Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Porch Renovation Update

My husband is anxiously awaiting for the contractor to give us a call.  They suppose to start on our porch renovation   on the last week of this month.  The contractor is suppose to come here  before they start to show us a selection of decorative blocks that they have to use for the walls.  They also  have to   pour a new sidewalk and steps   as replacement to our    old  structure that's starts to crumble  now.  Being as impatient that my husband is, he has been looking at some  paving stones  and other kinds of blocks, stones, and bricks online.  He wants to tell the contractor and show it to him if he comes.  
Drivesett Tegula Walling 220x100 Pk320
He found this drivesett tegula walling at Wickes online.  We both like it as it  will blends in with the color of the brick of our home.  I can't wait for it to  get started  either, that's one main reason why I have been busy lately transferring all my plants in front into our backyard because I did not want it to get destroyed.  Now that I am 99% done, I am ready for them to start.  Anyhow, if you are looking for any paving stones for your home or driveway, the above mentioned website have so many selections of it.

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