Thursday, February 27, 2014

Photo Related Items

Photo frames, photo albums, scrapbooks, these are the things that I could buy when I go to the art store. I love photos so any photo related items are magnets to me.  I don't buy as much as I would like to bu-t once in a while I do find deals o]n them and buy some that I could afford.
I like these pretty  things on the shelf.  I did not buy any, they are so dang expensive lol.  These are only good for my eyes and not on my budget so I just contented myself  looking at them.

Installing Pinch Pleat Drapes the Fastest Way

Some homemakers dislike the idea of decorating their windows with a pinch pleat drape. Their reason is simple; they are lazy to hang them on the rods. It will not cost you an hour when hanging the pinch pleat drapes if you know the technique. 

The time you spent in malls looking for stylish and durable curtains would not be eno
Have ample stocks of drapery hooks to fasten the curtain onto the drapery rods. Get the exact measurement of the distance where you want to put the hooks. If you wish to give the curtain a gathered look, a distance of one inch apart is ideal. 

The curtain header is made of hard sheath of layers where you clip the hooks. Lay the curtain down on the table and position the hook on top of its header. Put a marking on the distance so it will be easy for you to attach the hooks. 

Once finished, insert the hook on the marked areas. A distance from the topmost portion of the curtain should be about one to one and a half inch so the hook is not visible to your guest. A curtain ring is an option where you will attach the hook inside before clinging to the drapery rod. 

To anchor the hooks, put them on side edges of the pinch pleat drapes. Remember that there are no pleats in the side edges where you will anchor the hook to the rod. Now the hooks are ready to insert on the drapery rod or drapery rings which either case can secure the drapes while opening and closing them. 

When changing the drapes, always be careful when removing the hooks to avoid hurting your fingers. The drapes are made of heavy clothing material and washing them before they get soiled is recommended to avoid straining your neck and arms. Fold the drapes properly with their markings on so by the next time you hang them, it will be much easier for you.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ornate Buildings in Pittsburgh

Let us have a little trip[ around downtown Pittsburgh a little more. We have never drove in this street before so it was quite an enjoyable ride last weekend when we went to Doquesne University. My husband wishes that he attended  Doquesne instead of going to Robert Morris University when he went back to school.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy this short tour.
I love these old buildings with beautiful designs in it.  I failed to capture the  front of the building which is beautiful.  Taking photos on a moving  vehicle is tough.
I will post  the detail on why we went to DU  at my Music Blog when I get the chance. I feel like, I don't have tiime to blo=g anymore. There are lots of things going on offline (good things) so I am always busy.  I always thought that when both of my precious ones  go to school, I will have plenty of time to blog but boy, I was very wrong.  By the time, I sit in front of my computer, it is almost time to go back to school to get the kids, ayayay.  Oh well, 

Monday, February 24, 2014

American Idol Vs. The Voice

Have you watched the new season of American Idol yet?  I watched the performances of the top 5 guys and ladies and one of the  guys used an electric guitar when he performed.  He has a very different style of singing, kind of unique, although not  one of my favorites.  I am not sure if he used one of the cort bass guitars or  another kind. Singing competition on TV is one of my favorite shows to watch especially "The Voice".  Speaking of which, tonight will be the premiere of the new season, wohoo.  Between, American Idol and The Voice, I love watching the latter more.  

Ray of Sun Shine

I love the ray of the sun I captured on this photo.  It somehow gave me hope that warmer days are coming.  I can't wait for Spring to come or better year, for the Summer time to kick in.   It's been a long Winter  at our neck of the woods and it gets tiring.  Right now, it is snowing once again and it's going to be in the single digits again in a couple of nights, whew.

Irish Whistle

I have no idea about Irish whistle until I saw this irish whistle from musicians friend. It's really neat!  I remember a  similar instrument that  a Korean friend gave to my kids few years ago.  We still have it but they never really learn how to use it.  This Irish Whistle also reminds me of the musical flute made of bamboo  that  a homeroom mom gave as  a reward for the students.  It's amazing how you can make music from  tapping those holes in it.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Domain and Page Authority #February2014

I signed up for a blogging opportunity this morning and it requires to put down the blog stats such as page ranks, domain authority, and page authority.  I got to update my  blogs domain authority and I am sad to see that all of them have dropped down.  I don't understand it too because I  work hard everyday to have  all of them enough traffic but  it is still not enough.  Oh well, after a disappointing tax income return we had last night when we did our taxes, I am not motivated to do any kind of blog promotion today.
I am not sure what the difference of the domain authority to page authority is  but  since it is now being looked at by advertisers, I took the liberty to checked them.
Two of my blogs used to have in mid 40s domain authority but they all came down.  How about you?

Blogging as an Avenue for Learning

I am glad that I venture out  in blogging because I get to learn different thiongs everyday.  I get to read about  different  topics such as musical  stuff like eventide effects at musicians friend, which you don't normally talk about in your regular conversation with friends or family.  Blogging also gives me tan avenue to express out my thoughts and feelings.  It's kind of like a stress reliever for me actually.  Most especially, I get to meet different kinds  people from  different walks of life.  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Health Career #Industrial Scientific #NavyJob #Etcetera

The career jobs that are in demand right now are those that are health related. My husband was very close in finishing his nursing degree but he changed his mind and pursue another degree instead. I understand and support his decision though. I don't want him to have a job that he really isn't into.  The job that he  has now is not related to the degree that he  earned but related to the job that he  did in the Navy.  He likes it and that is all that matters.  Below are some snaps that I took when he  brought us to his work one day.
Have a great week ahead everyone!  May your week at work be filled with productive  things.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stress Reliever

The wider social acceptance of electronic cigarettes is changing the perspectives of people who smokes in terms of the costs, cleanliness, and o the overall effect of ecigs compared to traditional cigarettes. I don't smoke and never tried it even once. I can't stand smoke from a cigarette, it suffocates me. My late father used to smoke and I strongly believe that it was one of the causes why two of my sisters suffered asthma when they were little. I don't blame him since I saw how hard he tried to ditch the smoking habit but it just embedded in his system that it was very hard for him to quit. He was so stressed out back then that smoking was one of his outlet to release the stress he was experiencing. You could imagine how much pressure my parents had raising 9 children with no stable income. It was tough growing up. 

 I only have two children but I worry about their future.  The question lingers in my mind on how me and my husband would send our kids to good school when they are in college already. Right now, we are managing to send them to private school but college is just so expensive. When you are a parent, you think of these things ahead of time. You want the best for your children as much as possible but sometimes, things does not work out that way you want it to be, hence, the stress. I am just so glad that my husband does not have this vice that other people have like problems with smoking and drinking. 

 The thing about electronic cigarette that I find appealing is the fact that it does not release smoke like that of the traditional cigarettes. It eliminates the second hand smoke danger to other people. Another thing is the cost, since you can re-use the Vaporizer pen or other tools that you used with electronic cigarettes, the over all cost is less.  I think that the cost of  traditional  cigarette keeps getting higher each  time so if you are trying to cut the cost, you might want to consider the electronic cigarette option.

How about you, what is your way of releasing stress? Do you smoke, drink, or do something else? The most effective for me in relieving stress is gardening, listening to music, and working out.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Handprint.. a Special One

 This is the hearty handprint my daughter brought from school.  They made this from their art class.  Do you see the heart in it?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Freezing Temperature

This  year's Winter is by far the  worse I have experienced ever since I came here  in America.  We have never been confined for so long indoors.  We just could not take  the  freezing temperature outside.  Usually, my kids would ask us to  go on sled ride but this year, they didn't.
Despite of the frigid weather though, we still walk to and from school.  We just bundle up every time so we won't be so cold on our way home.  Photos above were taken last Sunday when we visited my FIL after church.

Monday, February 10, 2014


I thought for sure that clarinet is something that is very expensive.  I was surprise to see that the etude clarinet at WWBW has a very affordable price.  Clarinet always reminds me of the times  when my kids are still little and they are crazy about watching Spongebob.  They would always remember Squidward playing  that said music instrument.  I admire people that can play different kinds of music instrument because I  can't play and I don't have the talent.  

Parents Care #Philippines

Living here in the States made me realize how  lucky Americans are.  They have so many resources for everything.  They even have aid from the government which I think is not happening in the Philippines (At least from my 30 years of living in my former country, we never had any help from the government even during disasters).   The only thing that makes me sad is the fact that America  belong to an  individualistic culture.  I came from a collective culture where we  take  good care of our old folks rather than sending them to a home.  What I admire about my husband's family is their close knit.  Their parents raised them very well so in return they  are taking care of Dad  like the way  he did took care of them when they were growing up.  It such a good example for our kids.

Below are some photos of Mama, my sister, and my   close friend back home.  They celebrated  Mama's birthday in Legazpi.  Thank you so much Ate Chay for  taking care of my family!
Looking at their pictures  made me cry because I miss my  mother so much!  I can tell how hard life is treating her.  She aged a lot since I left.  Oh Ma, if only I can persuade you to come over here.  She is  very firmed that she doesn't want to leave the country and that flying would kill her, sigh.

Protecting Pipes in Freezing Temperatures

During the winter months the threat of freezing pipes can leave many homeowners worried, but what is it about a frozen pipe that causes such an issue? Practically every home in the country will experience the effects of freezing temperatures at some stage this winter so the chances are anyone without the correct pipe protection will be affected in some way. It’s important to be aware of how the temperatures can affect the pipes in your home and discover a few ways to help prevent freezing pipes during the coldest nights this winter.

Once the cold temperatures arrive and water starts to freeze, it also begins to expand. This expanding process is the same culprit for potholes on the roads during winter where water gets trapped in the roads and starts to expand, breaking up the solid ground. Unfortunately, the same process happens when water freezes in pipes and this can cause piping to burst, resulting in leaks around the house and other potentially serious consequences.

Houses in the South of the country tend to be more vulnerable to the cold temperatures as the majority of properties do not make pipe insulation a main priority. Insulating pipes is a much more serious issue in the North as they tend to experience increased spells of cold weather. The climate in the South means that pipes are often placed in areas that are not protected from the cold. Freezing in pipes also occurs less frequently in the South so the awareness is much lower in this part of the country.

In order to combat the potential for freezing water in pipes and blockages due to a build up of ice, a number of safety measures are taken into account. Firstly, insulation can be installed for the sole purpose of keeping the pipeline free from sub zero temperatures. This stops the cold from reaching the water in the pipes. On the other hand, insulation throughout the placement in which the pipes are held in place stops freezing temperatures from reaching the pipes entirely. Having this insulation installed is the perfect way to prevent blockages and bursting in the pipeline.

There are other ways that the cold air can reach the pipes in a property. Any gaps, cracks or holes in property walls are likely to attract cold air which can continue to spread throughout the house, including through the pipework. Usually, this kind of cold air access can’t do enough to cause major problems to the pipework, although an absence of heat and a lack of insulation are two key factors in the gradual freezing of pipes in a household.

If you turn the water on and the flow is weak or completely dry, it’s vital that you call a plumber as soon as possible. Freezing pipes can cause long term damage and you will ultimately have to pay a lot more to give you access to water for the rest of winter. If it’s completely urgent and you need a way of thawing the pipes urgently, you can use an appliance such as a hairdryer to increase the flow of heat to the pipes. 

About the Author

Terry Conway writes for a number of online journals on property maintenance issues and has contributed this post on behalf of Apex Building Solutions, expert providers of insurance approved home repair work.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Internet Use

Internet is a big part of my life. Through the internet, I have found the love of my life and now we are happily married for over 10 years now and have two kids. It is also a major part of my daily routine at home. Through the Internet, I have found great friends and useful information which help me with my online activities easier.

I use internet for just about anything especially in paying bills, shopping, communicating with my loved ones, doing my part time job online, sending messages, and fining great deals on products and services. It helped us a lot in comparing internet satellite providers before we finally settle with Direct TV.

I also uses Internet in finding coupons and other discount codes before I do my shopping online or in the store. Now that we are back in the mainland, I watch TV shows that I have missed when we still overseas. In order to get the most out of your online experience, you have to have a an Internet provider which is reliable and has fast speed. It is annoying if your connection is very slow like a turtle. I'm sure most of you will agree with my opinion that having fast internet connection means a lot.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


When I was still single, I was a workaholic lady.  I was literally married to  my office job but I liked it because it kept me busy.  My only  day off when I was still working a full time job was Sundays.  When I got married, I decided to take a break, I took   some time off from work   to give my body some rest in preparation for becoming a  mother.  Pregnancy was something that hubby and I did not attain right away.  So we decided for me to  give up my job for good so I can fully rest.  It worked, I got pregnant and we were ecstatic.

The thing is, when you  get used to being so busy all the time, you  will  miss the times when your brain is constataly working.  Having  a baby will keep you busy but I felt like  my brain was starting to rust away that time so I had to find something to do to have my brain function.  Blogging was my answered prayer, it gave me an avenue to  express my thoughts.  I have learned so much from blogging including  different companies that  could help me a better blogger and one of them is the  Writing through my blogs gives me that satisfaction that I was craving for   with those years that my brain  was idle.  

Monday, February 3, 2014

What Employees Want From A Business Manager.

When it comes to creating a positive work environment, consideration should be taken in not only selecting the proper employees, but also making sure that the current managers can offer just as much to the workers underneath them. In case you’re wondering what employees often want in their managers, read on. Here are 4 things that are commonly desired in a business manager.

1. Communication

Having good communication skills is critical when developing a successful working relationship with staff. However, this doesn't just mean delegating tasks with detailed instructions. It also means lending an ear and being open to thoughts and ideas. Employees want to make sure that they have a voice, and are heard. Of course, this doesn't mean that management has to act on all new ideas communicated by their staff, but it’s important that these new ideas are at least acknowledged. Indeed, a simple acknowledgement goes a long way in helping workers feel a proper part of the team.

2. Being made a part of the team.

Related to the above, it’s important that workers feel part of a team, and are valued members in the business. The last thing anyone would want to feel is like an outsider, and getting everybody involved in some way will boost the overall morale of your team. It can also help improve the team’s productivity and performance. Employees appreciate feeling wanted and considered. Something as simple as asking for their feedback on a current work situation will have them feeling more involved, and will likely bring a larger appreciation and commitment to their job.

3. Potential career development.

It’s important to realize that, for most people, staying in the same job or role for the entirety of their working years is a fate worse than death. Most people are looking to learn, improve and grow throughout their careers. That’s why it’s important that managers help their employees expand their skill set and undertake new responsibilities on a regular basis. This may include personally acting as a mentor or teacher, or encouraging staff to learn on their own on platforms such as Management can create their own range of courses and training programs through this platform to help their employees learn new skills, develop management techniques themselves, as well as help them become more efficient and effective employees.

4. Identifying areas for positive growth.

Finally, it’s important that management communicate to their staff what they think can be improved upon in the workplace. Often times, employees are simply unaware of their flaws and will continue making the same mistakes again and again unless management sit down and tell them so. Sure, the conversation may be a little uncomfortable at first, but the improvements on behalf of both the employee and team will surely be worth it.
Keeping employees involved in all aspects of the business develops an appreciation for the work that they do. A lot of this involvement is going to be coming from management, and keeping an open line of communication up and down the line. Employees want a business manager that is considerate, and is not only looking out for themselves but the work team as a whole. In the same way, business managers that invest in their employees, invest in themselves and the overall efficiency of the business.

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