Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thistle and Daisy

I like the image of thistle when they are old. Even if they look dried out, they still hold a beauty in them.
Wild daisies are gorgeous too, in fact I planted some in my backyard hehehe.
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  1. I love daisies. They look so fresh and dainty. Thistles are considered weeds. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. parang tayum sa dagat yong 1st pic hehe.

  3. Great shots! I love flowers too and hope we have a backyard. Visiting from Color connection. Here's my entry. Thank you and See you around.

  4. The daisy is so beautiful, they always look so cheerful.

    Your first photo is a plant called Teasel, in early summer it has tiny flowers all the way around. I love to photograph this one.

  5. It is odd at how some states consider Thistles to be outlaw while others do not and yet they are sold all over USA in craft shops and when in season the bigger variety thistles known as Artichokes are often sold at markets for us to eat.

    Daisies has always been one of my favorite flowers since I was a child.

    Nice photos of the both.

  6. kulang nalang si Ry diyan sa background.... was here rose color connecting ;)

  7. you're right, the thistles look interesting even when they lost their color. love your shot of the daisy.

  8. Try to take a photo of the thistles when they have flowers. I would love to see them. Smiles.

  9. Great thistle. They look good in flower arrangements.

  10. Love the thistles, too, until I fall into them and then it REALLY hurts. That happened in Scotland, and I was one miserable gal. Genie

  11. As I always believe, all of God's creations are beautiful, may it be wild or tame. Lovely shots :)

  12. How lovely! A little late catching up on all the TF posts but I'm glad I caught this one. Thanks so much.

  13. Well in Scotland the thistle is our National Emblem so great to see people photographing all different types of them. Yes as Squirrel Queen says this one looks like a Teasel and we have a few planted in a boarder in our front garden. Great shots. Daves photo views


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