Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Personal Note

I really like my daughter's school. It is a small community so there's a special bonding between teachers, students, and parents.  You can tell how much teacher care for your child when you visit them in the classroom.
Ms. Burrito's teacher sent this  personal note of thanks to us a couple of weeks ago.  I thought that was very special and sweet of her.
She even included our son in the note.   She knows him when we  used to send Ms. Burrito  to her classroom.


  1. how sweet! ayay, 1st grade na si Rye!

  2. Sweet teacher of Ms. Burrito! Nice one!

  3. wow so touchy, I am sure you are so proud of your ms. burrito.

  4. uu nga no, that inspire the kids to do better in school

  5. It's nice to know that your kid's school takes care of your kid and takes special actions to show it. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. heheheh,

    On Monday, I sent a computer printed note to a kids parents because he lost his glasses for a long time.

  7. That's so thoughtful! Rylie must have loved having such a teacher.

  8. nice teacher-parent relationship! both lucky =)

  9. oh, that's nice...i love it! we are also lucky to have our son enrolled in school that cares, and we have a diary where parents and teachers can communicate. :) visiting late from orange tuesdays. have a great week. :)

  10. napaka thoughtful naman ni teacher. sana lahat ng teacher ganyan, hehe.. galing ni rye, congrats!

    late visiting here from my OT :-D


  11. it's very rare that you would find a very thoughtful teacher like that! your Ms. Buritto is blessed to have her for a teacher. Late visit sis!

  12. very nice naman! Rylie is a bright kid!

  13. thanks for joning OT mommy rose!

    lucky rylie to have a teacher like her..


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