Monday, January 10, 2011

The Joy of Giving

At the age of five, Ms. Burrito understand the joy of giving.  My FIL would sometime give the kids  a few dollars whenever they are  extra loving, or when they do something for him.  We always told  Dad not to give the kids money but he  gives it anyway.  Ms. Burrito always  put her money away and saves them but Mr. Burrito  spends it in buying toy cars lol.
Anyhow, last Christmas, Ms. Burrito insisted that she need to  buy us something out from her  savings.  So we told her what we want and she bought it at the mall when we went there few days before Christmas.  She bought me a pair of stockings and a pack of undies for Dad.  She personally wrap  the gifts too.
The funny thing is that she told us to forget what she bought so we would be surprised when we open it lol.

Here's the actual conversation:
Ms. Burrito: Please forget what I bought at the mall for you guys okay?
US: Okay princess.

A little bit later when she got done wrapping it and put it under the tree Daddy blurted 

Dad:  "I wonder  what my princess got me"
Ms. Burrito:  "it's a pair of underwear"..

Then she realized what she said and giggles

Ms. Burrito:  You're tricking me.  You're not suppose to know.
Dad:  Well, you suppose to say that  it's a secret lol.

I was LMAO with their conversation.  Kids are freaking awesome, aren't they?


  1. sweet of her to do that...
    "forget what she bought so we would be surprise when we opened it"
    i love this part so funny

  2. Nakakaiyak naman ang anak mong si Rylie Rose. Parang ikaw na maalalahanin at generous. At gusto niya pera niya yung ibibili niya nang regalo para sa inyo ni John. Kakatouch naman, lol. Ang nakakatawa lang ay gusto niyang kalimutan ninyo yung binili niyang regalo at binalot pa para masorpresa kayo pag binuksan ang mga iyon, lol. Thanks for the touching post. God bless you all always.

  3. Hehehehe that is so sweet. hehehe pwedi bitbitin ko dyan mga dragon ko bading para maturuan din nga magagandang asal hehehe o di kaya mahawa sa kabaitan ng mga buritos mo at matanggal ang terrible twos spirit lol

  4. nyahhahaha patawa si Rye pero ang sweet sweet nya...hanga ako sa pagpapalaki nyo sa knilang dalawa Rose...kung nasa harap ko lang si Rye, hahalikan ko yan hehehe.

  5. As they say: like father like son! Ms. Burrito is such an adorable doll. Lucky to have such a kid. Warm regards and best wishes my friends.

  6. ay so sweet of her! thats awesome..

  7. So cute and so sweet ni Rylie Ateh ang sarap nia ihug...nakakatouch.

  8. wow, how sweet naman ni Ry.. agi ko Rose kadali

  9. Aaww...ang kulit at ang super sweet ni Rylie! Please give her a kiss for me, Sis :)

  10. naku naman sis, natuwa naman ako ke rye.. mwah mwah baby. napa ka sweet and i love the conversation. how cute naman... "please forget what i bought for you guys"... ahihi, how cute..

  11. kids say the sweetest things. no wonder most parents would want them to stay young and innocent forever.:p

  12. I loved the part when she realized what she said and giggled. Rylie is such a cute and sweet girl.

    Happy Ruby Tuesday.

    My entries:
    Moms... Check Nyo

  13. LOL! hahaha! so cutie but real sweet thing to do that! :D be good always ms. burrito!!! happy blogging te chubskulit!!!

    btw, before i forgot, i just updated my blog lists (for my three blogs)..if you are ok with ex links, mind adding my blogs then ping me so i can add your blog/s in my three blogs then..thankie!!


    Im..but GAGAY.
    The Latest Buzzzz

  14. To give because it is in your heart - she is learning the wonder of giving at a young age. She learned about this from her parents, to give allows us to receive much more happiness...

    John looks like quite the ruby in his Robert Morris tee-shirt!

  15. Yayyyy Ang cute!!! Haha... Nakakatuwa naman. ANG lakas ng tawa ko!!!!

  16. So sweet naman ni Rylie! It wouldn't be a great surprise for Dad anymore but I am sure it brought a big smile on his face.

  17. What a cute, cute share...loved the story. Kids, we all just love 'em, don't we?

    Come visit me today...I have special Ruby Red Earrings to show off for Tuesday.

    Here's the direct link:
    My Ruby Tuesday


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