Monday, June 27, 2011

Yellow Roses

Here's the yellow roses at my garden.  It has a  light pink at the end of of its petals.
 I dunno if it's due to the rain that  it's getting  some kind of disease around the edges pr  some kind of bugs is infecting it.
I just love roses, good thing every time I plant one, it lives.MellowYellowBadge


  1. Have a great week ahead everyone, thanks for your visit and comment.

  2. I wish I know how to grow a flower? I am not good at them! mine is here:

  3. i've never been able to grow a rose in my life! talk about black thumb!:p a pity your roses are frayed at the edges--maybe it has some kind of bug or something.

  4. I'd say it's a combination of both bug and rain.
    A rose is still a rose. Even with your problems they seem to have put on a lot of blooms. :)

  5. I super love it Mommy Rose! you have a very nice garden too :)

  6. ay ang ganda ng mga yellow roses...

  7. You are lucky.
    Beautiful color

  8. Roses are so pretty, but they do need quite a lot of care and attention. Yellow ones are particularly beautiful. Have a great week. Mickie :)

  9. dami mo talagang alagang flowers.

  10. ay oo nga parang may sakit!..
    minsan lng ako nakakakita ng yellow rose..

    find it rare..


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