Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I  have just posted in my  main blog the outcome of my gardening project.  I bought a bag of  mulch the other day to finish off the looks of the new   flower bed I have in  our back yard.  You can check it out at my main blog if you have time.  Adding a landscape mulch can really make a big difference when you want the outcome of your landscaping project to pop out.  I used the red mulch on mine because it  goes well with the bricks I used on the  other flower beds.

I love to sit in our porch swing every morning and just watch the birds enjoying the newly landscaped backyard of our humble abode.  It inspires me to browse different garden designs  online.  If you guys want to see different kinds of mulch that you can use in landscaping your yard, please visit the links I have provided above, it will lead you to Rubber Mulch  website.  I have seen this beautiful house  here in our area and their lawn is beautifully landscape, they used rubber mulch on their  garden, it is so pretty!  


  1. super ganda ng nga back yard mo bading, sana kung magka pitbahay kayo ni dhemz, pwedi na kayo gumawa ng landscaping business tapos hire nyo ako taga hawak ng pera ninyo hehehhe

  2. hahaha! parang ang daya ni shydub a. pwede din bang mag-apply tagahawak ng pera? lol!

    mabuti pa kayo malaki ang backyard. kami lupa lang sa paso ang meron. ehehe.

  3. Yes, the landscaping of your garden is really good and fantastic. It's the fruit of the labor of the whole Cottrill family especially you. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  4. It's looking great mommy Rose. :)LOve gardening. I have my own garden as well and it's like a jungle. hehehe... I love all kinds of things from wild ones to not so wild plants.

    Adin B

  5. A good and healthy hobby you have there..

  6. Great post, amazing picts! I also got some landscape mulch from them and I'm a huge fan! It's really great - I like the colors you chose. Happy gardening!


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