Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Robin Eggs

Every year, we have a couple of Momma Robins who occupies our back and front porch to build their nest.  This is the one at the back porch.  Since we renovated the front porch, the robin that was occupying there moved her nest from our driveway.

Tool Cabinets

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Most of the time, I am out of the photos with our family adventures because I am the one taking them. Thanks to my  daughter for her love of photography, she takes pictures of me when I have to do a review for an apparel.
I have shared the photos below from my last entry but would love to share it again here.  I think by far, this is my favorite of  the photos she took!  I am just glad that it is only pee and not a poop lol.
I think that photography is one of the most enjoyable   hobby there is.

Reliable Airport Service in NYC

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Pine Cones

I took a picture of these pine cones when we went fir a walk last weekend.  I like the smell of pine cones, it reminds me of the pili nut we had in my country.

Flag Represents Camaraderie

4 x 6" USA Stick FlagsFlags are flown in front of businesses in the United States every day. There are state and local flags along with the American flag that are flown from courthouses and schools. The flag is used to symbolize solidarity and union of people in a common cause. The flag represents camaraderie and is used to bring people together. It can be a flag that represents an entire state or a small group of people who unite under a common set of ideas, like a group of kids at summer camp. The flag is used to demonstrate power by marching in with military forces allowing both friend and foe to recognize the troops. It can be used as a memorial for groups or individuals. There are flags to honor war heroes and prisoners. There are flags for boats and vehicles, as well as flags for racing and your favorite sports team. People use flags as a way of communicating with others. 

The display of a flag is done to show their pride in the subject of the flag, and it brings interested parties together to talk about what the flag represents. Flag Day is a national holiday in the United States where the American flag is flown along the curbs of the major city streets in an effort to remind people that freedom is not cheap. The oldest flag making company, Annin flags  has been creating flags for all occasions since 1847. This was only 70 years after the first United States flag was created and flown. They are still flying high. 


If ever my PC collapses, which I believe will happen soon, I would be forced to use  our iPad which I am not comfortable with.  I don't have a budget to buy a new computer unit yet.  I  can also use my old laptop.

Flat Screen TV Mounts

There's nothing worse than having the latest, greatest flatscreen television, but being limited to putting it in a certain place because of the size or room available. These days, large televisions are increasingly more affordable, but they also take up a lot of room. Purchasing a stand or entertainment center can just add to the costs and take up even more room. That's where Flat Screen TV Mounts come in. 

These mounts allow any size flatscreen to be installed anywhere on the wall. Not only does this save space, but there are plenty of mounting options to make sure that all needs are met. For example, if you just want the flatscreen on the wall to save space and aren't too concerned with the viewing angles, a flush mount will make the television almost seem like a painting on the wall. However, if you anticipate wanting to view the television from different angles, there are mounts to facilitate these situations as well. 

Tilting mounts allow the flatscreen to be adjusted vertically or horizontally, while still providing the room-saving benefits of having the television mounted. Mounts come for even the largest flatscreen. Make sure that the model you are selecting meets the weight and size requirements for the television that you intend to mount. Mounting is not too difficult, but it will usually require more than one person because the television will have to be held up to be attached to the mount. 


My Spring plants did not recover well from that long-dragging cold season.  They are now starting to  come up but I don't think they will have time to bloom.  I took  a picture of my father-in-law's hyacinth in his  front yard.  Isn't that pretty?

Link  with me every Friday through ColoConnection.  You can post any color that you like.  Just click the badge below  to link up. 


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Friday, April 19, 2013


Sometimes when me and my  husband  are driving around, I always admire  women here in America who can drive confidently.  The reason why I  seldom drive because of the fear that I will  have an accident and that  thought always  scares me to death as I have two kids in tow.  You might laugh at me but driving isn't really a natural thing for me.   What if I hurt someone.. ahhh, just thinking of driving makes me  nervous.. sigh.

On the lighter note, I  renewed my driver's license  last Tuesday.  My old one doesn't expire till June but I  renewed it early so I won't forget.  Anyhow, bike is the only  one I could  maneuver without fear hehehe.  This was taken last weekend.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Debt Settlement

Not many people can say that they are debt-free.  It must be terrific to live a life   without debts, don't you agree?  Even rich people  has debts so it is pretty much part of  everyone's life.  While some of us are doing alright in managing their finances, other people struggle with it.  There are some  who reaches the point where  their only option is to file a bankruptcy in order to  straighten their ruined credit.   This is where professionals like Atty. Shelia Cockburn  can help you to get the  debt settlement that you deserve.  

Ms. Cockburn is the main attorney at Law Office of Cockburn and Associate LLP, a Canada-based law firm that helps  Canadian people get a debt relief.  You can ask for a  debt help  by visiting their website and find find out how  you can get the debt relief    that you are looking for.  There's nothing compared to the feeling  of not worrying about financial  problems.  When you can't fix it  by yourself, maybe it's time to ask the help of the pros.  Take action and take responsibility.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Market Day at School

Hello everyone, how's your week so far?  I have been busy this week and can't really concentrate the task I have to do  online.  I have to go to school again today.  I volunteered in helping with the  market day at SJS, so I will be out most of the day.  Life is good and I am grateful!  I  like it that my kids  love to see me in school.  This is one  advantage  that I have being a work at home mom because I get to work and at the same time  attend to my children's need in school.  For those  working Moms and don't have  much time  to tutor their kids, there is a tutoring online service that you can use for as low as $9 an hour.

Mr. Burrito  did not want to go to school today but I told him that  he has to go  because they are preparing for the state testing next week.  I told him that  his beautiful classmates will be waiting for him and that they would miss him if he  won't be in school.  That motivated him and went lol.

Thank you very much for  leaving your trails through the comment.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Are You a Thai Novice? Here’s a Guide To Thailand’s Top Cities

Thailand Photo
Photo isn't mine
If you are visiting Thailand for the first time you might be at a loss as to where to start. There are so many wonderful places to visit in this spectacular country. Ancient temples which gleam in the sunlight, pristine beaches of sparkling white sand, verdant rainforest and exotic natural rock formations are all part of the Thai experience. If you are visiting Thailand for the first time here is our guide to the top cities in Thailand to help you make the most of your stay.
 Koh Samui 

This is one of the most famous islands in Thailand. The crystal clear waters make it an ideal spot for diving and discovering the tropical fish and colorful coral. It is an area of extreme natural beauty, surrounded by tropical forests and exotic wildlife. Don't think this is a quiet retreat, however. The monthly Full Moon Party is just part of the vibrant nightlife. This area is a haven for party goers and sun worshipers alike, especially since you can get cheap flights online.

 Hua Hin 

Hua Hin is a busy seaside resort where you will find shops, street markets and some of the finest seafood in Thailand. Although it is a small town there is plenty going on here to keep you occupied throughout your stay. Hua Hin is just as popular with domestic tourists as it is with those from overseas, so it is a great place to stay if you want to get a true taste of Thailand. It is one of the oldest resorts in Thailand and its traditional feel creates a sense of charm that is hard to find anywhere else. 


The island of Phuket is to the south of the country and is eternally popular with tourists thanks to its unique diving and snorkelling opportunities. There are hundreds of beaches around the island for you to enjoy as well as a fantastic nightlife and an eclectic melange of food from all around the globe.

 Chiang Mai 

This large city to the north of the country is the second most visited area of Thailand. The Doi Suthep temple is one of the holiest sites in the country, with many thousands of Buddhists making pilgrimages here every year. The area is high in the mountains, giving it a cooler environment than many other parts of Thailand. You will also find art galleries, world class restaurants and a variety of fantastic shopping malls, partly surrounded by the old city walls and ancient moat that reflect back to a bygone era. It has a relaxing and friendly atmosphere which contributes to the spiritual experience of visiting this holy place.


Of course the capital city of Bangkok has to be included on the list of top cities to visit in Thailand. The city is abundant with intricately carved temples which showcase the skill of the Thai craftspeople that created them. The city itself is hot and fast paced but this all adds to the atmosphere of being in the nation's capital. Most visitors to Thailand will arrive in Bangkok and there is no better introduction to the country than this exotic mix of vibrant colours, sights, sounds and smells. From the floating markets to the Grand Palace there is something for everyone in this incredible city.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Motherhood is a Great Blessing

Seeing my Burritos reading together peacefully is  a proud moment for me.  Sometimes these two  clashes  like any other siblings but at the end of the  day, they always make up and tell each other  sweet and nice things.  Ms. Burrito is a big influence  why Mr. Burrito  loves reading now.  Being a Mom is a great blessing!

Hobby for Hubby

One of my husband's colleagues was teasing him for not having a hobby.  My husband told the guy that he is  contented of  spending time with me and the kids  but the guy insisted that every man should have at least a hobby that  does not involve  family.  Frankly, I was irritated because who is he to say that to my husband.  At the same time, it made me think of things that hubby used to love  doing.  He  loved playing guitar when he was younger so maybe one day, if budget permits, I could get him one of those  high end gretsch guitars that I saw online.  It would be a nice investment because my husband can  teach my  son  in playing a guitar too.

Marvelous Mom Mug

Before I  discovered the meme called Shadow Shots, I never see anything special with shadows.  My first initial thought when I saw the meme is that it is kind of boring  but I tried it anyway and found out that there is a real beauty in shadows.  Now, ever time I see one, I couldn't help but to take   pictures of it. My mug is perfect for ABC Wednesday.

Lunch Duty

I will be on my volunteer duty today at lunchtime in school. I work with other volunteer Moms to serve the student their lunches. We put out condiments, work in the kitchen, and clean the table but  nothing fancy like  tableskirt and other stuff.  Just regular table setting.  It's fun  serving the kids their lunch, some of them knows us so well that they will give you hugs and say thank you.  It warms your heart and make your day.   I will be in school again tomorrow for the market day, I also volunteered to help other Moms.  

Friday, April 5, 2013


Being a woman isn't easy.  You have to  go through monthly changes in your  body, it's even worse when it is coupled with dysmenorrhea arrrggghh.  Sometimes, I only have abdominal cramps  but  most of the time it is paired with an excruciating migraine.  I just want to crawl into a cave and stay there until the pain is gone.  
Dysmenorrhea, according to Wikipedia, is a gynecological medical condition of pain during menstruation that interferes daily activities.  

It hurts.....

DIY Projects at Home

Hubby and I  love doing DIY projects at home.  I am his assistant but sometimes I find it  challenging to  to give him the tools he needs because I am not familiar with all of it lol.   Say for example,  if he would ask me the  steel clamping handles, I wouldn't know that until I look it up online.  Good thing, Google is always there to help lol.  I love working  with  projects at home, it's one of the bonding that me and hubby shared with our children.  It 's so much fun to get them involve into doing things.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Las Vegas

Aha, gotcha, didn't I? Certainly not a trip you are thinking of lol. Just a key chain that a good friend of mine has sent me as a souvenier when they visited Las Vegas some time ago.
The  key chain matches the  guitar that my son has at home.
I hope you are having a great week so far.  I have been busy  at home  cleaning and organizing so I have hardly time to blog hop, but, I will try to return visits soon!

Interlocking Paver Stones

One of the many things that I would improve if  finances would be available is to have a beautiful paving stones walkway.  I think that if your walkways is beautiful such as the one you see in picture, it really adds a curb appeal factor to the over all look of the house.  This kind is called interlocking paver stones which gives it a long lasting  appeal and strength to any kind of weather  situation.

Hubby  came home  feeling  down yesterday from work.  He mentioned that  if situation will call it, we would   live in the Philippines and just retire there.  His pension would be more  than enough for us to live on in the Philippines.  The only thing that is holding us back now  is the fact that the kids are in school and that  we worry about them if we have to live in my country.  We  both think that it would be  better for them to finish schooling here then  they can decide whether or not they want to move with us in the Philippines.  For now, it is just a plan.  It would be nice though because I'd be more at ease  and feel at home.  I am not saying that I am not comfortable  here, it  just feels so different not being able to see my family.  Oh well, life is great wherever you are I guess, as long as you are with your family right?

Baker Electric Solar

Have you heard about the company called Baker Electric Solar?  They are  one of the  companies that  deliver energy through people   for  75 years now.  If you are wondering about what are some solar companies in San Diego, you may visit the link and find  more in-depth details about  them and the services they provide  to people  since 1938.  

The above ,mentioned electricity company has an unparalleled understanding of the electrical needs of the households and business in Southern California.  According to what I have read in their website,  you can set  their company apart from the competitors   for three key factors; 
  • The affordability of the prices they give to their clients
  • They have been doing and providing this services for 75 years now which  can attest to their expertise of the field of their craft.
  • All their electrical engineers  and  other staff   are well-experienced in this field.
So if you are interested   to have a solar electric, you can visit the site  and find  out  how they can help you.  Oh, before I forgot, when you make your solar purchase from them, you qualify for at least 33% government incentives  which is a  plus factor.  With their wide range of electrical project expertise, you are  ensure to make your project run on time and on budget.

Sugarcreek Roadtrips

It's been a while since we last visited Sugarcreek.  We used to go there almost every weekend just so we can drive around and see other ...

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