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The Amish Way of Life: Inside the John S. Yoder Amish Home in Sugarcreek Ohio

Driving to the countryside of Ohio, it always reminds me of my childhood.  I grew up in a farm where my father  took care of a rice farm for years before  we moved to  my   mother's place in a coastal area.  Planting and harvesting  rice was part of  my childhood and I kind of miss it.  We didn't have toys growing up but the simplicity of life really taught me  important life  lessons that I still value  till this day.  
One of   our favorite   road trips in the summer is going to an Amish place in  Sugarcreek Ohio.  I admire their simple ways of living.  There is an old John S. Yoder Amish Home in  Sugarcreek that is  really worth visiting.  They  preserved this home  and made it into  an educational  place for non-Amish  people to see.
Amish people are well-known for building beautiful furniture that are  handcrafted with detail ...  They are used to living simply without the conveniences of modern technology.
All of these photos were taken inside that old house .  The old couple that was giving the tour of the house said that this w house was transferred  there in the farm.
This  lamp light  reminds me of the   lamp that we used to use  growing up.  We didn't have electric and we only use kerosene  lamps at night.  Our lamp wasn't as fancy as those of the Amish ones though, ours was just made of an empty jar with a piece of cloth that my  parents tore up from an old shirt and that  was it.
I have no clue  what this is but  it seem like a bath tub or something they use  for bathing.  I could be wrong though.
These iron pans  are the  healthiest pans to cook food with.  I remember my grandfather used to have these kinds.
 This rocking chair was built by hand.  The old man  explained to us  how  it was  made.

These two Amish  people are the sweetest.  They were  very   happy to see the kids.
The clippings on the top photo explained how  the move of this  house was done.
The moving contractor estimated the weight of this house  as 70 tons but as it weighed  on the highway patrol scales, it was actually 92 tons.
They used tons of mud and straws when they constructed this house in 1869, that is amazing.
I admire that Amish people  not only live simply but they  also use  plain dress which  makes  all of them kind of equal in a way.
I am not sure what the machine was on top but the one in the bottom I think  is their washing machine of sort.
You can visit this Yoder home  on Fridays and Saturdays  from 12 to 5 pm.  We always go to Sugarcreek on weekend but we have only been to this house once.
See the foundation?  It's made of  mud.
My  son was pretty amazed of all the old tools  that we've seen there.  It reminds him of the tools that we've seen in the Wellsburg Museum.
This old sewing machine reminds me of the sewing maching=e that my maternal grandma used to have in her house.  This is the  type of sw=ewing machine that I learned to use in high school.  I like that kind of  of sewing machine as you get to exercise your feet when you use it as you have to pedal it to run.
I am not sure if this is a weaving tool but a similar tool like this  was used in the Philippines as well in weaving the abaca bark.
Exploring this place  was an exciting experience for me, I can relate to the simplicity of living that  Amish have.  The only difference was, I rid carabao  and they ride horses lol.
Looking at the corn field makes me want to go back home and experience my childhood once again.  Once in a while, it is nice to bring the kids to this kind of  environment to let them see the  different way of life that they have in the city.  

Monday, March 13, 2017

Daylight Saving Time: Losing Sleep and Losing a Loved One

Yesterday was the start of Daylight Saving Time.  It began at 2 am here in West Virginia so I lost an hour of sleep  yesterday but it is all good.  I thought that  when my FIL  passes, it wouldn't bother me that much because we  kind of  anticipated it is going to happen but  now that it is real, it is so hard.  I feel like I am losing my own father all over again.  The only difference is that, with my FIL, we  kind of seen it coming but with my Dad, it was  abrupt and unexpected.  The pain is  the same though.  I  respected and loved my FIL  the same way I did with my own father.  Losing someone is never easy.  It gets easier  as time passes but when it is new and fresh, it's tough.

Violin Class Schedule

Oh boy, March is almost halfway  over and  my daughter hasn't start her violin lessons yet.  We can't find a schedule that would fit  all the  activities that she is involve with.  Volleyball just started and it  is even  conflicting with her piano time schedule so we had to adjust her lesson.  I am glad that her teacher is very accommodating and she  accommodated our daughter into her weekend schedule.  I was talking to her teacher while I was looking at the ableton at Guitar Center and I was   so chocked to learn that she  had a  cancer surgery.  I feel  very bad because she is the nicest person on earth but I guess cancer  can affect anybody.  I  pray that she will go through this  hard ordeal.  

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Interviewing Potential Contractors For Your Home

You might be a DIY person with many projects lined up for your home, but not every task can be completed by the homeowners. Electrical, home additions and other complex jobs must be performed by the professionals. Before you hire any residential building contractors, learn how to properly interview them. Your project's success can hinge on their expertise as you discover each company's benefits and drawbacks.

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Look Up Local Reviews

There might be a dozen or more contractors in your area right now. Picking a random company isn't the best strategy so look up online reviews about the top names in the neighborhood. Be aware that there will be some negative reviews. Try to read a mixture of positive, neutral and negative reviews so that you get a good picture of the contractor. Narrow down your choices to about three or four companies.

Discuss Previous Experience and Project Types

Individually interview each contractor. Ask them about their experience in the industry along with any necessary licensing. You might ask about previous projects that include your particular needs, such as adding a second floor onto a home. Reputable contractors should have a background in your contracting needs, and these professionals may also have photos to share from the completed projects.
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Go Over an Initial Estimate

Each interview period should also include an estimate on the project. The contractor will break down all of the costs, including materials and labor. Ask any questions about the estimate, especially if some of the costs seem too high or low. Tell each contractor that you need time to read over the quotes before making a decision.

Narrow Down the Project's Timeline

Before the interview is over, ask about a rough time frame for the project's completion. Some contractors might work several jobs at one time, which creates a long project timeline. Ideally, you want a contractor to dedicate the majority of their services to your project so that it can be completed in a timely manner. High-quality work should also be part of the agreement too.

Every contracting job should have a supervisor on site during the work. If you have any questions about the current tasks, don't hesitate to ask the supervisor about the details. There might be changes that aren't being incorporated, and you'll need to point out any overlooked details. Communication on any project is welcome among homeowners and reputable contractors.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Stock Market Is Soaring High

If you have been following the stock market, you would  know by now that is soring high ever since the election.  Hubby and I doesn't  participate in  stock market  but we have some  small investments that fluctuates  based in the performance3 of the stock market so I I watches it from time to time.  I was so excited when the DOW  finally reached 20 thousand and just 24 days  (if I am not mistaken) after it hits 20k, it is now 21 thousand.  That is  so exciting.  
I wish that I have plenty of money to invest because the  market is really doing great  these days.  I also wish that  every politician could come and work together to  address the  issues  in the government.  It's very  frustrating and disappointing to see   the division  from   the conservative and democrat party  constantly bashing each other.  I think if they would channel that energy into  solving problems, the economy would really boom and  problem will get solve rather  quickly.  

Sugarcreek Roadtrips

It's been a while since we last visited Sugarcreek.  We used to go there almost every weekend just so we can drive around and see other ...

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