Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Zygo Cactus

We went to Lowe's yesterday and bought the last 6 rolls of insulation we need to finish insulating the attic.  I saw this Zygo cactus or commonly known as Christmas cactus on sale.  It only cost $1.80 so I got one.  Have you ever have one of these kind?  This is my first time trying this cactus.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Aside from garland and balls, some of our Christmas tree ornaments are old and sentimental. The two sailor theme below are the simple gifts I gave to my husband two years ago when he was still in active duty.
 Hubby got the one below when he was ten years old.  
 Below is the Family  snowmen that my sister-in-law Chris gave us a couple  years ago when we had our first Christmas tree.
 I started buying  two ornaments for each of our  burritos every year and wrote the year at the back or front so they'll remember.
 Below is the first one that EJ got on his first Christmas  with us.
 Over time, the kids had collected  Christmas stuffed toys from friends and family.  Some of them are  musical and some aren't.  
 Since the kids helped me in decorating, they insisted to  put them on display too.
 The Santa is a plastic one with light bulb inside, Dad gave this to EJ.  My husband said that  it was his santa since he was a kid.  The gift boxes were made by my sister in law, she gave it to me during my first Christmas here in the States with pretty  Christmas tree ornaments in it.
 Below are some ornaments that my daughter made in school.  The head of the Rudolph is made of light bulb that they painted.
Thanks for checking out my   post folks and for leaving your comments.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Magic at Midnight

I ordered some personalized Christmas Cards this year and sent it out to family and friends.  Below is a copy of it where I uploaded a family picture that we took for Christmas.  Some of you might receive one copy of it even if it comes late.  You can add a little magic at midnight this coming new year if you  get some customized cards to celebrate the new year by uploading some of the best moments for this year.  That would be awesome isn't it?
Happy Holidays Everyone

The True Gift

I received these ecards from DaySprings and would like to share it to you guys.  May all of you have a great Christmas!
He is PEACE...
He is JOY...
He is LOVE...
He is every good gift from God's heart to ours.
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father.
James 1:17 NIV

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Small Icicles

I am so glad that this year's snow is not as bad as last year.  Last year was pretty harsh.  I remember the  long and thick icicles last year from the place where I took the photo above.  This year is just a little bit.  Just a quick update here folks.  Hope all of you had a good  Christmas celebration, we did!

Champ got Sick

Champ was sick last night, he woke us up in the middle of the night crying.  I think he had an upset stomach because he had a diarrhea.  I let him out and he  booked like a bullet in the yard and I heard  the squirting sound (sorry).  I thought he did not do it in the crate but  he did wahhh.. So  we cleaned it and washed his blanket..  I just got done with my laundry and it is now 12:05 over here.  

While I was doing laundry, my daughter and I were also  making lumpia.  We wrapped  it up already and put them in the freezer for tomorrow's family get together.  After this update, I will take my shower and  start wrapping up gifts wahhh.. I probably sleep at two am.. h boy, holiday is definitely a busy  one.  Thanks for dropping by folks.  I am now signing off.  

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I took this shot  one afternoon when we visited my FIL.  The sky was so dark and getting ready to pour some rain.

Alrighty folks, this is just a short update.  Thanks for dropping by, we are off to my husband's school today so we are out again, whew!

Gateway Gifts

I took a picture of these blue  glasses at  a gift shop that we stopped by when we went to  Maryland.  On the way home, we stopped at Gateway and  eat, we roamed around the building and saw some of the neat gift sets there.  Happy Blue Monday, we're off to church at nine so I'll visit later on tonight.   Thanks for your comments.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Red, Yellow, and Pink

Bluberry craft and hobby timeNEW LOGO
Not sure what the name of this pretty flower that I took photos of at Lowe's months ago.  This is  very easy to grow though.  My  father-in-law gave me some of this and now they are plenty.  It's so pretty when they bloom, mine has pink bloom though.  does anyone know what the name of this flower is?  Thank you!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sunset in Chinhae

 These were the last shots of sunset I took when we were still in Chinhae Korea.
 My son really wants to come back there.  He always say "I want to go back home to our blue house."  
He basically grew up there so  he is very fond of the place.  I also wish to go back there someday when the kids are old enough.

Ice and Water

Cups of water that hubby and I had when we flew down to Mary land in picking up our car.  Continental served water as beverage during the flight.
How do you view the content?  Do you always see it as half full or half empty?

Thanks for dropping by folks.  We will be at my FIl's home today and I will babysit Sophie again for a couple of hours while we're there.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snowy Rubies

 I took these photos during the first shower of snow over here.  The weather channel said that we will have 2-6 inches today but I doubt it because  it stop  snowing already and I am  glad about it.
 I hope that we won't get  snow storm this year.  last year was scary to me.
I wonder what happen to our birds.  I hope they found a good shelter for them.

Home Away Traveling

One of the favorite site/blog that I love to visit is the blog  from a blogger friend from Cyprus.  He features bloggers from around the world and showcase their beautiful places such as Greece, Turkey, Slovakia, and many others.  I love visiting his blog because it is like I am traveling the world without leaving my home.

Not only that he features places, he also give suggestions to which cyprus villas and other accommodation are good  based on his travel experiences. To be able to see  these places through photos is an amazing  feeling how much more if you could really travel and see these beautiful places for real.  

I guess most of us are  dreaming of traveling the world, am I right?  That is one of my biggest dream, to be able to travel the world and  see  God's  beautiful creation. Who knows I might get lucky and do that in the near future hahaha.  hat would be a lifetime experience!

Anyhow, if you are planning to  have a vacation in Turkey this holiday, check out the villas in Turkey at Home Away website.  They have a long list of  accommodations and other stuff on their site so if you need some help in planning your getaway, just check them out.

I have only seen turkey through photos in blog and in TV.  I used to watch this local show being hosted by a local TV network when I was still in my country and one of the places  they featured is  Turkey.  One of the actresses in my country got married to a Turkish national  and she  showed  the place where  they love to go and some of the traditions that she learned in living there.  Too bad their marriage  did not last very long.

It's snowing here right now and the wind is blowing so hard, so my mind is thinking something else like staying in one of these luxurious villa with panoramic view.  
Panoramic views from the terrace

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Amazon Parrot

I took a couple of shots of this Amazon Parrot at Pet Supplies store in Steubenville Ohio.  I love it's color especially the beak and the tail.
Camera Critters

Friday, December 10, 2010

Tree's Anatomy

Do you see what I see?  Two horns, two ears, a head, two arms and a body.  do you see it?

My daughter and I saw this pine tree at the neighborhood where we went for a walk.

Creepy but pretty isn't it?


Remember the  prize I won from commenting to a blog?  I  used them as a Christmas tree ornament.  I found three  circle  stuff in my  sewing machine box and used them to tie the string to and voila, we have tristar.

Mommy & Me Monday # 1

Hello everyne, how is your Monday kicking off? Ours is a little bit busy (as always lol). I just got done cooking three dishes and the kids are now playing in the pool outside. So now, I have time to blog for a while until they are done swimming and then we'll eat lunch.

I found this new meme though Mamilu's blog so I want to try it. It's a pretty good avenue to meet other Mommies in the Universe.

Above photo was taken yesterday at Marland Heights Memorial Park. Below is my daugter and I's bonding moment during my birthday last week. Thanks to all who greeted me through facebook, emailed, posted greetings on their blogs, and sent me cards!
Note:  Reposted

Yellow Rose Bloom Once Again

My yellow rose bloomed once again. I thought, she was done blooming but she did it one more time before Fall, yay! Do you see the tomatoes beside it? I have two tomato trees only but I harvested a lot already.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bumble Bee

I took these shots last weekend when our friend Raquel invited us to pick some plums in their backyard. I don't know what is the name of this flower here but back in the Philippines, my mother used to call this Senia. My friend has a lot of this in their patio. When I first saw it growing, I told her that they are going to be tall, her hubby said that he didn't know it when he spread out the seeds in the planter lol.
Camera CrittersLOGO TODAY\

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