Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Greeting Cards 2010

 Here are the greeting cards we received last year from around the world.
Our special thanks to the following:

  • Sasaki family - Japan
  • Jentsch family - Kalkar, Germany
  • Dias family - Texas, USA
  • Jaucian family -  Philippines
  • Worthington family - Pittsburgh, USA
  • Post family - Alabama, USA
  • Sefcik family - Texas, USA
  • Kenyon family, Texas USA
  • Michale and Dave, WV, USA
  • Rick & Jil - WV, USA
  • Fancher family- WV, USA
  • Wesley family - Ohio, USA
  • Kinder family - WV, USA
  • Brady family - WV, USA
  • Martir family - PA, USA
  • Rea's Guns - WV, USA
  • SnapDollars - Canada
  • Aquino family-  Philippines
  • Cole family - PA, USA
Thanks a lot everyone for the  greeting cards you've sent and for remembering us on holidays.  Thanks also for the gifts we received guys!
Above is the greeting cards that we sent out to family and friends.  I ordered it online through Vista Print.  I got a free  wall calendar from  ordering greeting cards from them.  I also ordered desk calendars that  I gave to some  special friends.  I qualified for a free shipping  during the holidays but it would take  2 weeks before it's delivery so I emailed the  customer support at Vistaprint and  asked them if they could  bumped it up.  I was  amazed that they did finished my order and sent it before Christmas.  Thanks Vistaprint, you are awesome!  

Save up to 80% on custom printed products at Vistaprint. Order today!

Please note that this is NOT A SPONSORED post.  I just want to share my good experience with the website.  Try them out, they usually have free products every time.


  1. You are well loved by your readers Rose to receive so many greeting cards last year. That's because you also sent your own personalized greeting cards to them. I still have not received the card you sent me. I just hope you used my new address instead of my address the year before. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. ang galing naman ng ma senders mo... !

  3. awww, naresib mo pala sis, akala ko di din dumating.. wow, most of the cards that I received are e-greetings, hihi, iba pa rin ang traditional, real and personalized greeting card..

  4. ako rin i ordered a calendar sa vista print bading kaya lng nadali ako kasi akala ko hindi pumasok yung orderko so i hit twice kaya ayun may nabayarn ang hunghang hehehe

  5. wow ang daming card...ang daming nagmamahal hehehe

  6. Hi Bading, you may cancel the order naman diba tapos order ka ulit ng panibago... ganyan ang ginagawa ko if may napipindot akong di dapat pindutin hehehe

  7. ayay! starring ang mga senders...salamat badingding...mwah!

  8. wow dami-dami.... text man ang uso diri Rose oi.. hahaah...

  9. We would like to thank you also for remembering us during the holiday season,Ate Rose.I guess di mo pa nabasa to:


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