Monday, January 31, 2011

Candle Lights

Special occasion? Nah, but I have to light up my candles in the kitchen because I fried some smoked fish hahaha.  One of my techniques in order for the fish odor not to   spread from  the whole house.  Putting diluted water and dish washing liquid near the frying pan also helps.
How about you, what do you do  to eliminate fish odor aside from  spraying  air freshener?


  1. That's a great tip that I should try soon! I just turn on the exhaust fan in my kitchen when i fry ;-)

    Mellow Yellow

  2. I do that too Mommy Rose, lit all the candles para ngang simbahan ang bahay eh, hehehe! Kung wala lang snow at hinde masyadong malamig I have a portable stove para sa labas magluto kaya lang di kaya nang powers ko ang lamig kaya lit the candle!! Happy Monday!
    It‘s Yellow

  3. Maamoy nga talaga isda Ateh kaya kami hindi nagpriprito o bumibili ng isda. hehe

  4. thanks for the tips, hihi. yan din problema ko, yung buong house nag aamoy fish hihi.. hirap o freshen up ulit.. or sometimes i use electric fan to blow away the air outside, wala kame exhaust fan eh. :(

  5. kala ko candle night dinner...ehehehe...joke...ako din sis...I use candle...never ko pang narinig yung dish try nga..thanks for sharing...:)

  6. oo nga, pang alis nga yang candle ng amoy..hehe


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