Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Took a shot of my SIL pretty impatiens. These beauties are sometimes called busy lizzie. This kind of flower comes in different colors white, pink, rose, orange, scarlet, burgundy, and violet, with many bicolored variants
We are going for a little nature trekking  friends so I will try to visit back tonight.


  1. These are beautiful flowers, a lovely spring series of rubies. And I am happy that the squirrel os not real here!

  2. ang ganda...ano ba yang maliit na hayop...tunay ba yan hehehe.

  3. Natakot ako dun sa squirrel statue...kala ko tutoo! Nyeee...kinikilabutan tuloy ako.

    But seeing the flowers calmed me down, thank goodness! Ang ganda naman ng pangalan..Impatiens. :D

    Be well!

  4. yan pala name nyan sis...yung akin patay na...super init kasi dito.

  5. hehhe cute naman name ng flower na to, dami mong alam sa flowers ah

  6. love those blooms! thanks for sharing them this week on Wednesday Whites! Hope to see you again next week! :)

  7. ganda,,,
    ay ano yan? laruan lang n rat?
    mukhang semento..hehehe


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