Dragon

We are back to below freezing temperature so I am kinda bummed out about it.  I thought that  we can enjoy the Spring already but we are still stuck. sigh.  Anyhow, the flower above was taken last year when we visited my BIL's house.  I think those are  snapdragon, my SIL Michaele has a lot of those with different colors in her garden.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Dog's Loyalty

I am sure that most of you have watched this on TV or on youtube but I still want to post it here. It just amaze me how this dog is so loyal to his friend that he wouldn't leave by his/her side.  These dogs  are the ones that survived from the tsunami, the other one is hurt so the other dog stays with her/him.  Now I understand how our dog Champ, did not got when our other former dog tried to flee.  We raised  Champ since he was a baby so I think that he established his loyalty to us.

The above video, reminds me of the  movie I watched a couple of months ago,  with Richard Gere as a star.   A movie that would  make you cry while you're watching it.  Hachicko or Hachi A Dog's Tale - is sad movie depicting about the dog's love and loyalty of his master who have found him when he got loose from his cage and basically raised him.  When Richard Geere suddenly died, the dog still goes to the train station where he used to wait for his master, he did that for nine years until he died.  

According to what I read, this movie was based on a real life story.  So if you have time, try to search for it  on youtube, you can watch  it there or buy a  DVD, it's worth your time and money.  

Chronic Renal Failure

Maintaining a stable level of phosphorous in our bloodstream is very important to ensure that other bodily system is healthy.  For those who are suffering or suffered  from  chronic renal failure  however, it is hard for their body to stabilize the  level of phosphorous  in the bloodstream.  Just like any irregularities in our body, an unregulated  level of phosphorous can cause a serious issue that would deter the  function of other bodily system which can lead to chronic renal failure.

Renagel is one of the medicines recommended for chronic renal failure.  You can  buy renagel in a reputable online pharmacy, winch is I think is the cheapest way because the competition level in the online market is pretty fierce.  You can even  buy generic renagel if you can't afford to pay the amount of the non-generic one.  Market competition is an advantage to us consumers because we can find stuff that are  less in prices  compared to the amount we have to pay when there is no competition at all.  So if you want to buy cheap renagel, search for it online and you will find a good deal.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Saint Day

I snagged this photo at Ms. Burrito's teacher's webpage. This was taken during their Saint Day celebration.  This was also the  celebration of Fr. Dean's birthday, the priest at our church.

Elegant Gowns

If you are looking for an elegant gown to buy for you to wear on a very special occasion, you can never go wrong in browsing the selection at DressesPro website.  You can order it  through the stock in their selection or have it design as you like.  You just have to give them  time to do it for you.  I asked my five year old daughter to pick some prom dresses that she like in the  website and she picked these Sweetheart Neck Sequin Ball Gown that are available in colors  purple and blue.  Right now, you can save  5% savings from the original price.  

The evening dresses selection are  also gorgeous.  Ms. Burrito picked this one out too, a Goddess Sweetheart Neck Sequin Dress which you can customize  and  pick  the color that you  want.  You can narrow down your search through  selecting the event, design, style, and color.  They also  provide women shoes, bags, dresses, and even  a makeover.  One last thing, they  offer free shipping, free custom size, and a free color change.  So come and see their elegant gowns.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Street Light

I took a couple of shots of this street light while hubby was pumping air to our car tires a couple of weeks ago.
I hate to go to bed this early but I took a heavy does of nyquail  and it is now kicking up.  I will be returning your visits if time permits tomorrow.  Thank you so much for dropping by and for leaving your thoughts.


Watch out gadget lovers, there are so many cool gadgets available at Howard Technology such as mimio, Howard notebook, desktop, and more.  Isn't it amazing how there is an added gadget available at the market for consumers to buy?  Brilliant people are constantly  producing  cool stuff that would   help to  do  things easier.  Believe it or not but I think I am the last people to have an iPhone lol.  

Ohio River

We paid my brother-in-law Rick and his wife Jill a visit last Sunday. On the way, I tried to take pics of the Ohio River, the water was very high.
Thanks for visiting folks.  I am floating at the moment as I took two  dayquail liquid gels meds  to dry up my sinus.  Oh I hate being sick, it really drains your energy.

Skin Care

My husband has been bugging me to  visit  the skin doctor as I was complaining of my rashes forming under my neck.  It gets very itchy sometimes.  The  medicine that the doctor prescribed to me last time did not work, well, it did at first then  the rashes came back again.  I found this skin care guide and other articles online on what you should to do to avoid  spreading the bacteria to your skin and all that stuff that you can do to have a smooth skin.  Check it out ladies when you have time, it's a good read.

Monday, March 21, 2011

J for Jar

My Filipina friend here in the area (not a blogger) gave me this beautiful vase. She collects jar of different kinds and she said that she bought a set of this but then was delivered alone. The store said that they ran out of stock of the other ones so instead of paying for shipping to return it back, she just gave it tom. 
Thanks a lot ate Agnes.  Thank you also for those  of you who frequent this blog and my other blogs, every visit you make  and comments left is always  appreciated.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shadows Here and There

I busied myself clicking the camera while hubby was driving last weekend. We were invited to a birthday party at Chuck e Cheese.

Hubby asked: "What's so special  with those clicks"
I simply answered "Shadows" lol.
He blurted "Addict"

Friday, March 18, 2011

Thrift Find # 1

I found a new meme, Share a Thrift Hunt, when I was blog hopping early this morning.  I am joining  even if my entry is late already weee.  Below are the thrift stuff that I found a couple of months ago. I got the black and white laced top for free at Listia - a place where you can get free stuff and  I bought the tan corduroy for $5, it was originally priced at $29.99 at JC Penny but I got it on sale.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Round Building

A quick snap  I took when we were driving along the highway of McKnight Road  in Pittsburgh, PA going to  Chuck e Cheese located at McIntyre Square Drive.  I am not sure what  building is this for but it looks pretty.  I didn't capture the whole look though.


Ain't this look neat, it looks like a small island or swamp.  Island is my contribution for this week's   ABC Wednesday.
Hubby took these shots last week.  He was telling me how fast the snow was  melting on top of his truck so I immediately grabbed the camera and gave it to him before all the water pour down the ground lol.  Thanks for taking the pics Mr. K.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Rock Collector

Our  burritos love to  collect rocks.  When our neighbor learned about it, he gave them some as he is a rock collector too. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fort Pitt Tunnel

Fort Pitt Tunnel is one of the many favorite things that our burritos look  into whenever we go to Pittsburgh.  It reminds  them of the many tunnels that we go through when  we were still in Korea.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Flowers

These are the first Spring flowers that my husband saw when he took Champ for a walk last weekend. I feel bad for these beauties as we got dumped with a heavy snow again the other day. I hope that they come back again.
Just a quick update here friends, we are going to Pittsburgh today. Thanks for visiting and for leaving your thoughts.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Reward for Being a Follower

Yay, I was rewarded for being a follower at Tranquil Acres of Alexandria.  I was blog hopping for one of the memes I have joined and find Leslie's blog fabulous so I followed it.  She  visited me back the next morning and informed me that  she is giving me a reward, woot.    She also featured  one of my blogs at her home page that day.  Thanks a lot Leslie.  I love the crushed pepper, that's exactly my weakness.  Love the personalized card and lotion too.
Please visit this lovely blogger by clicking the link above.  She gives reward to every 10th follower  of her blog so you might be lucky to follow her and become her 200th and she'll sure   make your day happy.
Can you guess what makes that shadow?  Thanks for visiting and for leaving your thoughts guys.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

H is for a Sweet Hug

Two sweet angels hugging each other.  On the left is a the shy daughter of Shy, Justine  and on the right is an outgoing daughter of Jen.  Ain't that a sweet sight?  HUG is for H on  ABC Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Snowflakes.. Frozen

I took this shot at our truck's windshield last week.  For those who haven't seen snowflakes yet, here you go, the frozen version.  I was able to capture that before the sun hits, I think minutes after I snapped this, they started melting  from the heat of the engine.
PS.. Would you mind dropping by at my new Opinion Channel blog? Pretty please? Thanks a lot!

Black and White

While waiting inside the car at the parking lot,  I started looking around  to see if there's an interesting subject to take pictures with.  I opened  the passenger window, looked up, and see these twin lights.  CLICK!
Busy Mom's Tips Tuesday Blog Hop

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bright Smiles. Bright Future

Brushing our choppers is a family activity at yours truly's abode. We have these form for the kids and it is a routine for all of us.
Flossing is also part of our daily routine after brushing our teeth.
It's fun especially for the kids.  Sometimes, our dog Champ is with us inside our bathroom too.  I think he is wondering why we are all there.
Powered or electric toothbrush are our burritos favorite to use.  They are available in different cartoon characters that they like.
Toothpaste also comes in different characters of their choice.  This motivates them more in cleaning up their teeth.
Have a lovely week ahead everyone!  Thanks for commenting and for dropping by!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I am not sure what kind of flowers are these but they are beautiful.  Are these mums or daisies?  Photo was taken at Kroger's.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Superb Colocation and Managed Hosting

Finding the right web hosting company that would take care of your  business's site is a big factor that you have to consider before locking in into a contract.  There are web hosting company which features are limited and sometimes has a lot of downtime.    To avoid having  these circumstances, you should always research first  to see if they are the right web host provider for you.  

Running the business is a big responsibility so a managed hosting for your business is ideal especially if you don't have the know how about  web hosting and other stuff that involves technical knowledge and skills.   Professionals like the team of engineers from Superb can handle the job well for you.  They have the knowledge and expertise on how things work efficiently that could boost your website's ability to reach out to  customers.  

Another option that you have is colocation, an application that you can use if you already have a server.  Superb can provide you with an adequate space and maximum security to  better run the website of your business.  Please check out the website  for more detailed information about colocation and managed hosting.

Gas Leak is Fixed

The plumber came at 8:30 yesterday and a little bit later came the workers from the city to work on our gas pipe. They were able to finish the job at 12:30. It was a big relief as the house was starting to get so cold even with two electric heaters.
The plumber was super nice because when we offered to pay cash, he  gave us a hundred dollars discount.  So we just paid $550 instead of 650 bucks.
My plants in the corner got tore up though huhuhu but it's okay it can be replaced, our lives can't if something bad could have happened because of the gas leak.  Good thing God is always watching over us.


Even though the sun is shining today, our house is cold because we don't have a furnace running.  The plumber won't be able to  work on our gas line till tomorrow.  We are only using our portable heaters to keep us warm 
Hubby said that it is going to  go down to  14 degrees tonight, oh boy it's going to be so cold.  I am glad that we bought  mink blankets  in Korea before we came back here.  It's a big help  during winter times and  on this kind of circumstances.  
These photos were taken weeks ago when I thought that snow was over but I was wrong lol.
Keep me warm with your comments folks, thanks a lot!

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