Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tappan Lake - Ohio: Part 2

I love spontaneous trips because we get to do whatever pleases us unlike  scheduled ones where you have to be   at the place at a certain time  for some scheduled activities.  This trip we took to the little Switzerland in Ohio is  awesome.  Every time we  go there, the kids  always had a great time as they  are able to see the vast  beauty of nature including this lake.  We didn't stay very much on this  lake but it was enough to enjoy a short break of sitting in the car and enjoy what nature has to offer.  
If  it weren't for the fact that we are trying to finish our fence project, we would have went on another road trip  this weekend but we just did not have time.  When we are done with this, we will surely go on another  one  so that the kids can enjoy their summer break seeing other places.
Tappan Lake is such a relaxing place, you get to watch  people enjoying their boat rides.  I love listening to the  water, it is soothing to me.  The gentle waves kissing the  rocks  reminds me of the calm sea that I used to listen to growing up in a coastal region of  the country I was born and raised.  I miss the place.
Hubby and I  said that  these people that lives nearby the lake are so lucky  because they can just  go on the water with no problem.  For us, we have to drive a long way to be able to enjoy it.
If I live near a lake like this, I would probably buy a boat so  that  we can all have a relaxing time  during the weekend or invite friends over and have a tour around the  lake.
These minions are  always looking for some interesting things no matter where we go.  My son always pick up a rock or a shell or whatever that interests him and bring it at home.  He loves collecting stuff, small things  that will remind  him of our trip.

This quote by Diane Ackerman is what's in my mind when looking around the lake.  The only difference is, I am thinking of the ocean during my childhood.
"Nothing is more memorable than a smell. One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting, yet conjure up a childhood summer beside a lake in the mountains. " 

I hope that my kids will be able to tell their own children these fun trips that we make when they are  these ages.  I never had any experience such as road trips but I sure enjoyed my childhood with just appreciating what nature has to offer for us.  We didn't have to go anywhere to enjoy our summer, just swimming in the ocean was  a great memory for me.
That's why no matter how far am place can be, hubby and I try to  take them so they would experience and see things that we don't have around here in our small  city.
I am  fortunate that my husband  loves to  be outdoors as well.  He never have any   problem driving all the time.  In fact, he gets bored at home when he is off lol.
So if you are driving around  Ohio, try to  check out  Tappan Lake, it is a beautiful body of water.  They have a park which was on the other side of this  rest stop and they have  a lot of things to do there.  

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Simple and Effective Ways to Spice up Your Bedroom or Living Space

It doesn’t matter how many boxes your dream home ticked when you bought it, after living in it for a number of years, there will be some items that are less than ideal, charms that have since become annoying, or just a general disinterest in the living space. While the cost and energy required for a full DIY renovation can seem daunting, there are a number of small additions or changes you can make to brighten up your bedroom and living spaces.
Despite what you might think, giving a single room a fresh coat of paint is cost effective and an easy task that you can undertake over a weekend. In fact, the hardest task associated with giving your bedroom or living space a fresh coat of paint is choosing what color you want. When choosing the color, try to steer away from fashion colors that could look dated quickly.
If you buy the end of a roll from a wholesaler then getting new carpet in your home is more affordable than you might think. Additionally, these sources often have an associated installing service that you can take advantage of. The reduction in cost comes from the fact that you are buying the end section of carpet, which likely isn’t enough to carpet a whole house. A win-win seems you’re only doing a room or two.

When choosing a carpet it is important to remember that you want it to last a long time. For this reason, and similar to the tip mentioned above regarding paint color choice, shy away from fashion colors that can date easily. The last thing that you want is for somebody to think you installed your carpet in the 80’s when you only recently had it replaced.

Rugs and Cushions
If you aren’t in the position to give a room a complete carpet makeover, rugs and cushions from the Groupon Coupons page for Ugg are a great way to make a room feel more modern and bring a new style into your shared living spaces.  If your couche is looking a little worse for wear, consider a throw rug that will cover your entire couch, giving you an updated sitting space.
While you are looking through the selection, don’t discount classic style poufs to add an extra level of comfort to your seating.

No, I’m not really into art. This is often the response people have when they are suggested to buy some art pieces for their bedroom or living spaces. And while they may be right with the point that they aren’t into art, it doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit from it. If you aren’t into art, hang it up anyway!  Head to your local store and pick up some cheap prints that strike your fancy. Remember, it’s about your living space, so whatever interests you, choose it! Don’t worry about if it would be considered art or not.

These are just four the great ways that you can quickly update the style in your bedroom or living space. If you are feeling like your home is looking at bit dated, give these ideas a try and look around your house for other creative ways that you can modernize your spaces!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Business Areas Around Industrial Scientific

Our  trip to my husband's work was a fun experience.  I truly enjoyed  looking at the nearby places around their  business building.  Industrial Scientific  is located on an elevated  place so you can see  pretty much  everything around the area.
We shop on this market district once in a while.  They have a great selection of fresh veggies.  We don't have a  Giant Eagle in our  place so  this one is the closest to us.

Even from afar, I thought this church looks beautiful.  Glad I brought my  long camera lens that day.

Hubby and I went to the rooftop and it was nice.  The employees  there probably think I am nuts  taking pictures of everything lol.

Industrial Scientific building has all glass windows so you can pretty much see outside.  It must be nice to work there and not feel trapped inside a huge building.  The disadvantage of  it is it can be a distraction.

I love looking at the driveway  from the top, it looks like one-eyed smiley.

I thanked my husband for  taking a day of absence when he took us there because it gave us a chance to  discover the place with him.  Kudos  to Industrial Scientific for hosting a "Take your Children to Work Day".

Monday, June 5, 2017

Tappan Lake - Ohio : Part One

During our road trip to Sugarcreek Ohio, we  stopped by at the rest stop  by Tappan Lake, the place is called the Seven Ranges.  It's a beautiful park to stop by,  rest a little , and enjoy the beautiful view.  When we stopped by on this place last year, it was clean but this time, there was  geese poop everywhere.

We went to the Tappan Lake Resort  sometime in Novemeber last year.  The resort was on the other side of the lake and it was a beautiful place3 with lots of things  for kids to do.
It would be fun  to have a boat  because you can   tour the whole lake  in no time.  We've seen a lot of people enjoying their boat ride.
Our kids are just happy to see the lake.   We have lakes nearby Weirton but not as big as the Tappan Lake.  My husband told us that  when he was a kid, his late brother used to have a boat and he would take him every summer time and ride along the Ohio rive and  it was a lot of fun!
I think if my kids have their swim suit with them, they might have tempted to  swim.
The main Tappan Lake Park is located between Cadiz and Uhrichsville, Ohio.   Tappan Lake is great for camping, swimming, boating, fishing and hiking.  There are over 500 campsites with swimming beach, concession stand, vacation cabins, camper cabins.  There is a free Wi-Fi internet access at the Activity Center and  Vacation Cabins.  There is also a  trail that  connects the park with the Tappan Wetlands, which has been designated as a watchable wildlife area
I love that the fee is only $5 per vehicle which is  pretty cheap.  Granted that it should be free since it is a state park but they do provide   life guards and other services so  five bucks is nothing.
These two did not want to leave.  They  enjoyed skipping rocks on the water and watched the wave hit the rocks.
We  stayed there for about ten to fifteen  minutes, it wasn't really enough for the kids to   get their full fix on the lake but we still have a long ways to drive back so we kind of forced them to  leave lol.
Just so the kids will remember our   trips and family bonding, pictures are always  a great way to preserve  memories so having photos  every time we got to do something  is a must for us.
Maybe next time when we  come back to this place, it is a bit cleaner so we won't be grossed out walking around.  Those geese really  leave  a lot of ,mess in parks.  

Sugarcreek Roadtrips

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