Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy 101

Got an award from Ate Ces of Kitchen.. the Heart of our Home, thanks Ate. Along with this award is to list ten things that makes you happy. Here are the things that makes me happy.

  1. My family, hubby and kids
  2. Hobbies like singing, blogging, reading, cooking, gardening, etc.
  3. Traveling to places I have never been with my husband and kids
  4. Knowing that my family back home are alright.
  5. When my chubskulits-kids tell me they love me.
  6. When I am given tasks because that means I can send some more to my family
  7. Seeing my kids grow with good attitudes and with sense of responsibility
  8. When I receive so many comments.. thanks to all who never get tired of reading my posts and leaving wonderful comments.
  9. Whenever Our kitchen is filled with stuff that we need to cook everyday and lastly
  10. A debt-free life!
I am passing this to all of you who are reading this. Please grab it if you please..

She cut it short!

I mean to post this last week but I always forgot. I caught my daughter playing with our hair kit at the bedroom and I told her not to mess with it. I did not notice that she already cut her bangs, I just saw it when I gave her a bath. My golly, she cut it so short! Good thing, she did not cut all of it, I mean there are still long ones left. Look at that ornery little princess lol.

For my shadow shot Sunday, I am sharing these two shots that I took yesterday. Whenever our daughter wakes up in the morning, she always change her sleep wear and wear her princess outfits. The funny thing is she will present her outfit without combing her hair. Look how messy her hair is.

Have a happy weekend guys.


When IZEA first announced the changes that former PPP will have, I was like "Cool". It said that you can write just about anything as long as it is related to the links given, it will be alright but lately I keep receiving rejection on my post saying that it should be related to the website or products from that website. I thought for sure at first that it doesn't need to be a form of review, how come it still asking for one. It's the same person that keeps rejecting my posts so I am not sure if its personal or what. Does my post being read or I get the auto rejection messages everytime this person sees my posts?

Say for instance I wrote an article about a "Romantic Road Trip" and I included the Dallas limo ride in it and it was rejected due to reason of unrelated stuff.

Or I wrote an article about shopping because the link is about a coupon and it was rejected due to a reason of copying content from the website. It is frustrating because the article I wrote is a personal one and I never copied anything from anywhere. What got me spun up is the fact that the message of rejection includes a " suspension" of my account if the content is still there. Again, I never copied anything.

I am happy to be a member of IZEA for quite a long time now and I am thankful about it. It is just frustrating that things like this happen. I submitted a ticket about it but until now I haven't had any response yet.

On the lighter note, I love how PPPv4 is going. It is much better than InPostLink I think.

I am thinking of deleting my accounts to IPL if this problem persists in the future posts.


If you will visit my house and stay at our living room for a while, you will notice how much photos we have on display at our entertainment center. At the bottom shelf, you will see a stock of photo albums that I personally arranged. I added some scrap booking style on my children's photo. Scrap booking is one hobby that I really want to learn, I still have to learn a lot of stuff about it.

I found an online store that sells discount scrapbook supplies and I a enjoying the prices they have for every product. Scrap booking is also one good way of bonding with your kids. My daughter likes arts and crafts so whenever I am arranging photos, she always lend her hands to help me. offers a different varieties of scrap booking materials. You can shop by category such as alphabets and letters, albums and letters, embossing materials, embellishments, eyelets and brads, markers, and many others.

You can also shop by brands which includes the top brands like American Crafts, Bazilla Basics Paper, Banger, Clue Arts, Zutter Innovative Products, ScrapCessories, and more. So if you are like me who like making scrap books with your family's precious moments, come visit this online store because they have everything you need.

Friday, January 29, 2010

As we drove along..

I snapped these shots in Maryland last week. I am not sure what kind of building this is though.For my camera critters, I am sharing this cows we saw along the way driving from Maryland to PA. There were lots of barns with horses and cows but unfortunately I wasn't lucky to capture them. These are the closest I was able to shot.Have a great weekend ahead guys!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Corn lover

My family love corn on a cob. Here's some evidence. These were taken when we were still in Korea. Fresh corn in the commissary is very expensive so we found an alternative for it. We used to buy the frozen corn from bird's Eye and we love it because it tastes like a fresh corn and its really sweet. You ,can try it folks.
Are you a corn lover too?

Secret to Having Beautiful Hair

I used to admire those pretty girls on TV, actresses and models, who have long and shiny hair. I thought to myself, how come I uses conditioner and other stuff on my hair but it wouldn't look as good as them. I thought for sure that they always go to a parlor so as to maintain a great looking hair but I was wrong. My husband bought me this hair Iron and ever since I have it, I am satisfied on how my hair looks.

The secret to having beautiful hair is not the number of times you go to a hair salon but on how you manage it. I suggest that you invest in buying one hair iron instead of paying for a service at a beauty parlor for your hairdo. Of course you don't need to use it everyday because it ca also damage your hair. I only use when we are going out or I have t attend to a special occasion or something.

What I like about hair iron is that you do whatever and however you want your hair to look like. You can curl, straighten, or just simply flatten it. It's fun having it and its cheaper.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I am not sure if this little island was built for something or what but I spotted this when we were driving along the bay area of Maryland. If you like to see more watery shots, join us during Wednesdays.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Blue Sky

These photos were taken when my husband and I flew going to Maryland last Friday to pick up our car. We flew through Continental Airlines. They did not have a non stop flight so we have a connecting one to Cleveland Ohio.
I was surprised when we were approaching Ohio because I saw a lot of snow. I thought that it would be like in Weirton where snow were melted already.

Although I was a bit worried leaving our children at my Dad's , I enjoyed travelling alone with my husband especially when we were driving. It felt like a honeymoon or something lol. Have a great Monday everyone!

Mother's Day Gifts

I asked my good friend over in the Philippines to buy me a gift for my mother's birthday this coming Wednesday. She will go there in Legazpi to visit my youngest sister who is in college. It's been 6 years since she last celebrated her birthday with me which makes me sad. I will give her a call on her birthday to ease away this loneliness of mine.

I am thinking of sending her some mothers day gifts this year. I still have a lot of time to decide what will I send her. I found this awesome website where you can order gifts for Moms on their special day. What I like about Pro Flowers is that they deliver internationally so I can order something for my Mom and they will deliver it in the Philippines.

Mother's day is a special time to show our Moms how special they are and how they are well-loved by us. Make them extra special by sending them flowers or something that they love. There's a lot of variation of gifts for Mom at Pro Flower, visit them today. You can send them a fruit basket, delicious nuts, wine, flowers, basket of different goodies, and a lot more.

Lucky Bamboo

My flower this week isn't real but since it is pretty I want to share it anyway. I took this shot when we went to the furniture store and bought our kid's bunkbed.
I also would like to share this lucky bamboo that a blogger friend gave me when she visited our humble abode on my son's birthday. Thank you very much to the author of Worth's Road. Please visit her blog of this lovely lady by clicking the badge below.

May this plant bring me goodluck this year bakla, thanks a lot. I haven't had a lucky bamboo before so I am so grateful with your thoughtfulness Shy!
Aren't they beautiful? Join Today's Flowers and share the flowers around you.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cute Bird

My husband and I flew to Baltimore yesterday morning to pick up our car that was shipped from Korea. When we were going inside the building, I saw this beautiful bird flew and landed on the plant beside the building.
I asked my husband to wait a sec and I quickly took the photos below. for the very first time, it's my lucky day of capturing a photo of the bird that is so near to me lol. I am not sure what kind is it though.
Join the Camera Critters adventure.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Reward... My favorite spot.. etc..

The theme for this week's "With Love Wednesday" is My favorite spot in the house. You can find me here every time I am free from my chores. That's the other part of our living room where we put the computer. In this corner, I can peek the beautify of the world through browsing blogs and other online websites. I can communicate, express my feelings, and jot down my thoughts in here.
With Love Wednesday
This is how obvious how much credit we had last year. But the good thing is that even if we paid some interest for it, it helped us acquire what we needed in establishing our home so I don't have regrets. A plus is the points that we earned and redeemed for rewards like this one. This set of grilling gadgets arrived last week and my husband said "I am getting spoiled with those rewards."
Now we uses one credit card for our purchases but we pay it off before its due. It is one way of accumulating points which you can later redeem for some great rewards.
Having a credit card is not bad as long as you know how to responsibly use it.

Their New Favorites

The theme for this week's Mommy Moments is "New Favorites". Here are some of our kiddos new faves. Their new favorite playmates and friends are Christopher and Hailey!
EJ's new favorite toy to play with is the gift that his Pap gave him, the train set.
This is Rylie's favorite spot in doing her arts. This was made and given to her by Tita Chris.
mommy moments
Have a great weekend everyone. I won't be able to visit you today but promise to visit back as soon as we get back from Maryland. We need to pick up our vehicle their so hubby and I are flying tomorrow morning down to Baltimore and drive the car back home.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Needs an Eye Exam

My paternal side of the family has a cataract problem. I don't know if this is genetics or what but most of them has it. My grand mother had a severe eye cataract problem, then my father had it too, and some of my aunts has it now. The sad thing is that no one bothers to have it checked. I think if there's a place like Utah cataract over there, they might have a chance to have it corrected or treated. Either that, they just don't have the finances for it.

Speaking of which, my sister texted me the other week and told me that my mother has to go to an eye doctor because she is always having a headache and the the doctor suggested for her to visit an eye doctor. So my sister will accompany her this week. I am hoping that it would help her eliminate the constant headache she is having. It is so hard when you are far from home because you want to be with them when they need you but you can't.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Last Glance on Icicles

Before the icicles melted, I had a chance to take some pictures again. I don't know why but I find icicles to be an interesting subject for my photos. Maybe because we never had this stuff over in the Philippines. all the icicles are melted now, I just wish that the weather will warm up soon. Since these photos were taken when it was melting, I am also sharing this to Watery Wednesday.
This last shot has droplets at the end of the icicles, I just don't know how to catch it visibly before it drop on the ground hehehe. Any tips on better ways of taking photos?
These photos are perfect for:

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