Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cute Pencils

Below are the cute pencils that I have in my husband's mug, I used it as a pencil holder hehehe.  I bought the one with disney characters a couple of years ago for  Ms. Burrito but she never used it.    The aqua characters were given to me by  a thoughtful online friend, Mel of  Heart content of a Mama".  The one with anime character was from Korea.
Wishing you a great weekend everyone!  Please join us at Ms. Burrito's blog for Color Connection tomorrow.


Best Brand Shoes

I have mentioned on my other site that hubby bought us a pair of running shoes online.  The very first pair of shoes he bought me when I came here in the states is six years old already, it still look good but  hubby bought me one because he found a great deal  when he was browsing online last week.  The UPS guy delivered it  at our front door yesterday and I love it!

If you are looking for the best brand of shoes and want to buy 80 20 shoes or buy cordani shoes, the  perfect website to check out is Best Brand Shoes.  They have different branded shoes that you can choose from at a fair price.  Some of their  best brands include Adidas, UGG, Born, Clark, Amiana, Charles David and more.

If you are fan of Paris Hilton, you can buy paris hilton shoes at the site.  They have   different styles and designs.  Above photos are just some of the ones I like.  So if you want to sport a shoe like Paris Hilton does,  the selections at Best Brand Shoes  are  the perfect ones for you.  You can also Buy Charles David just like the one below.  It's a  stylish one to wear on summer.  

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Personal Note

I really like my daughter's school. It is a small community so there's a special bonding between teachers, students, and parents.  You can tell how much teacher care for your child when you visit them in the classroom.
Ms. Burrito's teacher sent this  personal note of thanks to us a couple of weeks ago.  I thought that was very special and sweet of her.
She even included our son in the note.   She knows him when we  used to send Ms. Burrito  to her classroom.


Took a shot of my SIL pretty impatiens. These beauties are sometimes called busy lizzie. This kind of flower comes in different colors white, pink, rose, orange, scarlet, burgundy, and violet, with many bicolored variants
We are going for a little nature trekking  friends so I will try to visit back tonight.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Yellow Roses

Here's the yellow roses at my garden.  It has a  light pink at the end of of its petals.
 I dunno if it's due to the rain that  it's getting  some kind of disease around the edges pr  some kind of bugs is infecting it.
I just love roses, good thing every time I plant one, it lives.MellowYellowBadge


I picked up some black raspberries when we visited my SIL.  Her raspberries are now starting to ripe.  She said that she already have some in the freezer.  She makes them into jam and jelly.  She also has other fruits in her big backyard like pears, strawberries  and cherries.  Our apple on the other hand is not doing so well.  I don't think it will bear fruit this year because it did not bore flowers.  I would like to be able to learn how to make juice out of fresh  fruits.  

I remember last year, my father-in-law and my daughter made some tomato juice using his   old timer juicer.  I browsed some Popular Juicers online and I found so many different kinds with unique different features.  The Breville JE900 is really nice but I think that my favorite one is this Breville JE95XL, a two speed juice fountain plus.  It is on sale at Amazon but I  can't buy it right now since I don't have budget for it.  Maybe next time, besides I still have to learn how.  

My SIL taught me how to  make wilted lettuce yesterday.  Yeah I know, some of you might rolled your eyes but I don't have any idea about this kind of stuff so I am trying to explore.  At  least I am trying to learn here hehehe and   I think, that is what's important right?  Anyhow, if you guys are looking for a good juicer for this  summer or for any  season for that matter,  just please visit the links I have provided above.

I really want to learn how to extract juice from the fruit.  Sometime soon, maybe.  When you have the resources/gadgets already, I think that it won't be so hard to learn how to do it.  Don't you agree?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Peeking Through

These shots were taken when we went t for a walk last week.
 The sun was shining bright as  it setting down.
I love it when the sun is peeking through the view of the woods or clouds.
Have a great weekend ahead everyone!


If you are looking for an eco-friendly mulch to add  in your landscaping project, you might want to consider the rubber mulch.  It is made from rubber that are recycled into rubber chunks which gives a pretty color in your yard.  I was going to buy this kind but then it wasn't on my price range so I chose a different one.  I would like to try it though, maybe some other time when I can afford for it already lol.

Your plants  will surely pop out when you add rubber mulch which are available in different shades.  So you have plenty of selection to choose from.  You can definitely get that one that  would greatly accentuate your yard.  You can check out the different selections at RubbeRecycle website.

My husband is  planning to call our contractor tomorrow to see what is the timeline they have in renovating our porch.  I can't wait till they start because I still have to transfer my roses.  I don't want them to start  during the time that we are on our getaway as I will lose my roses.

Anyhow, I am glad that I am done (for now) transferring my plants from the front to our backyard.  I got to do and rearrange our stuff inside the house.  We are planning to have a BBQ  on my daughter's  birthday so I have to clean, clean, and clean hahaha.  Good night everyone!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Light Purple Clematis

The color of the clematis I have in my garden is bluish purple.  Below is a photo of it.
I'd love to have other colors like this one that both my SILs Chris and Jill have.
Very pretty isn't it?

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Cold Pack

 Every time the kids wants to do some crafts, Dollar Tree is our store.  Their products are not that high quality but it's worth for the kids enjoyment.  They have many neat stuff that you can buy  for a buck.
 I bought this cold pack that is fish in shape and Mr. Burrito asks for it every time  he gets  a shiner  from playing lol.
I did not buy the styrofoam products but I thought of taking pictures because they're very colorful.

Smiling Sally

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I  have just posted in my  main blog the outcome of my gardening project.  I bought a bag of  mulch the other day to finish off the looks of the new   flower bed I have in  our back yard.  You can check it out at my main blog if you have time.  Adding a landscape mulch can really make a big difference when you want the outcome of your landscaping project to pop out.  I used the red mulch on mine because it  goes well with the bricks I used on the  other flower beds.

I love to sit in our porch swing every morning and just watch the birds enjoying the newly landscaped backyard of our humble abode.  It inspires me to browse different garden designs  online.  If you guys want to see different kinds of mulch that you can use in landscaping your yard, please visit the links I have provided above, it will lead you to Rubber Mulch  website.  I have seen this beautiful house  here in our area and their lawn is beautifully landscape, they used rubber mulch on their  garden, it is so pretty!  

Thistle and Daisy

I like the image of thistle when they are old. Even if they look dried out, they still hold a beauty in them.
Wild daisies are gorgeous too, in fact I planted some in my backyard hehehe.
Join the fun with...

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Porch Renovation Update

My husband is anxiously awaiting for the contractor to give us a call.  They suppose to start on our porch renovation   on the last week of this month.  The contractor is suppose to come here  before they start to show us a selection of decorative blocks that they have to use for the walls.  They also  have to   pour a new sidewalk and steps   as replacement to our    old  structure that's starts to crumble  now.  Being as impatient that my husband is, he has been looking at some  paving stones  and other kinds of blocks, stones, and bricks online.  He wants to tell the contractor and show it to him if he comes.  
Drivesett Tegula Walling 220x100 Pk320
He found this drivesett tegula walling at Wickes online.  We both like it as it  will blends in with the color of the brick of our home.  I can't wait for it to  get started  either, that's one main reason why I have been busy lately transferring all my plants in front into our backyard because I did not want it to get destroyed.  Now that I am 99% done, I am ready for them to start.  Anyhow, if you are looking for any paving stones for your home or driveway, the above mentioned website have so many selections of it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

West Virginia Day

June 20  is West Virginia Day.  Below is a map of the state of WV, we live in a small city of Weirton.

I am so glad that the water problem here in Weirton was already resolved! It's the worse feeling when you do not have water.  God always  provides though, it rained the whole week while we did not have water.  So we saved  rain water to use in our comfort rooms/rest rooms/bathrooms.
Have a  safe  and lovely day everyone!

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Ice Age

I gotcha! I am not talking about the movie but the the present from SIL on my birthday hehehe. Thanks a lot Chris!
It's a great addition to Ms. Burrito's plants/planter.
Have a safe weekend everyone!

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