Saturday, December 31, 2011

Balloon Ballerina

What do you see in the shadow? I see a ballerina striking a pose.
Happy new year everyone!
Shadow Shot

Friday, December 30, 2011


Some of the craft ornaments that my burritos made when we had some special moment with Santa at H&R Block.
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Across the Twigs

Photos were taken a couple of days before Christmas.
We had a little bit of snow today but  not enough to  get thick accumulation.  We are in 24 degrees  right now, sooooo cold!
Sky Watch Friday

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Raining Cats and Dogs

It's been raining cats and dogs over here   the whole day.   We brought our son to the doctor because he was complaining of a tummy ache.  He hasn't been feeling good for few days now.  Anyhow, the doctor  did not give him any meds, she just told us that this kind of  condition, you just have to wait till it's course is done.  She  told us to just keep him hydrated which we  are doing already.  I hope that you are having a nice weather on your side of the world.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This is the school where I graduated both my undergraduate and graduate degree.  This is also the place where I work for five years before I migrated here in the States.  Divine Word College of Legazpi is just one of the many schools that is being run/manage by SVD (Societas Virbi Divini) priests or Society of Divine Word.  It's a  Catholic school  and a private one, I was  able to attend this school   because I got lucky to be admitted in their  student assistance scholarship.  Part of our tuition fee is free (21 units) and we have to pay for our  miscellaneous fees.  

But anyhow, when I visited it after   several years of being away, the school looked different  because it was newly painted.  As a catholic school, every student is required to take 6 Theology subjects.  The thing that I will never forget about  Theology class is the way one of my professor   abbreviate's Christ, Christian, or Christmas.  He always wrote Xt for Christ, X-tian for Christian, and X-mas for Christmas.  For me it was ok  then  because  I can write it quickly when taking down notes  but for some, they find it  wrong to use X in exchange of Chri.  What do you think? Do you write X-mas   instead of  writing  Christmas?

Monday, December 26, 2011

Season's Greetings

After we spend some time at my FIL after the mass last night, we went to the "Millionaire Acres" and looked at the lights.
I think Santa got tired and having a little rest!
Blue Monday
Mellow Yellow
Orange Tuesday

Travel nursing jobs at

If I am a nurse and I am single, I would prefer assignment of a travel nurse. You can do your job and travel as well, isn't that awesome? There are travel nursing companies like On Assignment that can help you find a job in any place that you want around the States. On Assignment is one of the leading travel nurse companies that really strive their best to find you the best job that would fit your needs. So if you want a life changing job being a travel nurse, you can trust them in finding you a good one.

It must be nice to be presented with an array of selection of travel rn jobs and then choose the one that you really want to go to and work. Over here in America, job opportunity is endless especially if you are in the medical related field of work. The demand for the job is high so you will never run out of job opportunity to apply to. Then, companies like On Assignment makes it easier for job seekers to find the right job that they want by providing them information and extra hands to look for a the right assignment.

How I wish that this kind of system is available in my home country, so that the skilled workers there don't have to leave the country and serve other people. right now, there are so many Filipinos that work overseas because the job opportunities in the Philippines is very scarce. It is also advantageous, salary-wise, because the salary you get in working 8 hours a day in the Philippines is very small compared to the hourly rate here in the States or in other country. I remember my monthly salary working in school back then is very small compared to what I earn working a home here. It stinks but its the reality!

Believe It

I thought this was a striking  display.  You'll see this at the  Macy's entrance at Robinson Mall.

Ruby Tuesday

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Shining Through the Window

The sunlight  tried to shine through the  window blind.  Merry Christmas everyone!
Shadow Shot

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Guinea Pigs

We went at Petco's during our recent trip to Highland Hills in Wheeling WV.  Pet stores are one alternative  for the zoo to visit.  During winter time, we  see to it that the kids  can still enjoy  things by  visiting   establishments such as  Cabela's and pet stores.
Mr. Burrito wants to have a guinea pig pet but we told him that when he is older enough to take care of it, he can have one.
Have a  merry Christmas to each and everyone of you!
Camera Critters

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Grand Cypress Resort

Just a quick snap I took during our getaway in Orlando Florida.  An entrance to the Grand Cypress Resort.  Did I capture a rainbow or it is just an illusion of my eye lol?!
Sky Watch Friday

Aquarium at Cabela's

After our happy moments with Santa, we decided to go to Cabela's as it was very close at the venue of the event. We first enjoyed the different kinds of fish and other water creatures that are are locally available in West Virginia.
MY daughter was talking to this humongous  carp.
I love this Longnose Gar as he was very still in the water.  He seem  not to care of what other   fish were doing.  
This tortoise was showing off  by swimming   back and forth.
More photos coming up as we explore the huge place of Cabela's.  During Winter where outdoor activities for the kids are very limited, Cabela's is a nice place to go.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vintage Tractor Collection

 I spotted these collection of antique tractors at the farm we visited.
Do you think these can be considered Vintage collection?
ABC Wednesday
Ruby Tuesday

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Some of the exciting attractions in  Disney World's Magic Kingdom, in Orlando Florida.
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Elephant Family

The faily of elephant display at the safari Jungle in Disney World.
Watery Wednesday
Shadow Shot
Camera Critters

Friday, December 16, 2011

Prizes from Pink Saturday Santas

Just this month of participating to Pink Saturday, I have been so lucky and blessed to win some fabulous prizes from Santas at this meme. I am not really lucky when it comes to contest or giveaways but this month must be my lucky moth as I won four giveaways already. I first won a beautiful apron from Connie of Living Beautifully.  

Then I won another fabulous prize  or should I say prizes from Carol of Blessed Mom blog.  Thank you so much Carol for including  the beautiful ornaments and other extras on  my prizes, you are so kind and thoughtful!  I was so surprised to see how big the package was as I was just  expecting one stocking but thank you so much.
We adorned the stocking a little bit by  putting some snow flakes, a heart bead, and a mitten.
Another fabulous  giveaway I won is this  beautiful painting   by the uber  talented painter Melissa of the Duchess of Colorado Spring blog. She also included this Christmas theme cloth, see how  nice these Santas are? Thank you Melissa for sharing this wonderful gift.
I have yet to receive another  prize from a giveaway I won from Jennifer of Nest, Rest, and Sing blog.

To all the sponsors, thank you so much for hosting the giveaway and  thank you also to Beverly for hosting the
Pink Saturday.  I am  grateful  and blessed to have been part of this sweet meme.

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