Thursday, July 31, 2014

Road Trip to Maryland

Going on a road trip is a bit challenging if you have kids but it is a lot of fun!  The key is to prepare things that kids can do while on the road so they won't be  bored.  We always bring lots of movies for them to watch and we bring blankets so when they get tired, they can take a nap.
Our road trip to Maryland was a long one.  The fact that we went there on the weekend was a big mistake because everybody was  heading toward Ocean City for a weekend getaway.  Our 7  hour trip became 9-hours because of heavy traffic.
I feel bad for my husband as he was the one driving.  I just take pictures and enjoy the scenery while on the road.
It can be a bit boring but if you are like me who love taking photos and love to see the nature's beauty, you will enjoy it a lot.
I don't mind long drives as long as I have food and drink in the car and stop by at the res stops, I am good.
Road trip is like a therapy to me.  I enjoy seeing different places for the first time.  More photos coming up of our  Ocean City adventures.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Played Bass in His Younger Age

I would love to see my husband use rock and funk bass again.  I think that if he does it, our son would be motivated  to learn how to strum a guitar or play any instrument.  If only I could afford it, I would buy my husband a bass so he could try to play again just like he did during his  younger years!  That would be an awesome experience for the family if my husband would play again.  We could all jam hehehe.

Jail Time in Curpus Cristi Texas

I hope and pray that this would never happen.  For  fun in photography, it is cool to be in jail hehehe.
The  USS Lexington turned into a tourist attraction is a great idea.  Regular people like us have the chance to see what's inside this humongous ship.  There is  a US submarine near our area too but it's a very small one compared to  the ship in Curpus Cristi, Texas.

Chopped Down the Apple Tree

Last weekend, I encouraged my  husband for us to chop off the dead tree from our backyard as the bird's keep  dropping their waste in my garden.  I hate to take it away fro them but I want abird-poop-free garden.  I am very thankful to our neighbor who helped us  in taking down the three.  He also gave us  a rope that  looks like the ones  you can  get for buyheatshrink's selection.  I am glad it is done as it was driving me crazy.  I must say though that it looks naked now in our back yard lol.  Here are some photos  took.

I am also glad that one of our neighbors   took most of the  branches for their fire pit wood.  Thanks again Don for helping us out!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Here's some salute to all the men and women in uniform who sacrifice  being away from their families in order to serve our country.  Thank you for the freedom.  Freedom is not FREE, lives have been sacrificed  so enjoy it while you can.  Photos were taken last year at USS Lexingon, Cuspus Cristi Texas
Happy 4th of July everyone!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Reduce Vet Anxiety for Your Pets

It is important to take your pet in for a checkup each year. Pets age faster than people, and need to have regular exams to ensure that they are in optimal health. Even if there have not been many health concerns or injuries, regular vet visits can prevent and provide early detection of many major diseases and health conditions. Here are a few ways to prepare your pet for their Blue Pearl Vet exam.

Start Early

Pets can detect when there is a sudden change in their owner’s routine and emotions. Pets are more at ease with routines. Sudden changes in routine can make pets anxious and rebellious. Try to get an appointment for a time when the veterinarian’s office is not busy. After scheduling an appointment, start preparing several days ahead of time. This will reduce anxiety and help to keep everyone, including your pet calm.

Plan a Regular Visit First

To reduce anxiety, visit the veterinarian’s office several days or weeks before the actual appointment. This will give your pet time to get familiar with the staff and the environment. Pets that are familiar with their care providers are less likely to feel anxious, overwhelmed, and skittish during their annual exam.

Pack a Pet Diaper Bag

Believe it or not, pet owners should always have a diaper bag for their pets. Diaper bags are great for carrying around pet care items. Things to include in the diaper bag are vaccination records, identification tags, insurance cards, pet toys, chews, snacks, a leash, a muzzle, poop bags, and blankets. Pack this bag in advance and store it in the car.

Bring Samples

During your pet’s annual exam, the doctor may ask for a stool and urine sample. Since most pets are a little anxious during their checkups, it may be necessary to wait until your pet feels comfortable enough to poop. Save time and get a stool sample the day before the exam. Store the sample in an airtight plastic container such as an old prescription bottle. Samples are necessary for the doctor to test for any parasites that could cause potential health problems.

Pay Attention

Pay close attention to your pet. Watch their behavior, especially during the weeks leading up to their appointment. Make note of any odd behaviors. Be prepared to ask the veterinarian questions about Fido’s health. During the visit, the veterinarian will perform a complete physical and dental exam. They may even draw blood for lab work and administer some vaccinations or medications. The vet relies on you to provide them with crucial information about your pet. Do not sugarcoat or make light of any concerns, everything bit of information is important when it comes to your pet’s health. In addition to watching your pet, pay close attention to how the doctor treats your pet and how he or she responds.

Participate in Exams

Pet owners that participate in their pet’s exams help to improve their pet’s overall experience. Owner participation reassures pets that their owners are not going anywhere and are completely comfortable with everything that is going on. This will make it easier for the vet to perform their job and to provide your pet with quality care.

Improve how well your pet responds to the vet by going more often and by preparing in advance.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Doodle4Google IDs

We were provided keys to our hotel room and proper identification cards with our names on it to use and enter the facilities both in the hotel and Google Headquarters.  We were very pleased when we were informed that all of us can attend to the activities that Google have set for the participants.  We were originally  told that only one chaperon and the participant can attend to the Google events but glad that they changed  the accommodation.
At least, we all got to attend and  see everything.  

Doodle4Google Snapshots Using iPod

My daughter took this panorama shot from her iPod.

She also took these photos when we had a tour inside the Googleplex because  both of my camera and cellphone's batteries are drained.

Glad she took some of these shots as I couldn't.  Our son  love this places as it has the things that he loves to eat lol.  The Doodle4Google  brought us new experience, it gave us an opportunity to visit  a place as a family even  just for a short period of time.  Opportunities like these  seldom happens so we took the opportunity  to go  even it cost us a bit.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Magic in the Motion #CarnegieScienceCenter

Anything that is related to Science and  solar system,  attracts our daughter.  These was  some of the display at the Carnegie Science Center that we first looked at.  Pardon me if I can't tell you what this  satellite is called.  
 The one that my husband and daughter were looking at Zeiss 2 Star Projector, Jake.
 Another thing that  Ms. Burrito tried is the  Magic in the Motion.
 You spin the thing (again not sure what it's called) and it creates images  as you look at it inside.
I always bring pen and notebook when we go to museum thinking that I could jot down notes but when you have kids  in tow, they are so antsy to move on to the next attraction that you won't have time to  write details.  All I could do is take some snap of the things and that's it.

Basketball Fanatic

Okay, who would like to play basketball with us next time?  Hehehe, my kids love shooting basketball during summer time. It's a great outdoor activities for them.  My son would love to  have his own basketball hoop in our driveway but  I am not sure if have something to mount the hoop in.


These are some of the Easter treats that my children got from school.  The chick was given to my daughter  while the basket was from my son's class.  It's funny that the kids could not wait for the school to be over and now they miss it.  Time flies though, school will be here soon and it's time to shell out some cold cash again for school supplies and tuition fees.

Sugarcreek Roadtrips

It's been a while since we last visited Sugarcreek.  We used to go there almost every weekend just so we can drive around and see other ...

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