Friday, May 24, 2013

SG Captivate

It has been two years since my husband gave me this Samsung Galaxy Captivate  for my birthday.  I know that there has been   upgrades already on this kind of phone but  I still love this one.   It may not  have the full  features that  Samsung Galaxy S4 has but the features that I need for my online work is present and I a contented with that.  I don't even want a phone before   because of monthly dues but with my kids in school, I have to have something to  be used to contact other parents and it works really great for my the type of work that I do online.  And oh, I  just changed my screen saver into something that would make smile every time  I look at my phone.  Do you like it?

I found an easy way to sell your old phone online at  It is really nice that there is an outlet like that where you can sell your mobile phone if you feel like  upgrading to a newer  one.   I know some people who are very tech savvy and they want to have the newest  in the market for their  gadgets.  This  website is a perfect  place for them to get rid of their    old one.  

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  1. My son does that constantly. He loves whistles and bells. lol


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