Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Vacation Destinations with Natural Beauty That Leaves You Speechless

There are so many places to go on vacation that sometimes the most difficult thing is narrowing it down to a few destinations and then making a final choice. One criteria that makes that easier is to opt for a naturally beautiful destination.

While many vacation spots have activities and interesting places to explore, being surrounded by wonderous nature is at once life reaffirming and revitalizing too. While a spa day also helps to revive your body, mind and spirit, there’s nothing like stepping out of your villa or bedroom into a scenic view that leaves you breathless.

Here are several suggestions for places to go that have natural beauty as a key selling point.

Minnesota for the Lakes

Minnesota is known for the numerous bodies of water through the state. The lakes are plentiful, and the lakeside resorts abound in the area. The Minnesota resorts make best use of this natural splendor by offering well-situated accommodation, useful facilities and amenities that provide everything that you and your traveling companion(s) could want.

Many resorts are family-friendly too, so look out for resorts that have a swimming pool which is suitable for children. Some resorts organize events for children during the day which allows the parents to relax more on their vacation. Just being able to get back that feeling of being a couple again for a few precious hours provides a respite from the parental responsibilities that’s priceless.

Yellowstone for Majestic Beauty

Yellowstone is filled with impressive beauty throughout. There’s thousands of miles of mountains and deep canyons to explore with many adventurers traveling to this destination to go rock climbing. The hot springs and geysers that push steam high into the air in bursts is a sight to see and something children may never have experienced first-hand before. There are copious waterfalls to trek out to see as well. Yellowstone is the place to be for anyone with a clear love of the outdoors and who doesn’t mind putting some wear on their hiking boots.

This is Lewis and Clark country right here. John Colter scouted the region on their behalf and came back with tales of the magnificence of Yellowstone that few people believed in the early 1800s when he first spoke of it. These days, this national park is no longer a secret held by a select few. Along with the hiking, there’s plenty of wildlife that can be spotted if you’re sly and keep an eye out for it.

Florida for the Palm Trees

Along with virtually endless sunshine, for anyone who’s never been to somewhere tropical, the line of palm trees frequently observed in Florida is a sight to see. The lush state with plantations, copious greenery and tempting turquoise waters as far as the eye can see doesn’t disappoint.
The Florida Keys is fascinating in its own right with several different keys to explore. They’re expected to be underwater due to rising water levels in the decades to come, so it’s a good idea to explore them while you still can. It’s best to fly down to Florida and hire a car if you want to explore the Keys fully.

A trip to Disneyland is fine, but it’s difficult to find natural things there. It’s all manufactured rides and commercialism. To get something natural and not overly touristic, you must seek out the natural beauty that abounds in America.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Bellagio Water Fountain Show

If there's one thing I love about the  Vegas trip we did last year , it was the night we went to we went to watch the Bellagio fountain show.  Not only we enjoyed how beautiful the water fountain display was, we also enjoyed the  display inside this resort.  As I have mentioned in my previous post, we couldn't  find any parking space in the nearby places so we took a chance of going inside the  resort's  parking garage and we were lucky to have found one.   
By doing so, we got the chance to go inside the resort and see their beautiful conservatory and botanical garden, it was  really gorgeous! Bellagio is in the heart of  city, the structures like the Eifel tower makes it so romantic despite the hot weather lol.  But honestly, if you are staying at Bellagio, you will get to see a lot of cool stuff especially during at night.

We got roped into  people whose job is to pose with kids in their costumes and asked for tips.  The kids did not really want to have their picture taken but the young man was very persuasive and told them that  it would be a great remembrance of  their Las Vegas trip to see a picture with Superman lol.
Batman was also  enticing them but I said  I will just take a picture of him without the kids.
My son got very exhausted, I think the hot weather   was too much for him, we had to let him sit in the chair at the entrance area of the hotel because he didn't feel good after  watching the  water fountain show.
Bellagio's ceiling, their statues on top  of the building and all their display inside are all  beautiful.  The pictures I took does not do the justice but if you go there, you will see what I mean.
Here's a couple of videos I managed to record.  Enjoy!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

How To Make Your Family Camping Trip A Total Success

Going camping with your family can be an incredible bonding experience or a complete disaster. That’s why you need to plan ahead and be organized throughout the trip. We have some important tips to help you out.
Get The Right Tent
Your tent is the number-one thing to get right. It will be there to protect you from the elements, which means you want to select the best one.

If you have a big family, then you may want to consider a Coleman 6 Person Tent. It has enough space for six adults.
Of course, there are many options on the market. Just make sure you consider your budget and the weather conditions you will be facing, before making a decision.

Focus On Sun Protection
You’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors so make sure you're protecting your kids and your partner (and yourself) from UV rays. Make sure everyone has a hat and bring plenty of sunscreen.

It's recommended that you bring a shade cloth that you can then host up on some poles. This will make a sun-free area for eating and relaxing.

Educate Your Kids
Don’t let the young ones sit on the sidelines. Get them involved with putting up the tent, unpacking, making a fire, and cooking. Doing so is a good way to develop their self-sufficiencyat ayoung age. Hopefully, they will also have fun and develop a passion for camping.

Plan Some Fun Activities
A camping trip is the time to ditch the phones and tablets. To fill up your family’s time, you should plan some fun activities. Fishing is a great option if there is an available water source. Other good options include hiking, bushcraft, and swimming. When the sun sets, you could consider playing a game of spotlight.

Bring More Than You Think You Will Need
It always pays to bring way more food and drink then you think you will need. You never know what could happen or how fast your kids may devour snacks and glug down water. The last thing you want to do is go for a supply run, especially if you’re miles from the closest store.
Prepare For Any Weather Conditions
You should come prepared for sun, rain, heat, and cold. You can never entirely rely on weather forecasts anyway. Make sure your family all bring appropriate clothing for a range of weather conditions. They should all have a warm garment and a waterproof jacket.
Don’t Be Afraid To Reschedule
If truly harsh weather is in the forecast, then it may be a good idea to put off your trip. A storm can turn a fun weekend away into a terrible ordeal.

Final Thoughts
Don’t let your camping trip turn into a disaster. You want the outing to be a good opportunity for bonding with your kids and teaching them about the outdoors. That’s why it pays to plan ahead and not skip over the finer details.

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