Sunday, June 26, 2011


If you are looking for an eco-friendly mulch to add  in your landscaping project, you might want to consider the rubber mulch.  It is made from rubber that are recycled into rubber chunks which gives a pretty color in your yard.  I was going to buy this kind but then it wasn't on my price range so I chose a different one.  I would like to try it though, maybe some other time when I can afford for it already lol.

Your plants  will surely pop out when you add rubber mulch which are available in different shades.  So you have plenty of selection to choose from.  You can definitely get that one that  would greatly accentuate your yard.  You can check out the different selections at RubbeRecycle website.

My husband is  planning to call our contractor tomorrow to see what is the timeline they have in renovating our porch.  I can't wait till they start because I still have to transfer my roses.  I don't want them to start  during the time that we are on our getaway as I will lose my roses.

Anyhow, I am glad that I am done (for now) transferring my plants from the front to our backyard.  I got to do and rearrange our stuff inside the house.  We are planning to have a BBQ  on my daughter's  birthday so I have to clean, clean, and clean hahaha.  Good night everyone!

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