Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Black Lady

This black lady cat always follow me and my daughter whenever I fetch Ms. Burrito from school. Our home is located 5 minutes away from school so I just walk whenever I am the one scheduled to pick her up.  
Last Wednesday, she followed us  home and invited herself in.  She stayed  for about 20 minutes so I started   telling her to leave.  But black lady did not want to leave.  She even hissed and  tried to scratch me when I tried to pick her up.  
I got scared as she never did that before.  She really did not want to leave but I have to let her go as our dog was outside and I need to let him in.
See how she makes herself comfortable.  She was  running around our house and refused to leave.
Finally, since I couldn't pick her up, I scared her with my wooden spoon and led  her to the door.
It took me 10 minutes to really let her out, whew.  So next time, no more  cat inside our home lol.  You are no longer  welcome to our home black lady as you  hissed and tried to scratch me.


  1. Aba comportable ang pusa hehehe. at home na at home sa bahay nyo bading baka gusto pa adopt hehe

  2. OO nga bading, naku pasaway na pusa yan lol..

  3. bakit dito sa pinas.. stray ang mga ito.. pinapabayaan lang .lol.. agi ko Rose..

  4. Wow cute naman ng pusa at fatty din nakikipagfriends cguro Ate, hehe.

  5. I wonder if she's trying to adopt you?

  6. Oh, no! What a sad story. Cats are quite a problem!
    Thank you for visiting my post !

  7. She is a pretty kitty, hope she belongs to someone, she looks like she is well taken care of so she probably does.

  8. What a gorgeous cat! She looks well fed, so she probably belongs to someone, don't you think?

  9. What an afternoon adventure! Glad that you were not hurt!

  10. Cute, hopefully she belongs to someone and is not a stray.

  11. I too think she may be trying to adopt you
    she's a beautiful cat

  12. wow ang taba, sacry naman ung kulay :)

  13. She's probably looking to adopt you as her new "family" -- cats tend to make themselves at home rather easily and quickly. My husband says we seem to have a big vacancy sign at our house since we end up with so many strays moving in!

    Visiting via Camera Critters.


  14. What an adventure! Cute kitty.

  15. feisty looking cat...ehehehe...akesha loves cat...kaso ayaw ni goryo nang cats.


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